SRF Centennial Inaugural Celebration With Brother Chidananda

Loving greetings and pranams. This is a joyous and auspicious occasion. We are celebrating the beginning of a new year. We’re celebrating the beginning of a new decade, and for Self-Realization Fellowship the beginning of a new century. So, joy and blessings to all of you who are joining us from around the world via the livestream video. We, the monks and nuns here at the International Headquarters, have just finished a wonderfully joyous devotional procession around the grounds of Mount Washington. That’s the tradition. That’s the custom that we observe in India for celebrating our Guru’s birthday. And as part of that procession this image of our Guru was on a palanquin and carried reverently throughout the grounds as all the monks and nuns were chanting Jai Guru and Joy Joy Joy. And now the image has been brought here to be placed on the altar for our inaugural ceremony. This sacred oil lamp, this deep, which has been placed next to Guruji’s picture – think of this and realize that this represents the light of divine wisdom and realization that he has brought for each one of us and for also for all the world. And this incense that I am now lighting, this signifies our devotion, our reverence for the love, the blessings, the divine teachings and divine help with which he continually infuses our life. Now with a heart full of reverence and devotion let us open our observance of the centennial anniversary of Self-Realization Fellowship on this sacred day of our Guru’s birth anniversary by praying together. Heavenly Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved God, Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, our revered Gurudev, Paramahansa Yogananda, saints of all religions, we bow to you all. Beloved Gurudev, may the wisdom and grace and blessings of God, of the Infinite Spirit, flow to us through your Cosmic Consciousness, through your samadhi, through your ever-living Presence blessing and changing us. May the divine and unconditional love of God flow through the open portal of your universal heart blessing and uplifting us, blessing and uplifting all the world, awakening us, awakening in all souls a new realization of our infinite potentials, of our innate divinity. Guru, image of Brahma, deliver us from delusion. May the example of your life and your divine teachings and our own individual efforts to exemplify those teachings be an unending source of blessing on our lives, on all whom we come in contact with, and on the whole world. In that spirit, O God and Gurus, we inaugurate the Centennial Celebration of the founding of Self-Realization Fellowship. Bless us all. Bless our world. Joy. Joy. Joy. Light, Peace, Divine Love to all the world. Aum. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. Aum. Peace. Amen. Please be seated. Dear devotees and friends around the world. It’s such a joy to have you join in with us here in this sacred chapel at the Mother Center at the International Headquarters blessed for so many years by the the presence and the light and the inspiration of our blessed Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. What more fitting way could there be to not only celebrate the anniversary of his birthday, which is always every year such a divinely infused and inspirational event for all of his spiritual family around the world, but even more so in this very special year when we are – on this sacred anniversary of his birth – also inaugurating and celebrating the centennial anniversary of the divine dispensation that he brought at God’s behest for all of us and for all the world. Let us spend a few moments now, we’ll chant “Guru, Image of Brahma, Deliver Us From Delusion,” and then we’ll have a period of meditation together. The beautiful words of the chant, “Think ye in thy heart of the lotus feet of thy Guru.” Feel his living presence right within the heart, right within the soul. Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, If you want to cross the ocean of delusion. If you want to cross the ocean of delusion. Shaming the white lotus in purity, Shaming the white lotus in purity, Beyond all duality, Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, If you want to cross the ocean of delusion. If you want to cross the ocean of delusion. Shaming the white lotus in purity, Shaming the white lotus in purity, Beyond all duality, Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, If you want to cross the ocean of delusion. If you want to cross the ocean of delusion. Shaming the white lotus in purity, Shaming the white lotus in purity, Beyond all duality, Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, If you want to cross the ocean of delusion, If you want to cross the ocean of delusion, Shaming the white lotus in purity, Shaming the white lotus in purity, beyond all duality, Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Guru, image of Brahma, Deliver us from delusion! Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru, Think ye in thy heart, Lotus feet of thy Guru. Aum. Peace. Amen. I can’t think of a more fitting way, auspicious way, to begin this centennial year of Self-Realization Fellowship than just as we have just done, to have even a few moments of silence, of stillness, of diving deep within that divine presence and to know that as we did so all of you who are joining us from all around the world, from all the countries, all the time zones, India, Europe, South America, Australia, North America, all over the United States, that we are united in the practice of that divine communion that truly is the meaning of Self-Realization Fellowship, truly the meaning of the life and teachings and message that our Gurudev Paramahansa Yogananda brought to all of us. I wanted to say also, I had mentioned earlier about this devotional procession that the monks and nuns had before this gathering here where we walked with Gurudev’s image on the palanquin around the grounds. That will be available for all of you to participate in by video as soon as we are able to post it. So we look forward to having that work to share with all of you. So as I mentioned, here we are – the beginning of a new year, beginning of a new decade, beginning of a new century for SRF. And I would like to ask all of us, let’s use the energy, use the enthusiasm, the spirit of that new beginning to infuse us with new faith, with new courage, with new determination in our ability to change – a new faith and determination to claim and realize our divine destiny and to believe that with the power of these teachings, with the power of meditation and the blessings of the Guru and the Paramgurus we can change our lives. We can make them divine. Think of it. We look back on these hundred years of Self-Realization Fellowship just to think that what Paramahansa Yogananda brought to the West one hundred years ago. This is perhaps one of the greatest gifts ever given to humanity – India’s ancient science of yoga meditation, the science of the soul, the science of God-realization, the science of knowing the self and experiencing what we really are – divine souls with infinite potentials. What a gift for humanity that we’re celebrating today. You know one hundred years ago when he arrived here in the West he came to bring that sacred science of meditation from India’s ancient spiritual legacy, ancient, millennials old traditions of spiritual seeking, of spiritual realization. But he arrived here in the West. He had no friends. He knew nobody. He was alone. And yet he was infused. He was enlivened. He was energized and propelled you might say with that consciousness of what God, what the Great Ones of India were intending to give to the world and ultimately to all of us through these teachings, through these techniques of the Kriya Yoga science. And as his Guru blessed him before he embarked for America he looked at him and he said, “Everywhere you go, even in a wilderness, you will find friends.” And so, as we all know, that love, that joy, that infectious enthusiasm that radiated from his being, from his person – it wasn’t long before he began to encounter those first early stalwart disciples and gradually that nucleus, that core of disciples, formed around him and became those friends of his soul, became those eager practitioners of this science of the soul of Kriya Yoga. And gradually as those soul friends, as those early disciples expanded into further and further circles of contact with Paramahansaji as he traveled around the country, gradually those divine friends grew into the worldwide organization that is Self-Realization Fellowship today. You know, as I said in my New Year’s message to all of you, each one of you, each one of you is part of that growth. Each one of you is part of that divine story, that divine drama. Every time I think of the beautiful spiritual family of Paramahansa Yogananda spread all over the world, I see each of you as those shining jewels that he spoke of in his ‘Autobiography Of A Yogi,’ scattered over the earth, radiating by your sincerity, by your dedication, by your focus, by your determination radiating a new light of divine awakening for all the world, helping this dispensation that he brought to gather force, to gather power, and to further that divine mission that Paramahansaji was sent to the West to accomplish – to bring to the world, to bring to people of all faiths, of all nationalities, of all cultures, the entire human family, to bring to them the key to that divine realization, that key to the kingdom of heaven. And all over the world, from all over the world I’ve seen, I’ve enjoyed meeting with, devotees of this path who have been practicing these teachings, especially the techniques of meditation, who have made this their daily spiritual discipline, their sadhana, their daily life. And I see what is done to their life. You see after ten, twenty, thirty, forty years or more these are the devotees that make up today this vast family of Self-Realization Fellowship. And you see in their eyes, you see in their faces, you feel radiating from their beings that divine light, that divine joy, that positivity of spirit, that realization of what it truly means to live in this world in the consciousness of the soul, in the consciousness of the spirit. That’s the promise, that the practical spirituality that our Guru brought in the teachings of Self-Realization Fellowship, in the teachings of Kriya Yoga. That’s the practical promise that can be fulfilled. You know, it’s really appropriate that today on Guruji’s birthday that we’re celebrating the anniversary of his worldwide mission on his birthday because really if you think about it, that mission began, actually on the day of his birth, or to be even more