Sneaky Jokes on April Fools Day With a Robot! (And Spying!)

This video is sponsored by Moose Toys. [Sneaky music] Perfect. Shhh… Ahhh! What?! How did you get here?! Uh, okay. What do you want me to do? 10 pushups? Okay! [Ding] [Laughing] [More sneaky music] Seven… Eight, nine… Now, repeat after me! The coolest boy in the whole world is… Kaden! Yes! Yes, yes, yes! She finally said it! Kaden? She finally said it! Woo-hoo! Something strange is going on here. Knock it off! What!? It’s a robot!? Kaden! April fooled ya! [Cheering] Ha-ha! I got you good! Of course, it’s April Fools’ Day! You stinker. But that gives me an idea. Come on, Mibro. Okay! Let’s get sneaky! [Snoring] [Mystery music] Alien space invaders… [More snoring] Look, dad’s asleep. Let’s trick him. Let’s get him. Come on! [Mystery music] Okay, let’s get sneaky! [Pew, pew, pew] Whoa, whoa, whoa! [Lasers flashing] I swear I was just dreaming about this, but now this is real? Of course this is real! Now give me 100 dollars! You need 100 dollars to save my planet? I guess it’s worth it. [Sneaky music] [Silly music] Yes, I can’t believe
Dad gave us 100 bucks! No way! [Silly music] Okay… Now dance the Macarena. The Macarena? It’s my favorite dance on my home planet. Now, do it now! The Macarena? I guess, if it means I can save the world. Um, okay… [Singing Macarena] [Faster Macarena] My grandma can
dance faster than you! Is that the Macarena? [Shushing] What’s up? Uh, don’t ask, don’t ask! Just keep going!
Just keep going! Okay. Go to the store and
buy Jazzy a cell phone. A cell phone and a four-wheeler. Something is sneaky here. I’ve got an idea. Hey Jazzy, Kaden! Come on down, let’s go to the store! Jazzy, I’ll buy you a cell phone! Kaden, I’ll buy you a four-wheeler! Really?! April Fools’! Hahahaaa! Aw, you got us good! But did we get you at all? You little tricksters. You almost got me on April Fools’ and you did wake me up and
make me dance the Macarena. [Laughing] You guys are little tricksters. I’m going to go back to my nap. Here’s your Mibro. You can go play tricks on somebody else. [Upbeat music] I’m gonna win. Whatever. Kalia, it’s your turn. Let’s use Mibro to spy on them and see what they’re up to. Good idea. Okay, buddy. You’re driving! Let’s roll! Now let’s listen to what they’re saying. Did you know today is April Fools’ Day? Yeah mom, we have to play a trick on Dad. Ooh, you know what Dad hates? Anything flavored with mint. [Gasping] I think we should trick
him with mint toothpaste. Toothpaste? Yeah! Did you hear that? They’re going to try to trick Dad. Lets help them out. With Mibro. What do we have that’s mint? I have an idea. ‘Kay. Perfect. W-w-what?! I know who you are! You’re Mibro! Maybe he can help us with
some pranks over here. Well, he brought us some toothpaste. Should we fill the inside of cookies with some toothpaste? Yeah! Hey Mibro! Bring us some cookies! Cookies? That’s a great idea! Yeah! These are good. I play this card. What the? [Laughing] [Chuckling] Yucky. Ew, disgusting! Okay, let’s go get Dad. Or, should we let
Mibro go get Dad? Mibro. [Laughing] Here you go, Mibro. I’m going to put it on. Mibro, here you go. Should we follow him? Yeah! Okay! Haha! Got you! That was us! What, are you serious? April Fools’ on Dad again. Let’s go get him. Yeah. [Shushing] Kalia, it’s your turn to play the joke. Go, go, go. Okay, let’s get sneaky! [Tricky music] Wake up! Whoa! Not you again! A cookie? That looks amazing! Thank you. Mmm, cookie. [Children laughing loudly] Ohhh! What is this, toothpaste?! Yes! Mint is the worst, yucky! Hahahaaa! So has everybody in the family
been tricked my Mibro then? Everybody except Kyler. Come on, let’s go! Yeah! Let’s get him! Yeah! [Tricky music] [Toddler giggling] Yeah! Yes! A Sippy! Yeah! ‘Kay! [Dance music] [Upbeat dance music] [Dance music] April Fools’! Now that’s what I call teamwork! Score! [Loud cheering] I’m number one! I’m number one! Make sure to give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel! And share this video
with all your friends! Check out Mibro in the link in the description down below! I’m gonna dance with him. I’m gonna dance right now.

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