‘Sottobosco’ Resurfaced: Nicolas Party Builds New Worlds

I think there’s this whole idea of the of the surface of things that painting is only a very thin surface of a very simple material in a way like some pigment and binder on top of a paper or a wall and that created this illusion that there is a totally new wall that is
opening up I mean I’m always very intrigued by that because we kind of want, I guess more from the wall than just the plain kind of surface. We kind of want to see much more into an object than just what it is, which I don’t know
if it’s good or bad but so we always like putting layers on it and that will add, you know an element that can open doors to different worlds
and different ideas the theme of Sottobosco was maybe some kind of a reaction to this very bright, sunny LA where the light goes everywhere, and I kind of wanted to explore a different side of the city or of the lights. So I discovered this painter Otto Marseus van Schrieck so not that long ago and I started to be really intrigued and quite fascinated about his painting and his genre of painting that he kind of created and developed in the 17th century called ‘Sottobosco’ meaning basically the place in the forest
that the light doesn’t go when people ask me is that face or
portrait a woman or a man or it could be “where is this person from?” There really isn’t an answer and I’m trying quite hard actually to be
in between as many descriptions as possible with what I have available because I think those kind of spaces are very interesting for me to create that character because it’s like a mirror to the person that looks at the image those things are like an aspect that I’m trying to
explore and investigate. At the moment they’re here. and I created the environment for them to live with the help of the architecture itself that was created for another reason you know, like a century ago almost so all these things are adding up like layers of rocks… When you do archaeology you see all those layers. When your are children and you have this piece of white paper as soon as you draw this yellow circle, this piece of white paper that is nothing to you in the first place, starts to become a
landscape and then you do a tree and that’s it, you have you just created your
entire Hollywood movie and then you can just put a few lines and dinosaurs come in and and it’s the most simple thing to do

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