accurate, before his actual birth. Let me share with you a couple of stories that he told when he was – over the years different times he would reminisce about the beginnings of his work – and it’s appropriate for us to listen and enjoy these as we look back over these hundred years. One time he said this. He said, “My memory goes back even earlier than my birth. Even earlier than my birth I was conscious in my mother’s womb feeling the movements in her body, aware of my own helpless state. Occasionally the darkness of the womb would be dispelled and angels and light would visit me.” And he said, “When I was born, on one side I wanted to express myself as a human being, and yet, on the other side, I didn’t want to because I felt that I was Spirit.” He said, “From my very birth I was conscious that my life was to be dedicated to God.” Another time he said this – he told the story. He said, “The course of my life was known to me when I was very small. The desire to travel, the desire to help people, such predispositions were very strong in me, yet constrained because I was locked in the body of a child.” You know, stop for a moment and just think. First of all, it must have seemed like a long twenty-seven years before he was asked to embark on this international work to travel from India to the West. He said he was ready from day one, but he felt constrained in the body of that little child. So he said, “There was the perception also, even from that time, there was the perception that I was to be in large places where crowds of people would come to me. Visions of these future events frequently came to me, and when I heard the word Guru, it frightened me because I knew what that responsibility meant.” Another time he said one day he was at play outside and he said his Mother called him. “Mother called me to eat, and then responding to her summons, I was walking past a pond of water where there was somebody there who was talking about America. At once a vision of what was to be came before my eyes and I confidently announced ‘I will go to America someday.’ ” And of course he did, one hundred years ago this year. It’s really inspiring, it’s very encouraging and heartening to look back on these hundred years of his SRF mission, his SRF work, the history of that work. And we, of course, we immediately think of the obvious accomplishments and legacies that are there for all of us to enjoy, for all the world to benefit by. We have the beautiful ashrams and temples and retreats and meditation centers. We have these special places of pilgrimage where he spent so much of his life infusing them with his divine consciousness, making them places of pilgrimage. These are part of the ongoing legacy of the history of Self-Realization Fellowship. We have not only that, we have the epoch-making SRF and YSS Lessons that give us the techniques of the Kriya Yoga science. That was the first time, when they were in those lessons, the first time that that ancient science of Kriya Yoga was made available for the whole world at large. And not only the lessons but the voluminous and profound and uplifting and life-changing scriptural commentaries and the other volumes of his talks and writings. All of this, all of this is the legacy that he left of his liberating teachings for all of us and for all of humanity. So we look back on that with gratitude. We look back on that with inspiration. And yet today, this year, this celebration I would say it’s only partly about looking back. Yes, we honor, we look back with gratitude, we reinforce the consciousness of what we have been given. But more than that it’s a time to look forward, a time to look forward to the further unfolding, the ongoing divine dispensation of light and grace and wisdom and realization and liberation that his Self-Realization Fellowship worldwide work is destined to bestow upon the world. There’s no question that the world today is in a dire situation. Everywhere we look there’s uncertainty, insecurity. There’s the threat of war, threats of disaster, threats to the well-being and equanimity and basic livelihood of so many millions of souls around the world, an erosion of the basic fabric of civility, of kindness, of harmony, of understanding and mutual regard that even holds society together. You know these things – these things are very real and these things are today a source of insecurity for millions around the world including those of us on this path of Self-Realization Fellowship, including those of us who, even knowing that there is a diviner purpose to life, a diviner refuge, a diviner source of strength and power. And in the face of all of these challenges, in the face of the temporary, temporary darkness that the world will have to go through and is going through our Master’s message was one. It was this. It was never give in to fear. Never give in to a consciousness of vunerability. Cast out all fear. And instead, he said, focus. Let us focus on the constructive actions, the constructive steps that we can take to ensure a better future. For that better future, he promised us, will surely come. It will come. Positively it will come. This is one of the greatest points that we can emphasize as we think upon the one hundred years of Self-Realization Fellowship and the many more years, decades, and centuries that this work will go on. Focus on the constructive actions. Focus on the