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  1. What's the point of having PS4 if you just wanna play these retro games. There's still so many great games to play, lol

  2. Need normal Neo-geo collection (50-100 games: metal slug, KoF, samurai, fatal fury, art of fighting, last blade, magical drop and other). Now Sega mega drive classic it is better, much better.

  3. Eu comprei ps 4 que venhe assinatura na psn 3 meses mais acabou antes da data prevista porque vencimento 31 03 2019 e acabou dia 19

  4. Was the old cover art censored here? I remember the girl with purple hair was wearing a bikini in the Switch version, both physical and digital versions.

  5. Para o pessoal que não sabe esses jogos foram criados até a existência do NEO GEO, são jogos bem antigos da SNK que muitas gente não conhece por que só pensa que a SNK só fez jogos de luta

  6. Fantastic, looking forward to this as I love the old arcade games. I really appreciate this has been created but wish there had been more titles added, I'll be happy enough with what's there though.

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