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  1. This shows MONEY is a DRUG. This guy made the drug money off a corrupt system, insider information, turning a blind eye and maybe he feels guilty lol.
    I lost 30 years of savings when aMErikan Bankers and a couple Corps were bailed out in 2008 2009 and million of us small businesses were cut off of our working capital. IDIOT aMErika calls it CAPITALISM ? I call it Corp and gov't NAZI FASCISM 101. MONEY and the corruption of a BS system owned and operated by a few wealthy elite FASCIST Corps. Look at history fools.
    He wipes his ass with $50,000 and it's life-changing to people ?
    There's a big problem with our greedy weak society.
    Now I'm going to convert a box truck into a small mobile home, live FREE (another LIE) and travel….oh that's right the Nazis are making that illegal also now. Read the constitution Nazi supporters.
    How do the employees feel that fellow aMErians were spit on and lost most our saving but others were helped by banks while other were cut off…. ? Why ? It depends on your wealth at the time. Sounds like they received what was taken from others.
    Scumbag aMErika is weak greedy and lost.
    LMFAO 19 years of wars on the 911 LIE staged event by Dick and Bush and we are still killing kids born after 911 ? LOSING at best or a Corp occupation.
    Go on LIE to me some more FAKE society who daily is lieing and murdering for PROFITS for the few .01% is aMErika today.
    Disgusting and polluted which has cause many social diseases IDIOT aMErika ME ME ME not WE anymore.

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