Spicy Braised Seafood / Fantastic Dinner Eating show / 해물찜과 아구찜 /가족 먹방

hello, friend. we are fantastic family today, the food we will eat is Spicy Braised Seafood the food we will eat contains several seafood that is steamed scallops, mussels, octopus, squid, shrimp, crab, anglerfish. fish roe anglerfish is my favorite food This looks very plump. I think it would be best. The one that looks like a noodles from here it is fish offal There is also shrimp here. that’s right bon appetite thank you for the food of today i will eat crab, first i wll eat angler fish first angry fish? no, this is angler fish Who will help cutting some crabs? i can do it It feels like eating ramen noodles. this is Riceballs with Dried Seaweed This is really good. pyori loves fish offal. give me too i will ate all offal I will give you my food with delicious sauce Let’s mix for seasoning. pyori, try it~ please , try this shrimp ok Let’s have a great Fan Mussel shell. There is a tremendous something in this. baby, look at this it is super size show me please wow great The contents inside are larger than the shells of other shells. just like the size of daddy fist! it looks like octopus right. It is like an octopus. let’s eat together This is a delicious part i will help you who do you want to eat this? it is delicious part , is there nobody? how is it? It’s really yummy. is it?? it is the adductor muscle of shellfish Give me one more please. After a while, I will give the rest. try this adductor muscle sarang said it is so delicious really yummy that’s right Cut it in your mouth and eat it. good! I was surprised to have a taste. Did you put all that big thing in your one bite? Was it so delicious? What is the best taste? I LOVE… i love fish offals sarang? i love I love the adductor muscle You are a gourmet. She is completely different from me. dad, what do you like best? i love angler fish mom, Do you like fish offal just like me? By the way, is the fish offal a little spicy? right There are more fish offal here. Please tell me if you want to eat squid. let’s eat the rest fan-mussel shell can you see this? yes Show it to viewers. i want to eat the adductor muscle me too show it The last part is the most delicious. please give me There are still many rice balls in the other team. i love rice ball How about you? i love too This is even more delicious why the mother made it. I saw what my mom had done before. wow, It is my favorite part. that’s right Give it to my sister first. your sister first? ok what is it? Is it softer than you ate before? this is the adductor muscle of scallop shells. give me too The scallop is softer than the Fan Mussel shell, woops , your sister is taking it all. I will make another one. please hurry up this is yours. sarang it’s mine~~ The crab should be eaten at the end. It is delicious. Sister, eat fast, I’ll give you one more. sarang, please give me what do you want? i want this just a moment pyori, try this Here is what your sister gave you again, she is so kind. it is my mother gave me. ok. eat it also my sister is my mom, from now on eat this all, sister wow You are very good at making concessions. our children did not eat shellfish flesh, only eats what he likes the adductor muscle Then I will eat the rest. please, stop moving!!! here is remaining adductor muscle of shell I did not know you saw it. I’m sorry. stop one more!! Here’s another one. I saw it, but dad tried to eat it. Is it certain that only the the flesh of a shellfish remains? ok i will eat now stop one more try this we should also feed our dad with something delicious. so kind , thank you here is squid, i will try this I also have squid legs in my mouth. what’s matter? little spicy very delicious~~~ is it? i love it~ crab~ where are you~~?? please, find crab here is Your sister just gave it to you. Here too, wow, it is big size~ try small one first it looks like delicious let’s eating is it delicious? kiss me~ suddenly? do you want spicy kiss? sure~ i am so happy If I say kiss, you should do it soon, you did not. sorry kiss me again! rice ball is bleeding. more bleeding this is sea of blood we had a joyful meal~ bye bye

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  1. 아니이게뭐야 비주얼대박이네요 와… 가족과함께 옹기종기 먹방하는거 너무좋아보여요ㅎㅎㅎ 저희도 해물찜먹었는데 판타스틱님 먹방보니까 또 먹고싶어짐 세상에

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