Snarky Puppy’s Family Dinner – Volume Two (Official Trailer)

You young whippersnappers have got
a thing or two to learn, I tell ya. I’ve always enjoyed making music. That’s just who I am. Something spiritual
about music to me. It’s universal. It’s magic.
It’s a lifting force. It’s exactly the opposite of war. And I’m kind of up
for moving things around and painting this whole great, big
colorful, colorful thing. Everyone here is
the most dedicated bunch of musicians I ever met in my life. And I love it. I’m very grateful. We’ve all shared all this time, all this space, all this energy,
this music…

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  1. wuuut wut wuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt BEYOND EXCITED – thank you snarkies <3 (by the way and before i forget , when you do the third PWEEEESE invite Lisa Fischer <3 )

  2. OMG, Jacob Collier, Knower, Laura Mvula, David Crosby, David Crosby !, Susana Baca, Terence Blanchard, Salif Keita ! I'm waiting for this ever since you said Vol. 2 would be released in the end of 2015. Too bad you release it in February, I won't be able to get it for me and my friends on Christmas. Still, so much excited.

  3. Gave me chills, and took me right back to being in the room. That David Crosby tune made me cry. I was not prepared for how deep this experience would be, and I can't wait for the CD/DVD!

  4. oh snap, the beasts are coming out again but this time with some serious backup. Shaun martin on a SEABOARD RISE and Jacob collier! watch out lolol.

  5. This trailer is a teaser.. Every little snippet of music makes me long for more. Great show in Seattle …even with some of you missing.

  6. For those of us with 4k televisions I hope you will make it available for purchase in 4k or at the least produce a Blu Ray disc.

  7. 1:12 Charlie Hunter!


    Anyone who hasn't should tech out the video on youtube charlie hunter did with mesa boogie. The track name is 'walkabout'.

  8. we must they torture me to wait until February to get this cd…. I can't wait urggh… lol so looking forward to this release!

  9. Can't wait for this to be released! Especially looking forward to hear Väsen, brilliant folk-band. Holy Moly, this is just too good!

  10. Didn't they use Nate Werth (Percussionist from other recordings) and/or Sput/Lewis (Drummers from other recordings) on this album? I don't understand why they wouldn't stick by that rythm group, i't is absolutely amazing…

  11. Chris Turner!! Great to see you on this project – can't wait to hear it. I literally think our last interaction was you prank calling me at age 19 pretending to be Ron McCurdy. Good times.

  12. Got this record … The vinyl quality has a very good audio quality, but there are many small crackles, ticks etc.
    Nevertheless -> This Album itself is AWSOME !!!!!!!!! i mean .. AWSOME !!

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