Smithies Celebrate the Holidays

(soft holiday music) – Hi, I’m Sammie Pavlov,
and I’m class of 2020. For the holiday, yeah, my dad is, he’s from Hungary. So he brought these over,
these Hungarian bells. And every morning on Christmas
my dad rings the bell and we run downstairs, my sister and I, and that means we can
start opening our gifts. And I can’t imagine Christmas
without my dad’s bells. – I’m Giulia Guiso and I’m a sophomore. Here at Smith, my house on snowy days, we go sledding, and then we order pizza and drink hot chocolate. – So my names Anmei, I’m a senior, and I study economics and studio art. Oh, so in my house we started
this new tradition this year called Secret Clark. And it’s like a Secret
Santa Christmas exchange that we have. So everyone can opt into it, and then we leave little presents outside of like our person’s door. And it’s really cute,
and so I’m really excited to do it this year. – Hi, my name is Kelsey
Cahill and I’m a first year. – Hi, I’m Cydney Owens
and I’m also a first year. – Well here at Smith, it’s
a really big tradition to go sledding down that big
hill called Hospital Hill. So that’s really fun, we
went during the snow day – Yeah.
– That we had on Monday. – Mhm.
– And that was a lot of fun. – My name is Franny Buturian-Larson, and I’m a first year. I’m from a really rural town,
so we get snowed in a lot. So we just hangout at home. Every year, we like, make
a snow fort and stuff. And we like go on walks with my dogs and stuff like that, so. – I’m Sophie Lee, class
of 2023, first year. I went to the small hill
near the athletic fields and I went sledding, and I like flipped over a couple of times, but it was great, it was so fun. – I’m Jamie, I’m a first year. Tomorrow my house Wilder, in the quad, has a winter wonderland
party where we can dress up and have snacks and play games. I don’t think we have a
tree, but we have lights and tinsel and colors and little
ornament balls and glitter. There’s glitter everywhere. – At home I always get new
pajamas for Christmas Eve. – Yeah.
– Yeah, I like that. It’s my favorite. – My house does a Secret Santa. And we also do something
where we make snowflakes for everybody’s door and we
decorate and personalize them, so that’s really nice. – I’m gonna stay with a friend in New York for Christmas and New Years. – I usually go snowboarding on Christmas. – I’m from Milan, Italy, so when I go home, my favorite holiday tradition
is going to see the big tree in front of the main
cathedral back at home.

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