Stalin, Here’s What You Don’t Get About Vedic Marriage Mantras

An old video has surfaced which shows DMK chief M K Stalin denigrating Vedic marriage rituals and going as far as calling the mantras ‘obscene’. Apologists for the DMK try to justify Stalin’s statement by saying that this had been the stand of the Dravidian movement for the last 100 years. It may be true. But then, Dravidian movement should refrain from calling itself ‘rationalist’. Here’s why: In the video, Stalin is praising the way the bride and groom are seated in chairs in the marriage functions of another religion. He observes that as against this, in Hindu marriages, the couple is made to sit on the floor in an uncivilised manner and the purohit starts a fire between them. This fire, he says, creates irritation in the eyes of the bride and groom, making them shed tears, and it soon also creates irritation in the eyes of the people who are standing around witnessing the marriage ceremony. But the part most people found objectionable was the one where he repeats a Dravidian urban legend that unimaginably obscene mantras are said in a language that none in the crowd nor the couple understands, but only the Brahmin understands. This categorisation of Brahmins as spiritual despots who cheat masses draws from the ‘tyranny of priestcraft’ propaganda that was used by the Protestants against the Catholic church. In India, the same propaganda was unleashed against the Brahmins, who were seen as the chief obstacle to Christian proselytisation. This abuse of Hindu religion as a conspiracy of ‘Brahminical priestcraft’ has unfortunately become part of the academic, media, and political narrative. Of course, to this was added the Aryan race theory. Brahmins as ‘Aryans’ were singled out the cunning racial other. This historical understanding is necessary to place in context the Dravidian racial politician’s invention of ‘obscenity’ in Hindu rituals officiated by Brahmins. These verses, alluded by the DMK supremo as obscene, are said by the purohit and repeated by the bridegroom, which the latter is made to say to the bride, are hymns from Rig Veda mandala 10, hymn 85. The verses in question are: In the Dravidian urban legend, verses 40 and 41 are highlighted as proof for the obscenity of priestcraft cunningly created by diabolic Aryans to humiliate and subjugate the native Dravidians. In truth, what do these verses mean? In Hindu traditional science of commentaries, their meaning is well defined. The Smriti of Atri Maharishi, Atri-Smriti, explains this verse so beautifully: “Soma gives the women purity; Gandharva bestows sweet speech: and Agni gives her Sarvamedhatva genius or innate intelligence in all domains (of knowledge) So the woman is always in possession of purity and in-depth insightful intelligence (sarvamedhatva).” The flow of the verses indicates that when a girl becomes a wife, she also assumes the role of the queen of the house. She becomes a ruler. She gets the right to command over the in-laws. And she is also reminded of the biological dimension of marriage and meta-biological dimension considering the husband himself as a child. More importantly, the hymn reminds the husband the greatness of the wife. She has been nurtured by the celestial and that he himself is born of a woman now one born of woman is the fourth That the woman nurtured by Agni has in her the same fire. This has become part of the collective Hindu civilisation. So, in Hindu epics, when a woman is harassed or denied justice, the fire comes to her rescue. When Sita was suffering in Lanka, it was Agni set to the tail of Hanuman that manifested justice for the grieving feminine. When Kannagi was denied justice in the court of Pandyas, her breast milk turned into Agni and burnt Madurai, says Tamil tradition. Thus, Agni being the saviour or companion of the woman is very much an integral part of our tradition. Throughout the world, rationalists try to read poetry and symbolism in the ancient religious scriptures. On the other hand, religious fundamentalists would peddle the literal meaning of the text aggressively. In India, traditional Hindus and true humanists show that their sacred texts are profound poetry with rich inner symbolism, but the so-called Dravidian rationalists insist on damning them by twisting them and ascribing to them literal meaning in the most absurd way. This is not rationalism. This is irrational prejudice and hatred.

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  1. These dravidian parties openly denigrate the local hindu practices which have been there since millennia, still the hindus in TN vote for them. The leaders themselves got zero respect for hindus, why would other religions respect us? No wonder they walk all over the hindus. The recent case of ramalingam is a perfect example. No one cared in TN, no TV channel, no political party with clout except BJP. Hindus are in deep slumber still. May be most of us don't care anymore.

