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‘I hereby request all the netizens’ ‘to hit the bell icon
to get updates from Wirally.’ Shobhan, you both turned my place
into a mess. And why was your brother
holding me tight while sleeping.. So, you are up?
I’m almost done cleaning up the place. But, the place is still in a mess.
How dirty was it before you began cleaning? Let me check the trash bin. Let me take a look.
– No. I said no! Don’t! Bro, don’t look into the trash bin.
No! Sai, hear me out!
– I won’t! I’ll straight go lodge a complaint. I was coming to meet you.
– And I have come to meet you. I’ll go fresh up and then I’ll step out.
– We aren’t attending a party for you to freshen up. Follow us. Alright. Let’s go.
– Brother.. Hurry up, brother!
– Hurry up. You’re making me walk so early in the morning.
– Just a little distance to go. Thank God they got chairs to sit.
You too sit here. Hey, Kim, come sit here. Come on.
– What for was the chair placed there? For you to sit?
– No. It is for you to sit. You should sit as you are the president..
– Cut the crap and be seated! Sit down, Kim.
Let’s unwind. I didn’t expect we’ll have to meet this way
on the first day of the year. Matter of fact, neither did I. Nonsense like this never happened
in my 10 years of apartment’s presidency. ’10 years of presidency? Cool!’ Nonsense like this never happened
in my 10 months of tenancy. Don’t you touch! I was shocked to know
it was you, Mr Sai. In the hindsight even I’m shocked
that I ended up sharing my room with the Sotaris. What is wrong?
– I said don’t touch! Be thankful Sotaris were with you
to put you in some sort of control. Be thankful to Sotaris? What do you mean?
– What do you say, Mr Kiran? I’m talking to you, Mr Kiran.
Tell him what happened last night. Take it light? I won’t take it light.
– I said night, not light! You want me to fight? That I am!
– I said night, not fight! Last night I mean! Night, you mean! Cool.
No! Evict them right now. What a deaf moron this guy is! I know you can speak.
Don’t act like you are mute. Mr Kim got drunk last night
and misbehaved with me. My name is Kim? Are you drunk?
– Look at him say ‘Yes, I misbehaved. So?’. Mr Kim, you can’t be drunk and misbehave
in a residential area. Why is he calling me Kim? If I’m Kim, is he Trump?
– Exactly! You can’t be drunk in a residential area.
– That is why I said no bachelor’s should be allowed. Guys, calm down! I’ll handle this!
I’m the president. I will take care! Please! Mr Kiran, please ask them to calm down. Mr Kiran, please ask them not to shout. I won’t! Only I’ve been shouting till now
while both of them have remained mum! I won’t blame you, Mr Kiran!
This is the price I’m paying for leasing the place to you. It was decided only two people should stay.
So, you two may stay. Kick out this drunkard. I’m the drunkard? Sotari, they are mistaken.
– No, they aren’t. If you both can’t do without this drunkard,
then vacate this place right away. What nonsense are you talking?
Ask them to vacate the place right away. Why should I vacate?
Don’t you know how hygienic I am? I don’t even eat street side food
as I don’t find that hygienic. I don’t even share my glass with anyone.
I was forced to share my room with them. That is my glass!
But you can have it. You think I’m an idiot
to get drunk and cause nuisance? Did you ever see me make noise? Put the blame on Sotaris. Not on me.
– You are the reason we are being asked to vacate. You’ve no idea what all you did after you got drunk.
– I got drunk? You mean I turned the whole place into a mess? Not only that. You even puked near my place.
– You mean, I.. – Yes, you puked! I want you all to vacate within 2 days.
– Sir.. Sir, I apologize on their behalf.
They got a little drunk as it was the New Year’s eve. But, they are both well behaved.
They may seem like villains out of Boyapati Seenu’s movies but in reality, they are like characters
from Srikanth Addala’s movies. Punish us all you want, but please don’t
make us vacate the place. Look at them.
They are feeling guilty about the nuisance caused. Why isn’t your brother speaking a word?
– Like I said, he is very quite. Alright. I’m letting you off this time.
Don’t repeat this ever again. Sure, sir, we won’t.
– This is the first and the last warning. I get it, sir. We’re so sorry, Mr Kiran.
– He isn’t even sorry for what happened. How shameless!
– Calm down. Let’s go now. Thank God! Let’s go Sai.
Let’s go, brother. What the duck has happened here?
I repeat what the duck has happened here? You should feel bad
if we hadn’t wished you on new year. But you are feeling bad
because we wished you? You guys ought to be careful
what you speak. My brother is young, so, you don’t take him serious.
But why don’t give respect to Kim? You got a problem with loud music? If not for new year, when else
would you want us to play loud music? Try doing this move.
None of you can, neither can Shobhan. But Kim can. And what is this rubbish about us being bachelors?
Weren’t you all bachelors at some point and won’t we get married at some point? Why have your faces gone blank?
Can’t you follow English? Such uneducated brutes. Hey, you noob, come here. How dare you ask us to vacate?
You think these apartments are so sought after? The only reason we’re staying here
is because we’ve no where else to go. Neither is the building close to main road,
neither is the bed close to the plug point neither is the commode close to the jet spray. And what is wrong with the lift? Even after closing the door, the lift says,
‘Please close the door’. The bathrooms back in our hometown
are bigger than the rooms here. You’ve ruined it all, brother. Neither is there proper water supply,
power supply or mobile network here because of which
I couldn’t play PubG many times. It is better to set up a tent
and stay in it rather than staying here! I guess my brother is still drunk.
If you could get some butter milk.. I suggest you go stay in a tent.
Live on the streets, idiots! Served you, right!
– What a way to begin 2019. Wonder what else is in store.
– Sir, I apologize on.. What the duck has happened here?
– Tell it to the camera. I repeat, what the duck has happened here?
– Stop it and ask people to subscribe. You help yourself.
– I hope you are enjoying the ‘Sotari Brothers’. In case you are, please like, share
and subscribe to Wirally. Stop talking nonsense and request
the viewers to subscribe. Look what you did to him. Ravi, you saw that girl?
– Which girl? ‘What is his problem?’ ‘Shit! She saw me.
Oh, no! She’s coming here.’ Excuse me..
Hey, you.. Y-Yes?
– Why are you staring at me? I was staring at you? I was thinking
of a solution to my friend’s problem. Perhaps, I incidentally was looking
in your direction. Oh! I’m sorry.
– Nevermind. How is it?

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