Sneak Attack Squad Birthday Confetti Blaster Nerf Battle!

>>This is so cool! Thanks, mom
for all these birthday presents!>>You’re welcome, buddy!
Happy birthday!>>Thanks, mom! [Whistling] Hey, Cole! Happy birthday!>>Thanks, Ethan!>>Got you a present.>>Thanks! That was nice of you!>>Go ahead, open it! Umm, I already have this dinosaur.>>Oh, you do? I didn’t really know.
I mean…>>Actually, this is my dinosaur.>>Huh?>>It’s like the one I own,
so I think you just wrapped it.>>Oh, what a chance. Well, I got something else that’s huge!>>Umm, oh yeah?>>Yeah, I’ll go get it!>>Uhh, what’s that noise? Umm, what is that?>>It’s your birthday surprise!>>Umm, I don’t know about this.>>Happy Birthday! [Explosion]>>Seriously?>>Happy Birthday!>>This is cool! Wait, I need scissors! I think the scissors are in here. Scissors? Scissors? Where are these scissors?>>Ohhh, this confetti cannon is
the best invention of all time!>>Here they are!>>Oh!>>Happy birthday!>>Ahhh!>>Got you again!>>Are we gonna be doing this all day?>>Well, duh! It’s your birthday! What else would I do
with the confetti cannon?>>Hey, boys! What?>>Oh, hi mom!>>What in the world is this mess?!>>It’s a birthday mess, mom!>>Umm, he did it!
>>Wait, what?!>>Either way!
I need you boys to clean this up before people come over tonight!>>People are coming over today?>>Yeah! Everyone’s coming over
for Cole’s party tonight!>>Yeah, Ethan!>>Me and your dad are going
to pick some stuff up for the party. So I need you guys to clean up this mess, and make sure the rest of the house
is good too, please!>>Ethan did the mess!>>Not—no, no, no, no. We’ll clean it, mom.
Don’t worry about it.>>Okay, we’re gonna be gone
for a couple of hours. It better be clean, or else.>>Yeah Cole, or else.>>Okay, I’ll get the vacuum.>>It’s not that big of a mess!>>I can’t believe I have to vacuum
on my birthday ’cause of you!>>Well, technically it’s kind of
your fault, too!>>What?! How’s is it my fault?>>Well, I wonder if I’d shot you
with confetti if it wasn’t your birthday, so…>>I don’t even know how
to respond to that!>>I’ll do you a favor; Since it’s your birthday,
I’ll help you clean up your mess.>>This is not my mess!>>Well it could be debated,
you know? I can’t– I think it’s your fault,
but you think it’s my fault.>>Shooting me with that silly cannon
and you will not stop. Well, can you just push it
over there, please?>>Got it!>>Clean up crew is here! [Singing] [Screaming]>>Can you please stop doing that?>>I’m getting plugged in vacuum mode. Time to vacuum!>>Yeah! Take it! Ahhhh!>>###!>>Cole!
>>What?>>Take over I’m gonna go
get the broom!>>Okay! What’s taking so long? Ethan, hurry up!>>Happy birthday! Triple!>>Okay, you wanna play
that game, Ethan?>>Confetti balloons.>>Oh, whoa! Oh, whoa! That’s cool!>>This will be fun! This is what you get, Ethan! Ethan!
>>What?! [Gunshot]>>You wanna play that game, Cole? Wait a second. Cole, come check this out,
I’m in the bathroom!>>What is it?>>Just come check it out!
Hurry up!>>Why do you want me
to come in the bathroom for?>>I found this really rad thing
and I think you’ll like it!>>I’m not going in there because
you have the confetti cannon! Nice try Ethan!>>Surprise!
>>Uh-oh! That’s the last straw, Ethan. Okay! It’s all good. Ethan’s so gonna get it now! I need some ammo! Does this thing have batteries? This thing won’t stop! I think the trigger’s stuck! Stop! What a piece of junk, stop! Stop! Well can’t use that one,
we need a new Blaster!>>Cole? Cole? Do you wanna go in the park
with me? What in the world? Oh, what do we have here? Oh, what are the odds!
A Nerf blaster! I bet I can put two in two
together here. Well, I think it’s safe to say,
that fool has officially lost the confetti battle! The tables have officially turned.>>Hmm, which one should I use?>>Oh, it’s gonna be
a bad birthday for you, Cole! The ‘Mega Fun Pack’! Yeah, that’s gonna be a lot of confetti! Hello, Cole.>>Uh-oh! Don’t do it Ethan!
>>Oh, I’m gonna do it all right. Here we go! Aww, Mom! Hi mom! Yeah, we’re cleaning.
>>[Unintelligible noise] You’re gonna be home
in three minutes? Yeah it’ll be clean,
no problem! Okay, bye mom!
Thanks!>>Oh, too bad Ethan, that doesn’t look like
you can do your plan!>>Whatever!
It’s time we clean this mess up.>>It’s your mess!>>Mom said it better be clean,
or else. Do you want mom mad
on your birthday?>>Fine, we’ll clean this mess. I’ll clean up the confetti cannon,
you can clean up the balloons.>>Balloons, huh? It’s too tempting,
I just have to shoot one of them.>>Oh! No! No!
Don’t use that blaster’s–!>>Huh? [Orchestra plays]>>Hi guys!
>>Hi guys! Comment of this week comes from:
marostgamer2.0! “Why don’t you guys make a video
in your other house?” That’s a good question!
We don’t have our other house. But! We’re moving again probably
to a new house and it’s gonna have an
‘Extreme toys warehouse’! Keep an eye out for that. And thanks for your comment
marostgamer2.0!>>Picture of this week comes from:
>>Marcus and Mason! Whoa, they look tough!
I would not wanna mess with them.>>I won’t mess with them either! Thanks for your picture,
Marcus and Mason! Some of the stuff is out of stocks but you
can still get your arm bands. Check our Instagram page
and we’ll see you all next time!

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