“SpongeBob’s Big Birthday Blowout” 🎈 Animatic #2 | SpongeBob SquarePants

– The Trusty Slab? Sounds familiar. (upbeat whimsical music) (crowd clamoring) – Whew! Sorry for the detour, folks. Now back to de-tour! – Ooh! They grow them
big up here, SpongeBob! Oh, come here. (Patrick slurping) Ooh. – Let’s watch these hungry beach giraffes as they struggle to communicate. – No! No, wait! Uh, I’ll have the–uh… – Sir, could you please order something? There are a lot of people waiting here. Some of us have lives. – Oh. Don’t rush me, I
almost had it, the-uh… – That guy’s so dumb! – Where in tarnation is my lunch? The service here is slower
than a three-legged dog in molasses! – Oh! My customers!
Alright, all right, alright. What’s the hold up here, Mr. Manward? – How should I know? Go ask
your persnickety fry cook. Between him and this other idiot, we’re not going to make it
through the lunch rush alive! – Well I’ll just see about that. (register dings) You’ll be having the
number three, with cheese. – Alright, troops! Prepare to be deployed! (shouting) – Giant patties! (chuckling) – Ooh, I just gotta get a closer look at that glorious spatu-LAH! Mm hm! – Oops, forgot the cheese. – Oh! Patrick help! (SpongeBob mumbling) – I’m coming, buddy! (dramatic music) (SpongeBob gasping loudly) – Never get out of the bus, Patrick. Never get out of the bus! – Who’s hungry? (passengers exclaiming) – Amazing! Lunchtime, everybody! – Where’s the meat? Dag-nabbit! That’s it! I’ taking
my business elsewhere! – You’re not going
anywhere, sister! Sit down! And everybody freeze, This is a robbery! Slabs! Show yourself. – You can only have my cash register over my cold, lifeless cell! – Nobody wants your
stupid money! Hand over the Slabby Patty secret sauce recipe and nobody gets vaporized, see?! (robber laughing maniacally) You all have until the count of three! One, and two– That’s enough! – You’re welcome! (tourists sighing) – She chopped him real good! – Fear not, gentle customers,
this is not a robber. This is my lame competition from across the street, Charleston! – What gave me away, my voice? – No, your knit cap has one eye hole. – Foiled by a hand crocheted gift! Mark my words, Slabs, maybe not today but oh, someday that secret
sauce recipe will be mine! – Nice try, weirdo. (Charleston yelping) – Where am I? – Well, feeding time is
over. Hang on, everybody! – My Potty needs to use your potty. – Sorry, no. – Sorry, Potty, you’ll
have to hold it. Come on! – Easy for you to say! – Oh, excuse me, sir. Pardon me! – That was delicious. I love surface food. – You missed a spot! – Thanks.

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