Snoop Dogg Raps With Don Rickles | Dinner with Don

It’s kind hard bein’ Snoop D-O double G, but I somehow, some way, keep comin’ up with funky-ass shit like every single day. You hear that, Don? No, I’m deaf. [Laughing] OK, Snoop. Should we start with a drink? I like vodka. What you like? I like to suck on my wife’s arm. [Laughing] Mr. Rickles, how are you, sir? Why you yelling? We’re right here. [Laughing] Any sparkling water or bottled still water? No, we want some alcohol. So give me some, uh, vodka with some cranberry juice with a few ice cubes in it. How you like it, yeah. Vodka on the rocks. Vodka on the rocks. Excellent. Thank you. You married, Snoop? Yes, sir. Yeah, I’ve been married 20 years, Don. Really? Very good, Snoop. Got any kids?>>Three kids.
>>Three? Two boys and a daughter. You been married? I’m married 51 years. Pshew. Wow. That’s what I said to her. Pshew.
[Laughing] She loves me because I make sure she gets the check every week. [Laughing] Now it’s time to introduce the master of the insult, the only man who holds a black belt for hatred, [Laughing] Evel Knievel’s next jump is his mouth. [Laughing] Mr. Don Rickles. Y’all was, like, one of the first ones to do the roasts. Well, the network started that, yeah, which had me as the closing guy, yeah. Well, that must’ve meant you was a home run hitter. You said it, I didn’t. [Laughing] Ronald Reagan, our great former governor, who said to me, “[Wailing] I should have been the president.” [Laughing] Orson Welles, 30 years ago you were handsome, and now we’re gonna put “Goodyear” on your face and fly you over the beach for a half hour. [Laughing] I think that’s what made you different and original from everybody else, that you didn’t have to write it. That you could go up there and you could say it as you seen. Everything I’ve ever done is off the top of my head.>>Freestyle.
>>Yeah. Well, that’s how I was. When I made my first couple of records I didn’t know how to write. I just was able to just say whatever came to heart. You said you were like the, of the black world, Frank Sinatra. Oh, way. I love Frankie, baby. But he’s dead. [Laughing] Ol’ Blue Eyes, Dogg Sinatra. I used to go out on the stage with Frank. I know that was special, man, to go on stage with Ol’ Blue Eyes. Did he have a cup, was he drinking on stage? Oh, sure, drank all the time. I used to say, “Uh, Frank, put the booze down.” “Your voice is gone, so…
[Laughing] It’s all over, Frank. [Laughing] I know you don’t like to hear that. Gone. [Laughing] Now back in your days, what was the, uh, relaxation? Because in our day, we choose cannabis as our relaxation. You choose what? Cannabis. Marijuana. Oh, really? [Laughing] I never used it, never touched it. Are you sure you never used it? Never. Are you sure you never touched it? No, never touched it. You just touched it now. What are you, the D.A.? [Laughing] That was a good run. You’re gonna pay for that. [Laughing] [♫♪ Music ♪♫] What do you miss about old Hollywood? Seeing some of those guys skipping around. You got on with the greats. Well, they thought so. [Laughing] We were all good friends, you know. What was your relationship with Bob Hope? He was my hero. There’s no booing, there’s no booing. [Laughing] If there’s another outburst, we’re gonna let Bob Hope get up and do his jokes. [Laughing] What about Regis? He was annoying. [Laughing] Wanna meet Rickles? Come on, I’m a personal friend. Sure. It must be the thrill of your 35-year career to have me with you here…>>Can I be honest with you?
>>Absolutely.>>I’ve been working Atlantic City now six, seven years at Resorts, you understand?
>>Yeah. You on the show have set me back about nine years. So help me… And the Johnny Carson show, you was on there a few times, right? You know, I did over 100 shows with Johnny Carson. Funniest monologue I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard you many, many years. Tonight was the funniest, so enjoy it. [Laughing] Ed McMahon just was the perfect complement to him, too, hearing that voice. Yeah, that was a good guy. I was happy when Ed was passing out that money on them millionaire sweepstakes. He never found his way to my neighborhood. [Inaudible] duck. Twenty people for dinner? Yeah, who is all this for? It’s just me and Don sittin’ here. [Laughing] You was living the life back then, Don. As a fan watching, it was like you had fun every day of your life. I did have fun. And the Copacabana was the spot. I went to the Copacabana with my manager, Joe Scandore at the time, and Jules Podell I met for the first time. And he said, “I don’t want this kid in my place.” “I don’t need no wise guy kid that makes fun of my customers.” “He’ll never, never work the Copacabana.” I sat there like a schmuck. I said, “Joe, Jesus Christ.” He said, “Don’t worry.” “I’ll take care of it.” What happened was the guys in Brooklyn called and said, “He’s a part of us.” “Be nice, be nice.” And that started me at the Copa. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That’s right. And people love to compare me and you and say that you hung out with the wiseguys and I hung out with sort of tough guys or sort of kind to speak. But I don’t think there was a difference between those guys and regular guys. Every one of them I had, I always had a good time with, you know. My mother, rest her soul, she used to be at the Copa when I headlined at the Copa. I’d say, “Mom, I’m going over to say hello to Joey Gallo,” and she said, “I’ll go over first and tell him to put the guns away.” [Laughing] [♫♪ Music ♪♫] How old are you now? Forty-five. Yeah, you’re a baby yet. [Laughing] And a nice baby, too. Thank you, thank you. I’m halfway home, Don. I’m trying to do what you do.>>Best thing in the world is you do what you do.
>>Yes. Some guys try to do me, which is wrong. You got to do yourself, you know? When I started making music, I was, like, influenced by a lot of the great R&B singers>>Yeah.
>>from the ’70s and the ’60s. And that helped me to create my own style because I seen something in them that I liked but I didn’t borrow from them. I just was inspired by them. Who was inspiring to you when you were creating the Don Rickles effect? Well, I would say it was Milton Berle. He was my kind of guy, you know. I love Milton. You were my idol when I was a kid. Now I’m getting shock treatments. [Laughing] I kid you, old-timer. [Laughing] It’s a joke, Milton. [Laughing] What do you mean “old-timer”? [Laughing] Isn’t he great? [Laughing] So has your wife been, like, backbone to everything that you’ve been doing? You said it.>>Right?
>>Yeah, she keeps saying — she talks like that and goes, “Will you ssstop being loud?” [Laughing] “Why don’t you ssstop yelling at people?” [Laughing] Family is key with me, Don. I’m, I mean, like, throughout my career, if I wouldn’t have had my family I think I would’ve cracked many years ago because, you know, it’s so many superficial fans and friends that you meet in this industry,>>you got to have some solidity.
>>Yeah. I’d come home and tell the kids, they were very impressed that I was gonna be on the air with you. Oh, wow. They all love you with that. Well you know what? Shout out to the Rickle family. This is the Rickle down effect. We appreciate the love. Toast to the boogie baby. This is one of those moments where you, you know, you could be proud to say that you’ve actually done something ’cause you sittin’ next to a great and you conversing with the great. And showing that love is love. You know, his career is iconic. There’s nothing you can do to take that away. I’m half of what he is right now. I’m trying to be whole. What it do? It’s your boy, big Snoop Dogg. And I need y’all to go subscribe right now to the AARP Channel. You know what I’m talking about? So you can see Don Rickles and see his right-hand man, no, his left-hand man, Snoop Dogg, live and direct. Go subscribe right now. What you waitin’ on? What did he say? [Laughing]