  2. BTW in andhra also there are channels who bring on pastors to debate whether the mantras amount to brahmanical supremacy. This is the pattern everywhere. Hindus divided by language are clueless.

  3. The very fact that he is named after a famous mass murderer shows how "rational" or "sicular"they are.😂😂.thank you swarajya for this amazing video

  4. This aiadmk is based on one theory i.e Aryan invasion Theory.Which it self is fALSE SOON THEY WILL LOOSE THEY GROUND.tHIS MAN Stalin have name staline & he calls himself leader of dravidian movement why he id not replacing his name with dravidian name.

  5. @ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿ ಹೇಳಿದರಿ ನಿವೇನೆ ಹೇಳಿದರು ಇವರಿಗೆ ಬುದ್ದಿ ಬರಲ್ಲ ಬಿಡಿ ನಾಯಿ ಬಾಲಾ ಡೊಂಕು

  6. Being from the north i thought it was just us fighting the FUCKING jesus and mullah. But now i know the problem is pan india.
    This vote bank politics will hurt sanatan dharma a lot.
    A suggestion for South just hang in there. Change has begun. Just unite. Vote for least harmful manifesto.

  7. Dear swarajya,
    Thanks for being the voice of sanity in all babble of dissent. You should have more views and traction. I can't understand why "wire" gets more traction than you. My support stands with. I assure you of 5 views for video uploaded.

  8. These Dravidian parties have become enemies of India. They are working on behalf of Christian organisations who want to destroy Hindu Dharma civilization and want to impose Christianity on everyone. Ban these Christian NGOs and other anti India organisations. Enough of it!! We Hindus are being damned for milleniums by these ChristoIslamicCommunist eveils.

  9. imagine someone with the name stalin,lenin, next is what ? HITLER ???? And the secular MSM has no shame or remorse with people like vaiko or stalin

  10. Nicely put, btw I urge you to support and promote other like minded and similar idealogue youtubers, so that we can win this ideological war.

  11. Pl Extract the Clip Where Stanley Criticized or illtreated Hindu Marriage Process and Circulate it in tamilnadu…. At least Hindus should know how much he Hates Hindus and How he Operates for Vatican and Conversion business.

  12. In any case, these Lemurian idiots would do well to remember that they themselves came from the continent of Mu, according to their own 'intellectuals'. So, how the hell do they get to decide about 'nativity'?

  13. So my question is what are Tamil Hindus doing with this batshit crazy Christian fundamentalist?

    I know, I know, one word of anti North speech is all needed to attract you people. Please leave this useless Tamil identity politics. Strive and protect the language of Tamil, that's your mother tongue but don't hate other people on the basis of Tamil identity. This is my sincere request. And don't elect DMK or that Kamal Hasan.

  14. Swarajya, it is high time you start a Tamil channel. Your messages are not reaching Tamil people – who need these badly

  15. why the fuk do people have to use sanskrit shit when they don't understand this language which has been dead and gone, majority of the people of the Indian union don't know this language or where it came from or speak it and we have to us it ?

  16. LOL.. but what to expect from Low Mentality CONVERTED TRAITORS and BASTARDS of debauch pervert Christian Missionaries & Communist Whores.. No difference between animals & them.. can't think.. can't read.. aptly named.. Stalin.. LOL..

  17. Hindu hatred and Brahmin hatred has repeatedly destroyed those who propagate it. mughal invaders and christian missionaries learnt it the hard way. Hate filled dmk dk and khangress goons have repeatedly been humiliated but they refuse to learn. It is fast becoming comical. Their utter rout is imminent

  18. He is a bastard. We don’t know how his wife Dhurka reacted for this. “Vinasha kale bibreetha pothu”. This ass hole would have thought Arabic as Tamil. Single Hindu should not vote for DMK.Even Sonia married according to Hindu culture. Bastard spoke after drunk and had briyani

  19. Everything is fine, but why is all these great meanings spoken only in Sanskrit, which is a defunct language?? And how come that language copies scriptures of which ever region those religious preachers have migrated???

  20. அடியேய்…… அடியேய்… நீ ஒரு சரியான பாப்பாத்தி ன்னா இந்த வீடியோக்கு பதில் சொல்லு.

