SpongeBob Squarepants Party Ideas

Donnie’s favorite thing in the world these days it’s SpongeBob SquarePants when his fifth birthday rolled around I knew just what to do we wanted Donnie’s friends to know that they were coming ashore to a whale of a good party so we customized spongebob invitations and sent them off with a few seaworthy surprises to give them a taste of how totally nautical the party would be Donnie and his friends love to be super silly so I knew the party had to spark their imagination after all anything can happen in SpongeBob’s world I wanted to capture my birthday boys attention right away so I had this banner made-up Party City just for Donnie the rest was like a fresh ocean breeze first I put up the scene setter what a great way to bring the party to life with spongebob Patrick and Sandy being so silly I knew that everyone would follow suit add some splash I hung some of these really neat hanging swirls with Donnie’s favorite bikini bottom friends then filled the rest of the room with balloons and paper fans it was pure nautical nonsense check out the way the balloons are everywhere and who’s that hiding in the kelp a giant spongebob balloon I told everyone that we dive right into action and I found just the thing guess everyone’s going overboard there are so many affordable spongebob favors to choose from at Party City I was able to put together pails full of ocean surprises all hands on deck they took no time at all putting these to you I told everyone it was own 19 hours and time to get shrimp Lee silly with a special spongebob game Party City had this spongebob party game everyone got a wristband for sailing these seas blindfolded this went over swimmingly after that it was time I fed Donny’s crew so I showed the birthday gang to bikini babes best buffet I couldn’t resist all the hilarious spongebob decorations I found and I don’t mean your regular kind of landlubber party stuff they had spongebob everything I wanted to do something a little different this time around so I set up a ship shaped buffet and when I saw how easy it would be to make them spongebob cupcakes were a perfect fit it was obvious at every one of these Bikini Bottom buddy wasn’t whomped with nickey treasures they found around the table so I knew the last activity of the day would put more wind in their sails land ho glad I bought those spongebob pails it was the best party Donny’s ever had into all of his little buddies were floating when a day ended thank you so much party city that was officially a whale of a party

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  1. Sorry Hope, unfortunately we don't have anything Moshi Monsters themed. But we do have a wide variety of other party themes, visit our website to check them out!

  2. Great theme choice, we can't wait for you to come in! We have everything Monster High to make your party freaky fabulous 🙂

  3. How exciting! We sell this Sponge Bob banner and we can personalize it to say whatever you want. Stop by your local Party City to see how you can get one printed for your own bday bash!

  4. a fun game u could do is jelly fishing to make them u get the small water ballons than add colorful strips of paper on the bottom and hunt them

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  6. Why are they frontin as if they are not using the same house I've seen the same house in previous videos come on you're not fooling anybody Party City and I seen some of the same moms in the same videos

  7. This was my 9th bday 💛 5 years ago 😉 it was awesome!!! I’m now 14, always been one of the biggest spongebob fangirls

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