Someone BROKE INTO our HOUSE during Rykel’s BIRTHDAY PARTY!

– Did you hear something? – Oh my gosh. We got a note on our door. – Here, I can get it. – Okay, can you reach the trout? (screams) (upbeat music) – Good morning, guess what? You guys, it is party day. That means party day for Rykel. Today, I wanted to show you
while we’re kinda getting some behind the scenes
of Rykel’s birthday, I wanted to show you what has
been happening at our house. Our pool is being dug! Look at that, there’s our pool. It’s gonna curve. This is gonna be like shallow
and that’s the deep end. That’s like the little cove and then the hot tub’s
gonna go right there. Isn’t that cool? But, look at all the garbage in our yard. I wanted to give you a little update kinda while we’re showing
you some behind the scenes of the birthday party of the year because we have some
crazy things going on. It is Friday night. We have birthday parties. We have Shae went to a
camp out earlier today and I’m gonna show you clips right after I show you, oh no, I’m gonna show you clips right now. Jase tore apart, that’s right, he killed our hot tub. (upbeat music) Okay, and now that you’ve seen the hot tub look at the mess now. So, it used to be here. You can see like the
dark, the other color spot and here’s the darker
spot and the carnage. The carnage, but it’s gone. And that means we get
to have our patio again. It’s gonna be great. So, we’re gonna have a sneak
peek at Rykel’s birthday now. Wyatt was our helper today huh? He was our big helper. Oh, someones here. We wanted to show dads awesome room. He’s been working on it quite a bit so I’m really excited. I was not excited. But now I am because the
skateboards turned out really good. – I love my skateboards. – So – Skateboards and fish. – Comment below if you remember – If you can – If you can remember, no don’t comment – If you can comment – If you can comment, or at
least mentally make a note, if you remember what Jase used to do. What did Jase used to do? – I used to skate and fish a lot. – Yes you did. So, there’s all our skates and there’s all the fish he’s caught (gasp) oh look, I found
some cute little bunnies. Go and check out the toy library video because that videos probably already up and they were cute little bunnies. Look how cute they are. Let’s see the bunnies. – We love carrots. – Yum, yum, yum, yum. – We love carrots That was not convincing, lets see it. – We love carrots. – Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. – All right guys, so, it is the weekend. Rykel’s having a party right now. I am gonna be going and
hanging out with friends. I’m pretty sure on Fridays there’s normally high school games. Since I don’t go to high school, I want at least a little bit
of a taste of high school so, I’m gonna go with my friends and go and watch the soccer game and maybe go do some other fun stuff. Who knows? So, that’s what I’m doing. – Okay, so birthday party has begun. I’m gonna give you a little
sneak peek of behind the scenes. Rykel did like a movie kind
of ticket for her invite and then we’re gonna
have like a movie party. She’s been playing games, so here we go. We’ve got all of her snacks and goodies. These are my favorite. Seriously, so good. Now, we’re gonna go sneak in on Rykel and see what she’s doing. – I love steamed broccoli
but not raw broccoli. – Steamed broccoli? (laughter) – What are you playing now? – We write three facts about us and then we throw it in
the pile and we guess. – Are you filming? – No, not at all. What movie are you watching? – Darkest Minds. They wanted me to open
them before the movie. – Have you guys seen it? – No – Raise your hand – No, no ones seen it? Have you guys seen it? – No – [Rykel] I’ve seen it
like three times in a row and then I’ve seen it
two more times, so… – How fun. – Does anybody want my child? – I think it’s time to go. I have my own child. What? Did you hear something? – What? Go open the door. – I heard something. You go get the door. – No, I don’t want to. – Wyatt – Wyatt, go get the door. – Oh, I can’t see anything in here. Baby, you go get the door. Here, I’ll be the brave mommy. – [Dad] It sounded like somebody
was knocking on the door. – [Mom] You guys, did you
tape something on the door. – [Dad] Should I turn the light on? – Whoa! – Oh my gosh. Come over here Evee. – [Evee] I don’t like going places. – I don’t like going places she says – [Dad] I don’t like going places? – [Mom] What does it say. Guys, what is this? – It’s time for an Ohana Adventure. Ohana means family and family
means no one gets left behind. OMG this is going to be cool. Your first clue can be found
with your supplies for school. – What? – (gasps) The classroom? – Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait. Dad, did you do this? – [Dad] I 100% do not have
enough energy to do this. – Did your parents do this? – No, my parents were sitting right here. – Grandpa was working. – Klai’s at the soccer game,
Klai’s at the soccer game – Rykel’s upstairs with her
friends watching a movie. – Well, maybe Rykel did it cause it said your first clue can be found
with your supplies for school. I don’t know who did
this but they’re excited. I’m a little nervous. Wait, girls and boys, wait. – [Dad] Guys, wait. – [Mom] Guys, pause, pause, pause. Did you hear something? – No – We got a note on our door. – [Dad] I was half asleep. – [Mom] We’re tired. – We got a note – [Mom] Oh, we got a second note. – I wanna read it. – [Dad] That was not here cause I just came up and
