SNACKAGING: Korean Food Edition

We all know it’s never
good to judge a book
by it’s cover, but since no one
reads books anymore, except “Rhett & Link’s
Book of Mythicality.” – Boom.
– Who cares. So what about judging
snacks by their packaging. It’s time for snackaging.
Korean food edition. Yeah, snackaging is
a word we made up. It’s when you look
at snack packaging and decide, uh,
what something is and whether or not
you’re going to like it. And it’s a lot more fun
if it’s in a language that you do not understand. And then today that
is Korean. So let’s bring in
the first one. All right. Oh– first of all
anything that’s got a– this is sardine can,
but then it looks
like pretzels. Or it looks like
what’s inside there is pretzels but
I would think that
this is– Why would you keep
pretzels in a– – in an aluminum can.
– No, I know what this is. This is something. It’s a cross section of
something that grows like that. A natural plant product
that grows like this, and I’m gonna say
that I am not going
to like it, but there’s only
one way to find out now. I’m going to say that
we’re still going to
eat it… – Yeah, it’s by eating it.
– in order to see
if you’re right. Yeah, there’s no way
I’m gonna like anything
in a tin can that looks like
a pretzel. Ooh, my goodness. Rhett: Yeah, oh,
you know what? – It’s got sesame seeds.
– It’s tomatoes. It’s– that is not
a tomato. – It’s a tomato, man.
– You’re right, it is a
cross-section of something. A lot of soy sauce. – Very thick.
– It’s not bad. Not bad, very savory. Very salty savory. – Okay, what is this?
– This is not candy. Woman:
That is marinated
lotus root.
and the translation
of the text on the front
translates to,
“My mommy,Yeon Gun,
Joe Rim– “
– Joe Rim?
– Woman: Joe Rim. My momma, Yeon Gun,
Joe Rim. Yeah, my mommy’s
into Joe Rim. Not bad, guys.
I would say we were
wrong about this one. Yeah, I would eat that. – Wrong about that one.
– You know, if I was in
a pinch. Ooh, this one’s frozen. Or… cold. It looks like little
pink wieners with yellow stuff
coming out of it. – Oh, come on, Link.
– Yellow oozing. Um, I think it’s ice cream
with some kind of pudding
inside of it. – Oh, potato. It’s ice cream–
– That’s a yam. With a yam paste inside
of it and I’m going to like it. It’s a– what are those
little smokeys called? It’s a purple
little smokey. With yam in it. – Oh, wow.
– I think I might
like it too. Mm, I like it.
It’s not ice cream. It’s sweet on the inside. Now, I’ve eaten
Korean pizza and they have this
same Yam stuff in
the crust – and it’s amazing.
– It’s cheesy. It’s got some
cheesiness to it. No, it’s just yam.
What is it? Because it’s great. Woman:It translates to fusion
snack sweet potato rice cake.
– Especially like a little bun.
– It’s not frozen when
you eat it. Ah. It’s very good.
Okay, next one. Ooh, I love these
little things made
for kids, but then they have
adults on the front. Oh, it’s from
Kwangdong. – Mmm.
– Kwangdong makes it. If Kwangdong makes it,
I’m into it. That’s what I’ve learned
so far about Kwangdong. You just suck on
the end of it. Look how happy she is, though. Link: It’s got the–
I can– the only thing I can read
on this is 500. Well, and Dong.
I can read that. Um, she’s so surprised. I’m gonna love this. Oh, it says C.
It’s a vita– This is a vitamin C
immunity shot from
Kwangdong. I’m gonna open this up. Citrus–
it’s citrusy. – Gotta be citrusy.
– We’re gonna love it,
right? Yeah. – Ooh, I–
– I was right. – It’s just juice.
– It’s incredibly citrusy. It’s– oh, but it’s not–
it’s like a mango juice. – What is this?
– No, it’s orangey. Woman:It’s a frozen
energy drink called
“Frozen Vita500”
– Frozen Via?
– Frozen energy drink. Woman: Vita. That– that’s good,
and you know what? – It’s collapsible.
– Is it good? And good for fitting
in pockets. From Kwangdong.
Not a sponsor. Here’s another package. Kwangdong, if you’re
interested in sponsoring us,
let’s talk. Now this one–
this looks like a fancy shmancy granola
packaging thing, but on the back– oh, it’s– it’s… it’s tea bags. It’s a special–
it’s a specialty tea. Is it a tea or is it
a soup in a bag? Uh… you know what?
It makes broth for a soup. And, um, I feel as if
I’m going to enjoy this. Yeah, I don’t think
there’d be anything
bad about this. Let’s try it. So, it’s– it’s a soup
made… in a tea bag type
of a scenario. – Don’t smell it.
– ( laughter ) You’re not gonna like it. Ooh, it’s not–
it smells like insects. It smells like someone’s
bait bucket at the pier, – that they left.
– ( laughter ) You know, they finished
and they were like, – “I’ll just leave that for
– Maybe it smells bad and tastes good. ( slurping ) – Nope, tastes bad too.
– Nope. Uh, seaweed. It’s got–
It’s a seaweed soup. – Seaweed tea soup.
– Seaweed soup. Woman:It’s a crab flavored
seafood broth.
– Once I know that…
– That’s a crab? There’s some crab
happening in there, I’m a fan of crabs… Does that–
smell the bags straight… – Does that not smell
just like somebody’s bait?
– in my mouth. – Yes.
– They could probably use
this as bait. and turn the whole sea
into crab flavored soup. There’s an idea. Great for the environment.
( laughs ) Okay, what we learned
today is, snackaging ain’t easy. No, it’s not.
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