SPY NINJA DAX is a Project Zorgo Hacker?! We Compete in Fun Challenges to Find Friend’s Memory!

what is up spine in just we are waiting
for feet and Brigitte okay what happened I don’t know if he’s a project so
remember or not we did see if he’s a member put the neural contagion system
on him look yeah so we don’t know if projects are was controlling his brain
or not well why’d you bring him here Dexter you okay buddy I heard he’s a spy
ninja now yeah we we had some tryouts me we were looking for some new spy ninjas
cuz we thought someone betrayed us watch this guy’s my packages package
yeah the packages he sounds like a robot what the heck let you know so maybe if
we were surrounding with like familiar things like boxes oh job more of his
memory back yeah I hate jogging how we happen to you – remember the last we saw
in Project Soros done starred in it Ben stars whoa beautiful you don’t remember
our Mouse Dex who are you Jax I got a challenge for you yeah whoever beats me
in this challenge gets some secrets hahaha bigger than all what did after I
think so he would know we got again the safe to destroy projects are go we have
to be him at this challenge we can get into that safe let’s do this thanks do
you recognize this boxes the practically your friends boxes yeah
let’s do at the box flip challenge good girl hey let’s see who can build the
tallest box like this okay so there’s one Bob so now you’ve got to put one on
top of that by flipping it huh well Jesus can beat alright see if you can do
3 V V it fell already so you got two so far ha ha yeah let’s see how well we can
get reduced yeah if you think you’re so good let’s see it ok first box second
box yeah that’s cool box number four Regina
got three boxes hi Daniel you think you can beat that does it even have to be
asked of course let’s do it all he’s gonna tie a shoe first dangerous box
game I’m gonna get a nice fresh one never been used before
oh okay then no it’s not but I don’t know if three is good enough Regina Dax
is the expert package handler you know like you might be able to beat three
it’s time to flip these pet boxes just why all of our boxes that arrived up
come damaged he has to take that up with customer service okay my turn
box number one number two hey I tied with you Regina
and we both beat dad that means you’re gonna give us one of those juicy secret
projects or know that you know ya projects or go they were doing a lot of
dumb stuff to me like they put that thing on my head you we already know
that information Dex they also put me through different other little thingies
do they play this game help jog your memory at all yeah it was so fun to feel
the cardboard it with my fingers skin I don’t know if my mind is foggy or if oh
god the room with spa instead wait huh Regina remember what happened to you
what I in a room filled with fog yeah I remember to document it here’s my
flashback story to start make more sense now let’s play more challenges to jog
his memory yes I hate cardio spine in shuttle
welcome back that was not the secret we wanted we want the passport to the same
so we just gotta keep playing these challenges we had a jog his memory
Jax I’ve got the next challenge for you it is called get your buddy wet
challenge one of these three boxes will contain your buddy
you will take this bucket of water and dump it and if you get your buddy wet
you are the winner who wants to go first Daniel oh I keep getting wet lately but
sure jump in a box Danielle we won’t take a look and see which box you jump
into any volunteers which one you gonna choose okay Danny Boy I’m coming for you oh my
gosh Doc’s don’t look you’re cheating Doc’s don’t look don’t look
are you ready to go Regina I’m ready to go oh my gosh Dan’s gonna get thought I
heard you say box number one Oh scared I thought you meant this is number one Oh
depends on how you look at it Daniel your time Ferber Ben oh yeah okay Daniel
it’s your turn to get revenge on Regina too much box you’re gonna pick I have no
idea yet I’m gonna try to get closer and smell her aroma through the boxes what
do you think chicken nuggets box which box you gonna pick one two or three I’m
just gonna go for two okay if you pick the right box does that mean you win
and that means Dex the reveal a secret about parties are go yes okay Daniel
Regina is in one of these boxes hey Regina you in there I don’t hear
anything I’m gonna go for a box number two no
good reason for it here we go I’m sorry Regina no hard feelings but
you got a play to win the game I can smell the chicken nuggets I told you I
don’t smell like chicken nugget Oh maybe a little all right the next contestant
should be shad and dak I am the host of this game started to go and I don’t read
water so as my choice you’re the host with the most V with the mostest that’s
you go first you get in a box okay you’re Dax she’s been likely you might
be in the Box twitching and making noise let’s get some what time in the bucket
get rid of Dax cuz you are gonna get wet just to make sure okay good number one
number two number three am I freaking you out yet Dax because I am gonna pick
number three two he’s daddy number two he’s a number one projects yes cool oh you lost your hat
there okay man that’s one way to get your heart it’s really scary
haha okay Jax which box are you gonna choose one two or three three yeah
since chad is extra tall I think I need some extra put my water in it cuz you’re
gonna get I handled a lot of packages in my time I said wow I hope at least that
this game charged your memory and now you remember maybe a passcode first
thing yeah I remember three numbers what was 1 2 & 3 they put me in like these
different brews and one number was 3 which had a spinny chair device yeah
that’s me yeah projects are gonna put me in a
spinny chair to Dax or V did somebody did it was for like getting information