positive because by doing that we’re doing our part to counteract all of that temporary drags, you might say, on the upward ascending consciousness of humanity. I wanted to share today some words that our beloved past president, Sri Daya Mata, said about this. And those of you, all of you know, of course, what a tremendous seminal role she played in the history of Self-Realization Fellowship in these past one hundred years. She and those other early disciples who came here and gave their lives decade after decade to living and serving and exemplifying what our Guru brought. So one time, this was just a few – a couple – of years before her passing, our beloved Ma was writing to the worldwide family of SRF. And I wanted to share what she said on this occasion because it’s so pertinent to what we’ve been talking about. She said this. She said, “Every now and then read the aims and ideals that Guruji set forth for his world mission for they depict the future of the world.” Read those aims and ideals. They’re printed in every SRF publication, every book. You all know them. You all have been living by them. You all were drawn to this path because of their nobility, because of the promise, the hope, the enthusiasm that they rouse in each of us. So she said, “Read those aims and ideals for they depict the future of the world. Yes, Guruji intended them as goals for his organization, but do you think that Master would have articulated them as such if God and the Great Ones behind this work had not definitely shown him that these were to come to pass as we move into the coming higher age.” And Ma said, “Even in the relatively short period since Guruji’s lifetime we have seen significant progress. And, as all of us do our part in furthering these ideals, here is what we’ll see increasingly.” And then she listed – this was very inspiring – she listed the progress. She listed some of the points of spiritual evolution and improvement that she, out of her realization and echoing the vision that was implanted in our Guru by God, by his Paramgurus, she was echoing that vision of what was to come in the decades, in the centuries ahead of us. She said, “First of all we’ll see more and more the spread among all nations of the harmonizing uplifting yoga science of meditation, as Guruji said, definite scientific techniques for attaining direct personal experience of God.” “Not only that,” she said, “we’ll see – we can look forward to – the diminishing of divisiveness between warring religions as humanity realizes the common scientific foundation of all true religions.” This was the promise. This was the legacy that Guruji set in motion when he founded this work one hundred years ago. “And not only that,” she said, “but a return to this ideal that Guruji loved so much, the ideal of plain living and high thinking and a spirit ( coughing – Excuse me) a spirit of unselfish service and brotherhood among all peoples as they realize, encouraged and reinforced by the practice of meditation, as they realize, the eternal basis of the unity of the human family – oneness with God, kinship with God.” And she said, “Then we’ll also see this. We will see, as Guruji said and as he embodied in those aims and ideals, we’ll see an increase in the scientific and practical understanding of the superiority of mind over body and of soul over mind. And correspondingly, we will see a great progress in healing the threefold suffering of humankind – physical disease, mental inharmonies, and spiritual ignorance.” And she said, “We will also see,” and this is so beautiful, “we will see the dawning and the growth and the progress of an ideally balanced global culture that combines the spiritual wisdom of the East and the material progressiveness and prosperity that’s been developed in the Western countries, creating a sustainable and harmonious planetary civilization.” And then our beloved Ma, she ended this overview, this recapping of the vision, and she said, “Doesn’t this vision fill your heart with enthusiasm and a resolve to live by the ideals taught in Guruji’s lessons and books?” She said, “By doing so you bring your life in tune with the divine protection and you hasten your own evolution and simultaneously contribute to the evolution of all humanity.” So, as I said, today and this year as we celebrate the hundred years of Self-Realization Fellowship let it be primarily a looking forward. Let it be primarily a rededicating, a rekindling of the enthusiasm, the resolve, the divine hope, the divine confidence, the divine sense of security that we feel when we reflect on what our Guru brought in these SRF teachings what this divine dispensation, the special dispensation of the light of Kriya Yoga, the techniques of Kriya Yoga and the teachings of the SRF way of life promise for each of us and for all the world. It isn’t something that will happen without the willing participation, the willing embrace of that responsibility by each member of the SRF YSS family. Now Guruji said this. He said, “Remember you are SRF.” There was a wonderful story that one of the early disciples told. Let me share this with you again today. This was in the final years, the last years of our Guru’s life when he was – not the literal final years when he was out in the desert mostly – but in the years in Encinitas and the Hermitage there in the ashram center that he founded there he had many young