So i threw Monika a surprise birthday party

Have you ever been thrown a surprise party I’ve always wondered how that would feel when someone takes you somewhere I distracts you for the whole day. Oh, oh she has no idea Yeah, that’s right books today, it’s Monica’s birthday. All right now, you know who I am I’m the dokey mic stir as people like to call me I’m also wheat which is why I’m going to throw Monica a birthday party. Today’s gonna be really really special. I Just know I Can’t wait to another. Oh the spectacular I’m gonna make a kick myself Okay, because you know, I’m really thankful that I got the views She can’t be the beaut. So I’m gonna give her a cake. You know, I don’t even like Monica but ah So we’re gonna it’s gonna be a doki-doki birthday episode. Okay, so why would I do bake a cake? Throw a party surprise her see her surprise face and god. This is gonna be a good video So be sure to smash that like right now, is that good? How come my birthday’s not marked on this calendar? Hey, you shut up Well, if you know we’re gonna have ourselves to doki-doki date. We got to put the doki-doki soundtrack on There right down. There it is. I hope you guys I hope you guys are ready to watch this a great video So as you know, we’re throwing a party so where do you go when you’re throwing a party just Get it in there. Okay. I don’t really do this. So If I’m not clear just because I’m not in my room But we’re gonna see what cool stuff that Monica would like for her birthday party All right Should we scared should we scare Monica? happy birthday you piece of crap. That’s a cool kid right there. Spooky spooky five nights at Freddy’s She’s one Doki-doki literature club is one-year-old. Yeah, I’m going to jail. Oh, it’s edible. I didn’t know that I want to get poppers poppers. I just want this to be a really special day Yeah, you definitely good party hat do they just sell one? 6 dollars? haha i dont need 12 though. do you need a birthday sign? Okay sure this we can get it yeah What’s on there You she’s supposed to go on humans you’re stabbing. Mm-hmm. It’s not my birthday. Okay? Don’t don’t believe we got poppers finally found poppers and it’s gonna be a pretty good turnout I think Good day Yeah, this is gonna come straight from my heart, so I wanted to be special, you know, just like that’s how it isn’t okey-dokey It’s gotta come from your heart. Thank you. I just realized Monica is vegetarian Can vegetarian people eat Well, she doesn’t have to know she don’t have to know Perfect if you do that, I All right, so it’s the next oh God it hurts the next it making Daddy so cute true chef doesn’t need to measure It’s approved by the dog DD approved, you know what L stands for DD doki-doki, okay Alright we’re gonna cut you when it’s done So I slipped into something a little more comfortable as a cake is ready. Alright, this is my normal Where as you guys seen before? Yeah, so I became is done. Like I just said Alright, well, there we go there lie on top oh, it’s slippery. I guess I guess it just goes down like that I brush it up for them before so it’s melting it’s melting just leave it I Got it. She got a booter up I got a booter up I Got a cover your eyes they don’t have a no feet no pink bought it good. Alright, okay Surprise happy birthday. Look at she’s so surprised to you Happy birthday to you Gonna get those decorations. She’s she has stopped. She’s shocked look at her Wow Blow the candles out Wow, holy crap I got cake on my few Big Akiko Monica. Oh, you suck She’s so crazy she Is so happy right now. Oh my god, look at I also I also gave her a happy I put her the Happy Birthday banners in there. Hey, look look we got balloons Balloons you Okay, I got you balloons too and OH. Oh wait. Look at this look I know that she’s a virtual she’s virtual. But you know, I got it I got her a cake. Anyway, oh my god This is amazing. Wait. Oh Crap. Okay. What the heck man? Look why she mad? What did I do? I made her a cake. Glad I went through all this trouble. Look at her pretty kind of stupid ballooning a Happy birthday, and she’s mad the head So apparently Monica didn’t give a crap about my birthday surprise so we can say we’re gonna take her somewhere. All right Really? Yay, turns out throwing her birthday party in the game is a lot harder than throwing you in real life So I’m using the information that directs knock who is the dokey master Thank you so much guys, check them out down below if you want to know how Yeah, we’ll get this started. Oh, this is So we took Monica out and we took her away We decorated her place and then we put her character file back in this game is getting crazy I mean, I just knew I knew want to go so much because you know I just love her that I knew exactly what she wanted I’m at a loss for words setting this all up to surprise me on my birthday You must really love me Everything looks so festive. Oh Don’t worry, girl. We’re gonna light the candles. Okay. Yes. I’m doing it again She obviously didn’t remember last time. All right. All right light the candles. It’s so pretty. Oh she She loves it, why didn’t you remember what I did it last time? Why were you angry Monica? You want to explain explain make a wish