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Hey everyone Today I’m showing you how to
make a squash scrapbook card. Start with three squares of same size. (Mine are 15cm X 15cm). Take one square, and fold in half , horizontally
and then vertically. Open and flip it over and make a diagonal
fold. Now if you fold the diagonal creases inwards
, you should have something like this. Do the same with the other two squares as
well. Now you arrange these so that the first one
opens upwards , the second one opens downwards and the last one upwards. Simple. Make sure that the diagonal crease is vertical. Now glue these overlapping squares. And carefully fold them along the creases
like this. And that makes your squash card! And you can decorate it just the way you like
it! Like I cut out triangles from decorative paper
and glued them on my card. You can also write text and add pictures! That is your Squash Card! I hope you liked it. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up
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