Snowman Christmas Card – Double Fun Fold Card – Creative Christmas Card Fold Series #1

– Hi, I’m Jessica Taylor,
and today I want to show you how to make a creative fun fold card, that you can use for your Christmas cards or a card for any time of year. So I’m basically just going to show you how to make the base for this card. And it’s kind of a
double-sided fun fold card in that you open it one
way and then you open it the other way and this is where you would write your greeting. So let me go ahead and
show you how easy it is to put this together. The first thing you’re gonna
do is cut all your pieces. Now for this card the only stamping I did was this Merry Christmas on the inside, so I’ve already done that. Otherwise I’m just using patterned paper and even these snowmen are part of a pattern paper that I cut out. You’ll find all the paper sizes, the dimensions that you
need to cut your paper to underneath this video. And there’s just a little bit of scoring. And that’s so that we can fold these pieces behind and tape them in. So I’m gonna go ahead
and start from the top. This main piece, I cut a
little bit wider than this one, just to show you the difference. This one I left a little boarder so that the snowmen could
be centered in the middle but this one I cut it so that it would fill up that whole front. In this case this one is 3
3/4 inches by three inches and even though I used
and already printed paper, you might want to just
cut a piece of card stock and stamp it or decorate it yourself. So I’m gonna go ahead
and tape this this on my real red piece. So this real red piece
is 3 1/4 inches by 4 1/2. And I’ve just scored
it here so that there’s a little less than half an inch here. So I’m gonna go ahead
and just fold it on that. So that’s gonna be my fun flap. Then I’ll tape my next square on and this is a square of patterned paper. And the mitten paper’s
3 1/4 by 3 1/4 inches. I’m gonna tape that on my Costal Cabana. So my Costal Cabana paper’s
four inches by 4 1/2 inches. I scored it just a
little bit more than four so this just a little bit
less than half an inch. So I’ll fold that on the score line. And then we’re basically just gonna start taping things together. So here’s what you want to remember is that these flaps are
gonna be taped behind, not your last piece, so there gonna be in between your bottom card
base and the card stock right in front of that. So what I wanna do is first I wanna tape this striped piece onto the red piece. And then before I tape that
down to my actual card base I’m gonna tape these flaps on. So I’m gonna go ahead and
just add a line of tape on the back of that flap. And then I’ll line it up so it’s centered from top to bottom. And then make sure you
just push this piece right into the fold and
then we’ll make sure that that is taped on good. So there’s my first opening. Then we’ll do the same
thing on the other side. Just put some tape on that little flap. And you can use whatever
adhesive that you prefer. I prefer the snail. I’m gonna make sure that this
is centered on the front, up and down, and then just
kind of fold that around. Again make sure that that is
really sealed on there good. You can see how that comes together. Now I’m gonna put tape on the back and it’s just gonna
kind of hide these flaps on the back and make
the back nice and tidy. So this card is a finished
size of 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 which is what I always make my cards. They’re usually half a sheet
of 8 1/2 by 11 card stock and then that fits perfectly
in one of the medium envelops from Stampin’ Up and so that’s the size that I usually make my cards. Now I’m just gonna go ahead. I have already stamped
Merry Christmas on here. So I’m gonna tape this on the inside. And then this is where you
could write your greeting and it will be hidden
until they open the card. So there you go, there
is an easy double-sided open fun fold card, that’s
just kind of a creative fold for your Christmas cards
or any kind of cards you make throughout the year. I hope that you’ll give this a try. Here’s a sneak peek and next
week’s creative card fold. (light music)

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  1. That is so cute! I think I will try it and modify it just a little and adhere the flaps at the bottom of the card so it could stand up on a table…if that makes sense! Then in the space on the front top I would stamp another message. I may have to do something to the tops of the inside cards but I will fiddle with it and see what happens! If it doesn't work, I LOVE the ways yours turned out and will do it that way.

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