Social Etiquette : How to Give a Birthday Toast

And you have been honored to give the birthday
toast to the birthday girl or birthday gentleman. Well, what to do now? Let’s talk a little
bit about that. I’m Hazely Lopez from Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling and I’m
here to talk to you about how to give a birthday toast. First, you want to start by thanking
beforehand, before you actually get there, what you’re going to say. It’s always good
to write something, maybe make a joke, a comment or something of how you met that person and
how all these years have been. Something nice is always appropriate, especially it’s a birthday,
we want to keep it in a happy and joyful mode. Of course then, you’re going to cheer up your
glass, share and let everybody know how happy you are to be there, simply just be sure,
be confident, be calm, go straight forward and just send a happy birthday to the birthday
girl. I’m Hazely Lopez from Hazely Academy and happy birthday to the toasting and enjoy.

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