Special 25th Anniversary Programme in Kolhapur

Kolhapur’s Mook-Karna Badhir Association is celebrating their 25th anniversary programme. The President of the association is Uddhav Panhalkar – sign name. and their General Secretary is Amey Gawali. The 25th anniversary programme will be held on 16th February 2020 from 8:00am to 6:00pm. It will held in Kohlapur. Here is the address. Have a look at the persons presenting lectures at the Kolhapur programme. 1. Sunil Sahasrabudhe 2. Rajesh Ketkar 3. Amol Pagare These three individuals will be presenting lectures. SLAD will also be attending the event. Their President Manoj Patwari – sign name, Vice President Aniket Selgaonkar -sign name, General Secretary Pradeep More and Joint GS Jaising Kale. These 4 persons will present a lecture. Maharashtra’s sports association MSDC President Mr Irshad Khan – sign name – will attend the event. Mr Ashok More – sign name – is the VP of MSDC and AISCD. Their General Secretary Mr Gopal Birare – sign name – and Deputy General Secretary Mr Chetan Joshi – sign name – will attend the event to give presentations. Mr Bismila Shah is the President of a government employee association will also attend the event. During the entire day there are many activities. In the morning when people arrive they will have to complete the registration. Tea will be served for breakfast, opening ceremony will be held, Lunch will be served, there will be presentations and prizes will be given as well. A matrimonial programme to find partners will also be held. Lucky Draw will be held throughout the day. There are two ways in which you can pay to attend the event. If the person is not a member of the association they will have to pay Rs 500. If such a person wants to bring along their parents to meet prospective marriage partners, they will have to pay Rs 350. If a relative wants to tag along with the parents, they will have to pay Rs 350 as well. An individual who is a member of the association has to pay Rs 400. They want to get any of their relative along, they will have to pay Rs 350. Children between the ages of 5-12 will have to pay Rs 250. Are you excited to showcase your dance and drama skills? You can participate in the competition by paying Rs 50. Now that I have given you all the details, if you pay after 5th February, you will be charged an extra Rs 50. the payment can be made to the association’s Treasurer Gaurav Shelar – sign name. Please have a look at how you can contact him to ask about payment details. You all should attend the programme and socialise with new Deaf individuals. Also Kolhapur is a beautiful tourist destination. Have look at these images.

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