with Monica? What’s your wish? Oh, wait, I Hope it comes true someday meets you Aha, I’ll save this cake for later. Thank you scrub pie from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Let’s enjoy the rest of the day now shall we this is a gift for me. I I’ve often thought about getting presents for you on my birthday, but actually getting one is like a drink when true now what’s inside oh, it’s a Spread like a birthday cake. Gosh, this is so good. Thank you hon already the hag dude. I really love this a lot I’ll save it for now. I can’t wait to try it later But I wish we could eat it together a birthday cake for sharing after all. Thank you for this scrub pie IG scrub I mean we can eat together see oh you soulless cake. What do you see look? Hmm Oh Hmm well that’s good I’m so good at making cakes. So happy this your birthday. Yeah Well, I’m now gonna complain about a little special treatment today. And here we have. Oh This is coffee. Now. I can finally make some thank you so much screw-up I why don’t I go ahead and make a cup right now. I like to share the first one with you after all Oh, that’s so cool She’s leaving to make coffee. I gotta submit just so much of this mine Guys download it down below if you want if you want to have a special like it’s legit relationship With Monica, you gotta download it. She gotta come back I know there’s a coffee machine somewhere around here not there it is and there we go. That’s fast I’ll let that brew for a few minutes. Oh, there was something else you wanted to give me. Well, I’d better open it quickly I shouldn’t I and here we have Is that a knife? Why would you want to give me that is it mad at me again? I don’t need this here someone else maybe I’m not taking this scrubb pie if you were trying to be funny than you have very poor taste Ah, geez scrub pie you really enjoy spoiling me. Don’t you? Well, I’m not gonna complain about a little special again We’re gonna go through this every time she didn’t like the knife. I maybe was there was a port a Solomon Is that a ring? I can’t believe it screw up. I this is it means a lot to me This makes me so happy seriously. Thank you so much for this script pie Oh, there was something else you wanted to give me God who gives us many presents and here we have. Oh It’s a quitzel. I have no idea what that is. Oh my gosh. Thanks. Yeah III knew that you wanted this, okay I definitely didn’t cheat. I did mention that I like to have a quetzel as a pet. Is that suppose? I’m a bird But I would but I would never force the poor thing to stay and now you gave me the next closest thing This makes me so happy you always seem to know how to make me smile. Oh, wow. Alright, she’s got a promise ring line That’s so cool. Thank you again scrub pie. Is that it? Happy birthday, Monica. Happy birthday. Tokidoki literature Club Oh coffees I know it was still brewing. So apparently you can play her happy birthday on the piano that’s called This is such a good mod guys Get it down below. I’ll link it down below along the Dreadnoks channel. Alright, so I wanted to do something special obviously That’s why I made this video as cringy and stupid as it is I really really love Doki Doki literature club, and I wanted to wish it Happy birthday, one year of Doki Doki literature club a game that’s been so influential on my channel and it’s just like it really got me back into Visual novels and because you guys you guys that followed me before it a long time ago know that we used to always play them On the channel and to be able to play visual novels again on the channel and follow a story That’s just so amazing that’s inspired. So many people to make month and to make fan art and just it’s expired It’s inspired so much creativity intercept amazing community that I really really love and I’m glad to be a part of I was really hoping that He was gonna be like making some announcement. I Cuz they did they did tweet out like they tweeted out that they were gonna do something some kind of announcement of some sort They announced this this Doki Doki logistical record, which is really really cool They said that they were gonna announce something and then dance a lot of tweeted out saying sorry in advance We’re not having anything to special plan for tomorrow yesterday. Just been having a rough time with a lot of stuff going on How about a casual a little anniversary live stream on my twitch channel tomorrow? This sounds suspicious is crap It does it does but at the same time I wanted to go and make this video I was gonna I was like thinking about like waiting to release it But I thought let’s just release it now because like what if he’s telling the truth, it doesn’t have anything to you know planned out If he does I will make another video but until now again, happy birthday Doki Doki and dan salvato Thank you for making an amazing game and I get that wait to see what’s next All right, guys, I just leave a comment down below. Let’s say happy birthday cuz Monica will appreciate it. Alright, thanks for watching Watch more Doki on my channel. Thank you I swear it and thank you had something to do with this tilted. I wasn’t

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