disciples that were drawn to the path. Some boys and girls, sometimes with their families, with their mothers and fathers, living there in the ashram, young ones, they were going to the local school there continuing their high school education. Our revered Mrinalini Mata was one of them, Uma Mata, Sister Parvati, other disciples from that era. And one time one of them was talking to Guruji. They had come back from their day at school and they were just sharing with him some of the events of the school day – just as you would share with your Mother or Father when you come back and telling them, Well, what did you do at school today? and one of them, one of these young disciples in the course of telling Guruji about that, said to this, “and then I told my teacher that I belong to SRF.” And Guruji stopped her right there and said, “No. You don’t belong to SRF. You are SRF.” Same is true for each one of us. Same is true for each one of us. Don’t ever think of just belonging to an organization or a religious path or a church or a sangam. Don’t ever think of that. Think of this as “This is my own. This is my life.” Make it your own. Make it your own. Guruji said, “This work marches on in all lands. You do your part. Spread the work through your own lips, through your own devotion, through your own actions.” “The best way,” he said, “the best way to spread the work is to manifest in your own life God’s message which the Great Ones have sent. Meditate deeply. Practice your Kriya and be engrossed in the Divine. Study the lessons and be one with them. Under all circumstances be steeped in God.” As our beloved Ma said, “Doesn’t that vision just infuse us with enthusiasm? Doesn’t that rekindle everything that was attractive to us when we first heard about these teachings, when we first heard about this path? And now looking back over not only the one hundred years of SRF history, but looking back over our own lives and feeling, feeling how far we have come and feeling the value of what we’ve been given. Let us especially make that resolution today at the beginning of this new year, at the beginning of this celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Self-Realization Fellowship. Let us begin anew to put these into practice. Remember, you are SRF. And remember, too, Guru is always here for us. Guru is always here for us. He said this. He said, “My body shall pass but my work shall go on and my spirit shall live on. Even when I am taken away I shall work with you all for the deliverance of the world with the message of God.” And he went on and said, “So I am with you in every way. My body is nothing. Whether I am in the body or not still to those who will be in tune I shall stoop down from heaven and make them realize the love of my Father. To those who will be in tune I shall stoop down from heaven to make them realize the love of my Father.” Now all of you know, all of you have heard especially in this past year in which we have joyously celebrated the release and the dissemination of the new edition of the SRF lessons – all of you know, how Paramahansaji said, “When I am gone the teachings will be the Guru.” And most important point about that, he said, “Through the SRF teachings you will be in tune with me and the Great Gurus who sent me.” That is such an integral part, such a vital part of the future that we can all envision for our lives as part of Self-Realization Fellowship, for our lives as awakening divine devotees destined to reflect that all of those divine qualities that our world is so much in need of today. Let each of our lives glow with that light. Let each of our lives glow with that love, with that kindness, with that realization of the divine spirit of the divine spark in every human being. Now I want to say one other thing about this anniversary and about this legacy of Self-Realization Fellowship, and that is, as I mentioned before, the central, the pivotal, the essential role that the science of Kriya Yoga plays in our history and in our Guru’s mission. As we said through the SRF teachings Guruji promised by practicing them, by deeply going into them and embracing them through the teachings you will be in tune with me and with the Great Gurus who sent me. And we have to realize – I want to bring this to all of our attention especially with a special enthusiasm, with special emphasis – Kriya Yoga is the way to fulfill that promise. It is the highest fulfillment of that promise. In fact, the gift of Kriya Yoga to the world is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of Paramahansa Yogananda through the SRF YSS movement in dispensation during these hundred years of past history. And it surely represents, it surely represents, the greatest promise for world harmony and peace and balance progress in the years and decades ahead. So I would say to all of you, if you haven’t learned Kriya Yoga, this would be an excellent time to do so. You know just a few weeks ago we completed the mailing of the first part of the new comprehensive lessons on the Kriya Yoga technique. And so, again, for those of you who may have received the technique in past years but may have not yet received these new lessons, again, now would be an excellent time to do so. Close your eyes and listen to these words of our Guru about Kriya Yoga. He said, “Through the regular deep practice of the Kriya technique you will commune with