Soft Buttery DINNER ROLLS RECIPE – Soft & Fluffy Butter Rolls

Today we’re making these buttery and soft and cheesy bread rolls you know how much I absolutely love my bread you could never
have enough bread recipes especially during the holidays and these are super
simple to make so fluffy and so flavorful and this video I’ll
also touch on making bread by hand and I’ll also show you how to make unique
crescent roll shapes which are great if you want something special for the
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making bread because I feel there’s always something to learn when making
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trial and now onto making those buttery delicious crescent rolls
so I’m choosing to make the dough by hand today you can use a stand mixer of
course however in this video I really wanted to talk about making dough by
hands because it’s one of the number one questions I always get lots of people
have a hard time making and kneading dough by hands so I will touch on that
as we go along and my measuring cup I have some warm milk and to it I’m going
to add the melted butter and yeast give that a good mix and if you’re new to my
channel make sure to subscribe and click that notification bell I post new videos
every week if you’re using a stand mixer mix this on high for around 2 minutes if
you’re making the dough by hands you’re going to start mixing the dough in the
bowl with a spatula and eventually when it starts to come together you’re going
to transfer it onto your board now kneading dough by hand is not something
that takes two minutes ok it takes time it takes patience and it takes strength
you’ll need to work your dough until it’s stretchy completely smooth and
supple if you don’t have a lot of strength in your arms like I do and you
need a little break from kneading take the dough and bing it as hard as you can
against your board this is a 60% hydration dough it should be quite easy
to work with because it’s not as wet as other dough’s however if you’re having a
hard time and it does stick to your hands just oil your hands that’s what I
do also if you feel the dough is a bit dry do not be afraid to add an extra one
or two tablespoons of milk or water different flours absorb liquids
differently a good rule to always remember when making dough is that it’s
always better to have a tacky dough rather than a dry one you’re going to
work this as I said until it’s stretchy and smooth this will take anywhere
between 10 to 15 minutes depending on your strength form a ball the dough
should be tacky but not stick to your hands and you’re going to put this in
the same bowl that we use before oil it well so the dough doesn’t stick and
you’re going to cover this with some plastic wrap or a damp kitchen towel and
this needs to double in size this will take anywhere between one to two hours
ok so fast-forward an hour and a half later your dose should have
risen beautifully you’re going to transfer it onto a lightly floured board
and cut the dough into ten or twelve even pieces I do like to do one piece at
a time and as you’re shaping your crescents do cover the dough so it
remains tacky okay so this is how you form those beautiful unique Crescent
shapes take a piece of dough pinch the bottom and flatten it out with the palm
of your hand now you’re going to stretch this out pretty thinly using your
rolling pin make sure your board isn’t floured at this point so it’s easier to
roll out the Crescent take a sharp knife or a pizza cutter I couldn’t find either
so I’m using this old knife and you’re going to cut lots of openings along your
dough leaving you know the top part intact this is pretty self-explanatory
this does not have to be precise or perfect they’re going to look beautiful
now if you want to make you know simple delicious butter rolls skip this step
however I wanted to add a little surprise in the center of each roll I’m
using notes that I allowed the dry piece of kind and I did shred it myself you
can use any cheese you prefer or you know leave these plain as I said you’re
going to roll these back up towards you to form that crescent roll I absolutely
love this shape you’re going to place the rolls onto a baking sheet lined with
parchment paper leaving some space between each roll because these will
rise in the oven if you want you can do you know the opposite so first add the
cheese and then cut the openings don’t be afraid to stretch the dough guys it’s
so easy to work with make sure you also pinch the bottoms especially if you’re
filling these with cheese you’re going to let these rise again for another half
an hour if you want to egg wash the crescents before baking them you
certainly can I personally however do not like to do that for these crescents
bake these in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit for
around 18 to 20 minutes these will be a beautiful light golden brown they’re
gorgeous some cheese did news out it’s completely fine and delicious while
these are still you’re going to brush these with the
melted butter do not skip this step it is the holidays guys we can indulge the
rolls will absorb the butter and become these buttery heavenly delicious
crescent rolls listen whether you make these plain or you decide to stop these
these will be one of the best dinner rolls you’ll ever have they’re soft and
fluffy and so buttery they’re perfect to accompany any meal or if you’re anything
like me bake these off and have these as your actual dinner you

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