Sneaky Villain Tries to Take Secret Science Formula from Kids Fun TV!

[Fun upbeat music] [Kaden] This video is sponsored by “Alex!” [Bubble gum pops] [Laughing] Hey Jazzy! Where did you get the bubblegum? Oh, I made it with my
Bubblegum Science Kit! What? You made your own bubblegum?! Yep, science is fun! [Exclaims] [Suspense music] Hmm, which one of these
experiments should I do first? What’s that Fun Squad up to today? Color-changing liquids! [Suspense music] [Kyler exclaims] Dr. Mad Scientist!
Dr. Mad Scientist! [Jazzy] What! [Suspense music] What! I don’t see anyone! It must have been somebody else! [Exclaims] Well, I better go tell
the boys just in case! [Playful music] [Playful music] [Playful music] One scoop of baking
soda in one of the cups! I am a genius! So cool! [Laughing] Yes, it changed color! [Laughing] [Dr. Mad Scientist] What the? What the? One scoop citric acid! Whoa, yes it worked! [Laughing] What are they doing in there? Looks like science! Now let’s see what happens
if we add more citric acid? [Kaden] Whoa Jack, what are you doing? Oh hey Kaden, science is so fun! What’s that? Science is fun? [Laughing] Science is not fun!
Science is power! [Laughing] Check this out. If I add baking soda, it
will change the color! Whoa, it just turned purple! What? These kids have no business
doing these science experiments. [Boys] Whoa! Oh my gosh! Where’d you get this cool science kit? Oh Mom picked up this
“Mind Blowing Science Kit” from Walmart today! Whoa! Look here’s some others she got too! Whoa! “Magic Science,” “BubbleGum
Factory,” “Sour Candy Factory!” Whoa, you’re kidding me! This is all science? Yeah, science is really cool stuff! Check this out. I want to make a volcano next! Whoa, now that sounds awesome! Can I help? Yeah, sure! Jack! Kaden! Kyler thought he saw Dr. Mad Scientist snooping around outside?! Dr. Mad Scientist!? Yeah, anyways.. What are you guys up to? Mind blowing science! Cool, I did science yesterday! Cool, that sounds fun! Okay Jazzy, have you used
the scientific formula to make invisible ink? No way, we have scientific
formula for invisible ink?! Than we can write the
recipe for the lava flow in a place that only we can see it! That’s a great idea! We better take caution just in case Dr. Mad Scientist is around! Let’s think about this. I could sneak in there,
and take the formula and then I use my secret
machine, and make it big! Why do we have to hide the
formula from Dr. Mad Scientist? Are you serious?! We can’t trust Dr. Mad
Scientist with anything! I can have a giant volcano
and take over the world! [Laughing] Yeah, if he’s really
around here then we better play it safe! Yup, you get started! Yeah, Jack and I will go
and set up the volcano! Those little rascals can’t fool me! Now how do I get in there? To make invisible ink I need
two scoops of citric acid! I know, i’ll use the power
of science to shrink myself down to get my hands on that
“Mind Blowing Science kit!” [Laughing] Muah muah muah! [Continued laughing] [Whoosh] Now two squirts of water with a pipet! Now you mix! Ooh I can feel it now! Soon I will have the
power to rule the world! A giant volcano! [Laughing] Just got to push this button right here. [Zapping] Whoa! It worked! [Laughing] Invisiblity ink, perfect! If Dr. Mad Scientist really is
nearby, then he’ll never know the recipe for the volcano! [Fun upbeat music] [Laughing in tiny voice] I’m writing the secret formula now. [Fun upbeat music] [Boing] Perfect! It really is invisible! [Fun upbeat music] [Boing] [Fun upbeat music] Now, let’s see if the
invisible ink worked? Now to put it up to a warm light, so I can see my secret message! Ooh it’s working! He’ll never find this! [Whoosh sound] Okay guys, I think this secret formula is safe from Dr. Mad Scientist! Okay to make a color
changing volcano we need four scoops of baking soda! [Playful music] Four! One scoop of flour. [Playful music] And two small scoops
of red cabbage powder! One.. Two! Add one scoop of water! [Fun playful music] Now it’s time to form a volcano! [Kids] Wow! [Fun playful music] [Tiptoeing piano notes] Three small scoops of cabbage powder! [Fun playful music] Whoa, it turned dark pink! [Boing] Wow! Now we need four medium
scoops of citric acid! [Kids in unison] Three.. Four! [Dr. Mad Scientist Laughing] These kids are so naive! Ha ha ha! Now time to get that formula! And now the moment we’ve
all been waiting for… Time to ring the door bell! [Ding dong] Who’s at the door? [Laughing] Well, that worked out well! Now that they’re distracted
I’m going to go and get the formula to the volcano. [Laughing] [Kaden] What! No one’s there! [Jazzy] Huh! [Jack] What! Here it is! Ha ha ha! Wait a minute, wait a minute! I thought the formula was right
here on this piece of paper? What, what! It’s blank! How could this be! [Jack] Guess no one’s here? Let’s get back! [Exclaims] Dr. Mad Scientist! What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be behind bars! And how’d you get so small? [Laughing] Well, science is power! [Laughing] No, science is fun! No, no, no, no, you’ve
got it all wrong kids. Science is power! [Laughing] Not if we have anything to say about it! Well you’re too late, I don’t
need your secret formula. I can make the volcano
big with my secret device! Oh no, where’d it go? Umm.. umm.. Oh you mean this secret device? Oh no! Oh no!
How did I drop that? Let’s start the volcano before
Dr. Mad Scientist can get it! Oh yeah! You wouldn’t! We sure would! Especially, if it means stopping
you taking over the world! Uh oh! Wait wait, please don’t! Stop! Stop! I promise I’ll be good!
I promise I’ll be good! [Kids in unison] Whoa! Do it again! So cool, it’s changing colors! Like a volcano, turning purple, wow! Wow! Whoa, this is so cool! Please stop, I won’t take over the world! I won’t take over the state! I won’t even take over
this house, please no! Okay Dr. Mad Scientist, how
do we know we can trust you? Ah, ah, ah, I’ll give
you my secret device! I’ll give you some ice
cream, whatever you want! Well, what do you guys
think, should we let him go? Did you learn your
lesson, Dr. Mad Scientist? [Ding] Okay Dr. Mad Scientist, we’ll
only let you go if you say science is fun! I will never say that! Oh fine, science is fun! Oh yeah. We can’t hear you! Science is fun! Come on, say it like you mean it! SCIENCE IS FUN! Almost, give it one more try! Science is.. FFFUUUNNNN! Whoo! Okay Fun Squad, we really want you to know that science is actually really fun! Look at all these experiments
that we’ve already done! If you want to find out more about these Scientific Explorer Kits
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