Socialist Equality Party candidate Jerry White on the demise of Sanders’ “political revolution”

The millions of workers and young people
who supported Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign must now draw
political conclusions from their experiences. Sanders has won popular support
for his call for a political revolution against the economic and political
domination of the billionaire class. He tapped into a sentiment among
millions that the entire system is controlled by the rich. Now Sanders is
about to wrap up his campaign and endorse Hillary Clinton, a warmonger a
shill for Wall Street, and the embodiment of the corrupt and incestuous
relationship between big business and the government. Sanders would like his
supporters to believe that the Democrats can be transformed into a party of
working people. Sanders: “I also look forward to working with
Secretary Clinton to transform the Democratic Party so that it becomes a
party of working people and young people and not just wealthy campaign
contributors…” The Democratic Party never was and never will be a party of working
people. It is a party of Wall Street and the Pentagon and it will remain so even if
Sanders gets the Democrats to add a few meaningless sections to their party
platform at the convention in July. For seven and a half years the supposed
candidate of change, Barack Obama, has overseen unending wars
and the greatest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top in American
history. Now the Democrats have nominated and even more right-wing
candidate. The Socialist Equality Party explained from the very beginning that the
purpose of the Sanders campaign was to trap social opposition within the
Democratic Party and lead it to a political dead end. These warnings have now been confirmed.
Millions of workers and young people in the United States are looking for an
anti-capitalist alternative. The political radicalization in the United
States is part of a shift to the left of workers around the world who are
expressing growing determination and resistance to austerity
and the attacks on living standards and democratic rights. The desire for peace and to end class
exploitation cannot be realized by the fruitless efforts to reform the
capitalist system. What is needed is not a so-called
political revolution, but a socialist revolution by the working class to
overturn the entire economic and political order. This means organizing the working class
to take political power in our own hands to put the giant corporations and banks
under the Democratic control of working people and to establish real social
equality for all. For those who want to fight for a future free from war, poverty, and
all forms of oppression, I urge you to support the Socialist
Equality party’s presidential campaign today.

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  1. "Vice-president Sanders " – isn't it obvious that he is attempting to lure in the stupid-fu*k people that back him. He and the Evil Witch have made a deal, get your zombies to support Hillary and you'll be in the White House as Vice-president. Of course you will have no power unless you're allowed it. But cancer may finish off Hillary anyway.

  2. conservatives think socialism and liberalism are both instantly bad, but that wasn't always the case in the United States

  3. This election is about voting against what you dont want because you will never get what you want from a politician. The guy in the video is naive and lacks real world perspective.

  4. Capitalism doesn't work not by money but since it makes it all about money.

  5. The purpose of the Sanders campaign is the same as we've seen play out in the past with figures like Kucinich and Sharpton: to make sure that any oppositional sentiment among the working class is contained and neutered within the bourgeois Democratic Party.

  6. What if Hillary gets indicted! The which is under investigation by the FBI! I think you are premature in throwing Bernie Sanders under the bus! If he comes in nominee, well you might have a change of heart and support him? I hope that you are wrong and he has not been a sheepdog to lead us astray, but the superdelegates do not vote until July 25th and this is not over yet!

  7. most people are family-narcissists (meaning that they only love their own central family). There is a lot of family-narcissism in the whole USA. That's why people in hate politics. Because how the hell can people have any love for politics if they hate their own neighbors, and if they hate anybody who is not part of their own central family (What a boring nation USA is). I try to love as many people as I can, even strangers


  9. Best of luck to Jerry White& Niles Niemoth for President and vice president a good choice from Auckland New Zealand! Up the workers in the whole planet no more wars!

  10. Good Lord, how many Marxist parties are there in the U.S.? SP, CP, SWP, RCP, SEP, APSP, SA, PSL, ISO, DSA, APL, FRSO… You would think a movement that is already in the extreme minority, and which calls for a "revolution of the masses", would have the sense to merge with other like-minded groups. Apparently ego is more important than socialism to these people. One of the many reasons why they will never win.

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