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  1. Thank you Snoop for A being awesome an B being respectful. RIP Don the world will always love ya wise guy work

  2. Don is very funny, still seems sharp in these. But did they literally give snoop certain questions to ask? Like I just wouldn’t expect him to naturally ask about Bob Hope or a couple other things he did

  3. mrs rickels made really great cookies sweetest nicest folks you could ever meet true american icons.
    him and reagan were the last of a generation honest to goodness real americans…

  4. Snoop and Rickles….two masters of their own crafts. We are most lucky we had Don with us for so long.

  5. Don Rickles makes me laugh just seeing his face. He always meant "funny" to me. A true gentleman killer…

  6. One of the things that makes snoop successful is he gives respect and kudos to those that came before him. If you want to make it in hollywood, never trash anyone in the Industry on your way up. Snoop figured this out early on.

  7. Seen a ton of Rickles vids lately, young, old and in between. The respect between these two tells more about them both than probably any other … and makes this one of the best. Don was sharp til the end.

  8. God bless you snoop, doggy style LP still sounds fresh, but for fuck sakes, take off your sunglasses and your hood at the table.

  9. Well if this ain't special, then, I don't know what special is. I been laughin at Rickles since the 70s. And dammit, Rappers are people too!! Way to go Snoop!

  10. Snoop is so well spoken and respectful, and completely holds his own with all the stories, this is so awesome, love them both!

  11. Bob Hope and George Burns both stayed to long…. Odd thing with DON is the body is old but his mind is still working like days of old…. BUT… Don has outlived his audience and references.

  12. I have a lot of respect for Snoop because he's really coming from his heart and Don Rickles is a legend and of a group of very few people who are Left Alive on the planet it's just good to see that you guys have met had a nice sit-down

  13. If this show was made 10 years earlier with a much-sharper Don, it would've been a mega-smash…even in ailing health, its still awesome

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