SMOSH FAMILY FUN (This Week in Smosh)

(Theme of This week in Smosh) I’m Keith Leek Jr yeah I’m Noha Grossman yes you is and I’m Courtney Miller (Various talk about MillERR) This episode is brought to you by Transformers last night check it out in theaters, Wednesday june 21st tickets now on sale Hey guys, so today. We’re making a video which. I’m just calling it the smosh family video I feel like we’ve had so many people working on smosh for so long. We’ve never really given them the acknowledgement that they deserve and Also, I feel like there’s a there’s kind of a misunderstanding of like how much effort it actually goes into all the stuff that we make so I Feel like this is an opportunity to finally like introduce you guys to a lot of people and the smosh family and just show you Some of the stuff that that people do around here. Let’s go, shoot it Take me home Daddy Mmmmm Yeah I’m doing Shane’s makeup today, and we’re going to start with the 99% alcohol to the eyes F**k me up I would never [hahaha] blows [there] today And of course you guys know who these are Sorry, you know these guys are um it’s pronounced gamers wow oh my God Wait a go Shayne! The joke is dead! Dead! You’re stupid! DEAD! oh my god Wah-ha-Ha-Ha okay guys make sure to comment subscribe. Let me know how big using my dick is down below Matt is a damn bully! These are the writers they helped me write every video [hot] [cock] these are the writers They helped me write everything up and these are the writers who helped me put out the videos we put Ian look up This look get the framing wise That’s all belly. They’re also really great and listening to their fucking boss when he told what to do What did you do? I did what you say [rather] said we haven’t gone [whap] you guys did you brush your teeth this morning? F**k Yeah, this might not be a good idea. I’m pretty sure you already know who these losers are I will end you oh wait I thought we’re doing the thing. No we’re not Amazing, I will end you Most of our job is now censoring out Shane’s dick so Much of it Sorry Thanks, Ian Welcome. We like looking at Shane’s dick. Good. Just write him with pants Write him with dignity maybe once no, he’s too hot [there] all right when I just wear your only Well [job] it was written, and I’m rich Oh, hey, it’s going to throw your friends under the bus. Yes Shane get out of here You might be wondering what I’m going to be doing moving forward with smosh and the answer is the same damn thing I’ve always done boi It’s me ian. I just don’t know Well there you have it. We just shot the smosh family video This is a group that I’m like super proud of and I’ve been super proud of for years And it’s kind of crazy I feel like I haven’t haven’t given them enough enough acknowledgment over the years so it’s really great to finally be able to You know do that in this little video? You know I am anthony’s gone And it’s sad that he’s leaving but I think that this is also really great for both of us to grow as creators so follow Anthony Anthony Padilla and Stay tuned for all the exciting stuff for doing on smosh. Thank you guys. Bye Why do your shoes smell like cinnamon? Safari shoes for a Safari plan Mm hmm mm Sorry, what did you ask for my shoes? It seems like you don’t even miss them because you already got new ones on of each. You choose a custom [-] wait what? Wait seriously I have hues in my car. Well, I’ve shoes on now [okay], [dude] great our shoes are gone forever your shoes are [missing]. [I] live [in] issues Oh, you quickly replace them with your and then hit dry. No listen on my You guys doesn’t stay in this I’d shoot you [guys] [beach] you’ll poison calm down there right? Well good. I am do I find you I’ll tell you where they are. It’s on your feet. Oh Yeah, I just manually you [can’t] [find] my shoes in here. Oh God Okay, uh do it for the bitch You’re the messy business what happens when you hire people soon are they there in wardrobe? [you] see she’s coming here with a pair of shoes the [pair] of shoes no oh Hey, I think jean with a pair of white shoes Oh Shane’s back at it again with the white shoes. Oh, yeah Yeah They were white vans actually so you actually if you could have sent I’m really old have you seen Jane with a pair of shoes? No [da-dum] these your shoes. No those are not my shoes my IRV, and I as you guys, but why are you following me? You can’t come in keep [yourself] hung up, okay? [oh] Can wear mine all [right]? Oh? You put them in the bathroom. Do you help you? Your shoes are [I] have no idea where your shoes are clinic behind them? Hold on. What? someone else did them your an asshole Thanks for watching [guys] click over to the left for more smosh and then click here to the right to check out the latest trailer for Transformers the last night and catch it in theaters starting Wednesday June 21st tickets now on sale Thanks to all the subtitles including TheDragonOne,

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  1. wait so is ian the owner of smosh
    i thought he just started the channel and hired the writers and directors to manage it for him
    i didnt know he was all of their bosses

  2. this video makes me want to be a part of smosh even more now-also it’s so great how ian’s the boss-like i remember when it was ian and anthony in front of the camera and a couple people behind the camera in 2007 in their house, and now ian’s in charge of this huge corporation and is a part of this huge family that he and anthony started in 2006. i’m so proud of him, love y’all so much💜

  3. From the crew behind the scenes, I really like Sunny, Sarah, Matt, Joe, and Tanner… :3 They should feature them on screen more often… 🙂

  4. All of smosh are amazing! They work their butts off, they make amazing content and are just incredible people!

    Thanks for always cheering me up!!

  5. Are at about 2:00 what is it that Matt Raub is playing with they look fun looks like something me and my friends would make the stupidest silliest game ever out of!

  6. I wish all the time I can just watch them behind the scenes like all the time they should make more vids or vlogs or whateves

  7. I want to know what happened to Courtney’s shoes!!!

    Also, everyone in the comments shipping them while I’m here like, “That’s adorable. They have such a close friendship! I wish I had friends…”

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