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  1. i like that she is a female director and i love empowering frmale directors but seriously there are no black actors/actresses

  2. i like that she is a female director and i love empowering female directors but seriously there are no people of color actors/actresses

  3. Herе is rеаllу full ааnd gоoooооd quаlitу Thе Bеееguilеd => https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/875171270601490433

  4. She may be a talented director, but she must make some questionable fashion decisions. That is the ugliest top I have ever seen. I think she stole it off the back of my grandma's couch.

  5. I really like it when people pronounce their names. If I ever have a podcast or show one day, all my guests will have to start off by pronouncing their names.

  6. Yооou can wаtch Тhе Beguilееeеd heееerее https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/875171270601490433

  7. I wish it wasn't so DARK!! I hope the movie's lighting is better than it appears here on Y/T!! I like to see faces, not just shadowy figures!!! 🙁

  8. It was boring and I had high hopes…needed way more seduction scenes and some way to explore motivation or backstories to explain motivations. And something was missing…can't put my fingeron it – passion and slavery, dismissed in one line "the slaves left". Well, that explains everything!!! Southern women being complicit had zero problem doing, um, what they did to maintain they're style of life. Ho- hum. Coppola lucky as shit she has that last name, so she can continue her self indulgence.

  9. In every interview she makes a point of saying that ella's character is not like her "At all" makes you think if she is abit of a tramp.

  10. the brunette girl in the darkness playing the violin. favorite shot of the film. really hit me and my relation to my anima. nice film!

  11. THIS absolutely so FREAKY…
    Today I was reworking (thoughts) of how to shoot a similar scene from my Screenplay, that when finished, I wanted Sofia Coppola to see… I even have a bottle of Wine from her family's vineyard, ready when I'm finished with the screenplay…
    I was thinking: What or rather how would Sofia do the shooting scene between the (many) characters I have in this one scene at a dinner table… after many contemplations of scenarios, I decide to take a break…
    I had to stop and eat lunch and thought I would watch YouTube to relax and maybe if I was lucky, I would find something to help me with my dilemma…
    Low and behold… I found your (fabulous) video with Sofia Coppola discuss EXACTLY what I needed to hear… I am Blessed.
    "Thank YOU, Vanity Fair for sharing this great video…

  12. In this scene, we're getting Sofia Coppola's perspective in intricate detail of what it's like to shoot the Dinner scene for her movie. I couldn't watch it all in one sitting because I had to answer the phone and talk with my mom. But, hopefully, you wouldn't be able to tell.

  13. Such a fantastic director…acting…meh…expectations were way too high for The Godfather: Part III anyway…

  14. First half of this movie was like an above average college theatre production, the second half I was breathless!!! Just masterful. Kirsten Dunst's face in the final moments of this film quietly destroyed me. Coppola will get the Oscar for this.

  15. For all you bemoaning the lack of black actors:

    It is literally explained in the opening sequence that the slaves have left and the girls and teachers who remain are there only as they have nowhere to go. The girls previous reliance upon slavery is felt all the more strongly by this lack of presence which plays out in their intense desire to have another person about the house to help them, in this case a political prisoner.

  16. I was just wondering was Sofia Coppla looking to make this movie more in the kind of style of Fifty Shades of Grey because that was so popular, and thats why she chose to cut out all the slavery and incest themes from the book?

  17. Talk about talent skipping a generation. Has anybody else noticed that nearly all of SC's films are about rich people? Cos how the rich live is always endlessly interesting.

  18. I've just seen the film. It found it gorgeous, from any point of view. I sometimes like Sofia Coppola's movies, sometimes not, but this one… to me it's great.

  19. I am studying to be a film director Like Sofia. I hope as a female I can make it in Hollywood as a film director and screenwriter I am writing as television series right now.

  20. Really good movie. But i wonder how they did so many editing mistakes with such a high budget equipments.. Some scenes were just amateurishly captured.. it feels like scenes disconnected to each other.

  21. Just watched this for the first time (channel surfing. Didn't know anything about it). I Thought it was pretty good. What I liked most was the music and cinematography. The closing shot is gorgeous.

  22. Coppola could break down this scene all she wants. Her version of "The Beguiled" was a bore and a ghost of the version directed by Don Siegel.

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