out of me it was like will keep spinning you around unless you tell us secrets
you know what wait a minute doctor knows the address of the safe house
he was this project sir ago when you were in the chair you told tragic saga
where we live oh yeah I did it I didn’t hear you left me alone with projects or
go I’ll just show you what happened it’s okay a spine inch of her life better
correspondent of Santos is all Ralph we’re gonna spin the truth out of you
what are you talking about dude that sounds like he’d have not wanted before
and that was to be Mayer having fun yeah it was tons of excitement they kept
asking me all these questions and stuff so didn’t work on you does that mean big
face yeah I am spine in gel right yeah into gritty play integrity yep you got
it yeah that’s not one of the three treats
but close enough yeah is do you know what another spy ninja tech tenant is
what’s up brah very robbery ah hmm I know we should do for the last
challenge what let’s go use bravery in a sentence bra very good that’s very right
bra we’re gonna do what’s in the box challenge
needs to have enough bra very to put your hands in there and find out what
you’re touching oh yeah in the box whoa Chad vs. me are you ready spine in
just to see what’s in the package that’s Lee have you ever seen one of this oh yeah I don’t think I’ve ever known one
of those things exist I’m really worried now all right
let’s closer to the bag oh it’s B’s hand that’s cute but that’s not the item what
is this I can’t oh oh it’s a coconut now like it might be a coconut but it’s not
like round I feel like a coconut would be round but it doesn’t hairy like a
coconut then that means you guys are match made in heaven but I was the one
that goes first if I’m right you just drive you cocoa nut sometimes haha wait
so Daniel of Regina you guys have never seen a coconut in real life the coconuts
and the Philippines are green I understand the thing
well everybody this is called the coconut now you know mmm you don’t have
to be like Daniel and Regina hey what is Dex putting in the box put
your head up here you already know the deal just you know figure it out let’s
Vanna White this beautiful V oh that looks pretty fun not gonna give any
clues yeah mister I don’t want it to be alive what if I sneak do you think me
anything it’s gonna be some fun reactions are you guys ready let’s just do it
ready you can do it you got this Regina it’s like disappearing it goes away
after a while goes away like I had a big chunk of it
and it disappeared I think it’s a raw chicken
interesting interesting I think I know what it is
whoever gets the first row up ready jell-o jell-o jell-o whoa interest okay
go ahead and look at your dirty like she must have like eyes painted on
her finger skins I thought it looked like a squid or something that’s you
made this jell-o jell-o takes a lot of work yeah I made it to the grocery store
to buy it like that are you guys worried yes no cuz I hope it’s not something
weird like that coconut thing open your eyes guys it’s time for the next
challenge let’s check it out alright you ready yes very interesting what do you
think it’s a big boy like me it’s me my twin you love it talk to the hand
you know the hand should actually be busy trying to figure out what’s in the
box go ahead and reach in here we go whoa like a donut in a way no like oh I know
what it is it’s a dog bones I can’t break it really
it’s got my sharp I can take along some of it if I try hard enough oh this is
like what um Bam Bam Bam Bam what’s this all the vitamins they make
delicious he has it 100% oh okay so the winner of this round is
gonna have two wins in a row that means they’re gonna be the big winner I beat
you last round it was just Regina I think this one’s available are
disgusting and gross than jelly yes oh all right you guys could open your eyes
they were already open would you just take a look at that
I mean don’t okay you guys ready 3 2 1 go oh it’s good just touch it it feels
like a lot meat or something there’s a bowl oh wait feels creamy feels like
Mexican food wakka moly baby no no I think it’s not popping I know cuacamole
no cottage cheese no cottage cheese is more like chunks and pieces and this
plane is like whipped cream with things in it like trying to go like really
inside part of the bowl right here is this meat is this bone what oh wait it’s
a cream pie a sort of pie it is a pumpkin pie pumpkin pie no but
you’re on the right side you’re right it has a crust London meringue pie cream
pie Boston cream actually I don’t remember did you look on the box and see what it
is I threw that old box and put in this new line no but I can tell what it is
taste it and see if it changes your mind oh it’s I don’t know it looks like a
cream pie to me banana cream pie you smell it I was trying to help you smell
it Vegeta why’d you do that but it you got to get it up in your nose no muss I
think it’s just actually banana cream pie high five everybody I was joking Dax you splattering
everywhere this is so fun guys is this what being a spy ninjas all about oh
well actually biggest by ninjas a lot of work it’s really tough I’ve been through
a lot in the past week I don’t think I have what it takes anymore because you
realize how difficult it is I had to deal with Oh Fox’s classroom
I feel the projects or NGO members I got kidnapped from my first time I got tased
and I had all this stuff done to me what are you trying to say there I’m gonna
give up my position as a spy ninja to be that is so nice of you dad you don’t
have to give it up I’m the original sign-in just so you’re not giving
anything up V we’d like to walk on your back in this by ninjas now that Dax has
really Krista’s position I’ve been back I never left kind of I mean yeah you did
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