Christ, Krishna, and the great gurus of this path and they will help you to attain union with God the Infinite Spirit. Such high endeavor is not work for the masses. It is for individuals, those who are sincere in their desire for God. If you have the staunchness to be faithful, you will reach God for through the blessings of the Gurus, I have given into your hands the key to salvation. The more you will practice Kriya Yoga the more you will know who I am and what I am and the deeper will be your realization of the infinite love and bliss that is God. The more you will practice Kriya Yoga the more you will know who I am and what I am and the deeper will be your realization of the infinite love and bliss that is God.” Now in that positive and hope filled and joyous consciousness of the blessings of this Self-Realization Fellowship path, the blessings brought to us personally by our divine Guru Paramahansa Yogananda whose birth we celebrate today, in that consciousness, in that hope, in that confidence, and in that joy let us sing and meditate. We’ll chant this beautiful hymn to Brahma: “Full of bliss, giving joy transcendent.” That is the promise of Kriya Yoga. That is the promise of the fulfillment of the Guru-disciple relationship. Hymn to Brahma is a chant to the Universal Spirit, the God of all, the Father, Mother, Friend and also the only true Guru who expresses and who manifests through the lives and through the teachings and through the help given to the world by all divine incarnations. So we sing this as a hymn to that transcendent bliss, that transcendent joy, which is the promise of Kriya Yoga, which is the promise of the Self-Realization Fellowship path and we sing it in homage, in gratitude, in devotion to that Divine Light Bearer, that Divine Vehicle of Liberation, Divine Wisdom and Love and Joy who brought these sacred teachings, who brought the sacred path to each of us and to the world. So let us sing together a Hymn to Brahma. We’ll sing it the first one time in Sanskrit and then twice in English and then we’ll have a period of meditation together. Brahm-a-nan-dam Pa-ra-ma su-kha-dam, Ke-va-lam gyan-a murtim; Dwan-dwa ti-tam Ga-ga-na sa-dri-sham, Tat-twa ma-sya-di lak-shyam. E-kam ni-tyam Vi-ma-lam a-cha-lam, Sar-va-dhi sa-kshi bhu-tam; Bha-va ti-tam tri-gu-na ra-hi-tam, Sad-gu-rum-tam na-ma-mi. Full of bliss, giving joy transcendent, Of higher knowledge the abode; Dual no more, clear as the heavens, Known to all as “Thou art That.” He is pure, permanent, unmoving, The everlasting seer of all; Far, far beyond qualities and thought, Guru-Lord, I bow to Thee. Full of bliss, giving joy transcendent, Of higher knowledge the abode; Dual no more, clear as the heavens, Known to all as “Thou art That.” He is pure, permanent, unmoving, The everlasting seer of all; Far, far beyond qualities and thought, Guru-Lord, I bow to Thee. Guru-Lord, I bow to Thee. Guru-Lord, I bow to Thee. Aum. Aum. Aum. Beloved ones. In that meditative consciousness throughout this sacred day where we have the opportunity to dwell in a deeper way in the flow of grace, in the flow of blessings from our divine Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, on this sacred day feel in that meditative consciousness, feel God’s blessings flowing to you. Let us visualize a protective shield of God’s love encircling the world, encircling each of us as individuals and our families and our communities, our nation, surrounded and protected by that vast and luminous intelligent protective aura of the love of God and enveloped in that light, enveloped in that love as a united spiritual family of souls let us make this year not only a milestone in the history of Self-Realization Fellowship, but also a personal milestone in our own spiritual lives. Remember these beautiful words from our Master. He said, “The one purpose of Self-Realization Fellowship is to teach the individual the way to personal contact with God. Those who make the effort cannot miss Him. Make a solemn promise in your heart and pray to the Father that He bless you with the haunting desire to find Him that you may not waste any more time.” “My prayer,” Guruji said, “My prayer for each of you is that from today you will make a supreme effort for God and that you never give up until you are established in Him.” Let us all pray together. Heavenly Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved God, Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Swami Sri Yutekswar, our Guru Paramahansa Yogananda, saints of all religions, we bow to you all. Beloved God, bless us that from this day we begin anew with a new determination to meditate, to practice Kriya Yoga, until we realize the true divinity of our real selves, until we are able to manifest that divinity as love, as wisdom, as understanding, as kindness, as compassion for all who cross our path. Beloved God, may Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of our devotion and may we be able to awaken that love in all hearts. Aum. Peace. Amen. May God and the Paramgurus and our Gurudev Paramahansa Yogananda bless and enfold all of you and bring your souls, bring your hearts and minds to an ever-increasing awakening of that light of divine joy, of that light of divine love and wisdom and God realization. Jai Guru. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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