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Hello Students Today I tell you how Christmas is celebrated in Spanish On December 24 they decorate the tree with the balls with lights and other ornaments In many houses they set up mount the nativity scene which represents the birth of Jesus. The portal with María and José. They can put other figures like the angel, the shepherd, . the animals,the three wise men The 24th of December is Christmas Eve Families gather for dinner. They eat chicken, turkey, fish. they toast with champagne They eat Christmas candy like Turrón (nougat) and they sing Christmas songs that are the traditional songs. December 25 is Christmas day big meeting with the relatives and handover of gifts In Spain on January 6th The three wise men bring gifts. Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar the day December 31 is New Year’s Eve People celebrate with family, friends. The tradition is that at 12 o’clock at night when the bells ring you have to take 12 grapes. They celebrate with champagne and wish a happy new year to each other Thanks for the whole year’s attention We’ll meet in the next year I wish you all the happiness in this Christmas and my most sincere wishes for new year Happy New Year !

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