watched some of the movie – [Mom] No, Rykel let her read it. – For your next clue,
lets go find some more Go grab some sweets out by the front door. Remember leave no one behind. – [Mom] All right, troop. Everyone’s gotta come. Okay, somebody has interrupted
the birthday party. Okay, here we go. – For your next clue, there is a big pot setting on the top of this papers upper spot. It’s okay, it’s not hot. – [Mom] Wait, what? Okay, for your next clue, there’s a big pot setting
on top of this upper spot. It’s okay, it’s not hot. A big pot? No, no but it says something hot. – It’s not. – [Mom] You girls didn’t do this? – [Dad] I’m gonna use up
the rest of the energy that I have for the month. (excited chatter) – Oh, it’s stuck Jase. – Let me read it. – [Mom] Let’s see this. – [Dad] And now I’m expired. – We are your little friends
that see but don’t blink. – [Mom] See but don’t blink? We are your little friends
that see but don’t blink but don’t open this door
because it might sink. – Bathroom door. – Is it the boys room? – Bathroom door? I don’t get it. – [Dad] Don’t open this door – Don’t open the door – [Dad] They might stink – [Mom] The might stink. – [Dad] Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. The people on the bathroom. – [Mom] The people on the door. Did you find it? – This one is the easiest of all the clues so come on inside and
I’ll take your shoes. – [Mom] Shoes? – Front door – [Mom] Front door, shoes. Come inside, shoes. No? Where are the shoes? Outside? No there’s no shoes outside. Shoes, oh bonk on the head. No, there’s no shoes. – [Dad] Was it at the closet? This is like the hardest one. – It said it’s not hard. – Where’s the clue? Let me read it. – I’m on the bookshelves
all comfy and snug looking upon this white fluffy – It’s right, it’s that table – Fuzzy rug? It says a bookshelf fuzzy rug – [Dad] The fuzzy rug – I did not do this. Dad did not do this Did you do this? – I did not – I’ve been watching Spider Man. – It was obviously me. (laughter) – As we were screaming upstairs. – I have no idea, okay, but somebody has been
in our house you guys. – That’s creepy. – I am not happy right now. – It was the spiders – I live in the center
but don’t think I’m rude. I watch you at night
while you eat your food. – At night? – Your Echo thing. Is it your echo thingy? – [Mom} They eat our Food? Wait, I live in the center and at night – Found it – [Mom] I live in the center of what? – It’s the center – [Mom] Oh of our table – And it watches us eat our food. – [Mom] This is very weird. – When are we gonna get to the end? I’m a little teapot short and stout Actually, no I’m a castle. – [Mom] I’m a castle? We don’t have any castles. – [Dad] What’s going on? – For your last clue,
you’ll talk to the trout but be very careful
because he likes to shout. – [Mom] Wait, what, he talks to the trout? – [Dad] Oh, my trout? – [Mom] We have a fish, okay. – Here I can get it. – Okay, can you reach the trout? (shouting) ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ – [Mom] What? ♪ Happy Birthday to Rykel ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ – [Mom] Wait, you gotta give hugs. Oh my gosh, all right, best break in ever. Best break in ever. I like that. Branson is safety first
with the helmet on. – He was placing clues so – [Mom] He was like,
in case something gets – I had to climb the ladder so – This is his first break in – Safety first This is his first break in. Fresh off the mission and he’s
already breaking into houses. I don’t know what’s going on. Because we’ve had some
scary things happen, we actually have installed video cameras so Jase caught them – Back door, back door, front door. – [Mom] Look at this, Jase
caught them on camera. – [Dad] Look at these convicts. – [Mom] And it was perfect because we actually have not given
Rykel a birthday cake so this is … Let’s go eat! Let’s go! Of course we’re gonna
party with the Tanners now. Okay, we have been surprised again so make sure you guys go and
check out the Yawi vlogs. We’ll link them down below and at the end screen
so you can check out, see how they snuck into our house. I really wanna know how they got all of those things everywhere. We’re devouring the cake and we’re feeding bellies. We’re demanding that
even though it might be 9 o’clock at night we’re gonna eat salad and quesadillas before our cake right? – Yeah – Every time we hang out with the Tanners we end up ending our night at like 1:00am Or ending our morning … – We end up ending our
night in the morning. – That’s right, and this is no exception. They’re going home, they are driving hours home tonight and it’s like 12:30. Are you gonna survive Danielle. – I’m asleep the whole time. – Rykel was it the craziest surprise ever? – Yes. – I was like who crashed the party? Whose in my house? Or you maybe thought that? – No. I was thinking did mom and dad do this? How did they do this? – I think we do too many fun surprises. The kids always think it’s us but I was legitimately surprised. It was crazy. – It was awesome. – [Mom] Were you being sneaky? It was another fun day. Okay, so go check out the Yawi Vlogs. We’ll link em at the end. Thanks for hanging out everybody. – Mahalo – Mahalo – Mahalo – Mahalo – Mahalo – Mahalo (serene music)

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