  21. 'ஸோம: ப்ரதமோ' என்ற மந்திரத்திற்கு மணப்பெண்ணை ஒவ்வொரு தேவனும் அனுபவிக்கிறான் என்ற 'literal meaning' எடுத்துக்கொள்ளக் கூடாது, அந்தந்த இயற்கை சக்திகள் அவளைத் தூய்மைப்படுத்த வேண்டும் என்ற உயர்ந்த பொருளைக் கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்று வாய் கிழியப் பேசும் இந்தப் பெண்ணிற்கு, சரித்திரமே தெரியாது.

    ஆளவந்தார் என்ற பார்ப்பன ஆச்சாரியார் ஒரு மஹா மேதாவி; ராமானுஜர் முதலியவர்களுக்கெல்லாம் முன்னோடி. அவர் 'ஆக்கியாழ்வான்' என்பவனோடு வாதம் செய்து தோற்கடித்து, பெரும்புகழ் பெற்றவர். வாதப்பொருளில் ஒன்று, 'மணம் ஆன பெண் கற்புக்கரசியா?' ஆம் என்று ஆக்கியாழ்வான் கூற, இந்த அதிகப்ரசங்கி ஆளவந்தார் 'ஸோம: ப்ரதமோ என்ற வேத மந்திரத்தின்படி, ஒவ்வொரு மணப்பெண்ணையும் நான்கு தேவர்கள் அனுபவித்து, சுவைத்து விட்டுத்தான் மணமகனுக்கு எச்சில் பண்டமாக தருகிறார்கள்; ஆகவே எந்த மணப்பெண்ணும் பத்தினி அல்ல' என்று வாதாடி, ஆஹா என்னே அறிவு படைத்தவர் என்ற பாராட்டையும் பெறுகிறார்.

    இது வைணவ ஆச்சாரியர்களின் சரித்திரத்தில் இடம் பெற்றுள்ள, மிகப் பெருமையாகப் பேசப்படும் ஒரு நிகழ்வு.

    ஆக, பார்ப்பானுக்கு 'consistency' கிடையாது. கூச்சமும் கிடையாது. ஒரே மந்திரத்திற்கு, 'மணப்பெண் தெய்வீக அம்சம் பெறுகிறாள் என்பதுதான் பொருள்' என்பான்; அதே மந்திரத்திற்கு, தனக்கு தேவையான இடத்தில், 'மணப்பெண்ணை நால்வர் சுவைத்து எச்சில் பண்டமாக்கித் தருகிறார்கள் என்பதுதான் பொருள்' என்பான்.

    அப்பாவுக்கு வருடாந்திர திதி (திவசம், சிராத்தம்) செய்யும்போது, 'என் அம்மா, நான் திதி கொடுக்கும் இந்த அப்பனுக்குத்தான் பெற்றாளோ அல்லது வேறு எவனுக்குப் பெற்றாளோ' என்ற பொருள்பட வரும் மந்திரத்தை ஒவ்வொரு பார்ப்பனும் இன்னும் சொல்லிக்கொண்டுதான் இருக்கிறான்.

    இப்படி ஒரு மந்திரத்தை சொல்லலாமா என்று கேட்டால், அதற்கும் ஒரு வெண்டைக்காய் வ்யாக்கியானம் சொல்லுவான் பார்ப்பான். இவனுக்குத்தான் ஸம்ஸ்க்ருதம் தெரியும் என்ற மமதை.

    இப்படி ஒரு குப்பையை வைத்துக்கொண்டு, திராவிடர்களின் ஏமாற்று வேலை, தேசத்ரோகி, இந்து விரோதி என்றெல்லாம் மாய்மாலம் செய்வதேன்?

  22. In stalin's family legal marriage is rare . Hence he will no know the matras real meaning . He is a cunning fool.

  23. #HinduHolocaust in TN. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam chief M K Stalin recently took on Hindu wedding rituals, calling them 'obscene'. Brutal attack on, and subsequent cunning attempts to "digest", enlightening Veda-Agamic culture, its Incarnations and Saints, Hindu RITUALS, Lifestyle, Temples, Monasteries (Aadheenams) and NOW even Hindu Gods have reached GENOCIDAL proportions by Jihadi and Church agents HIDING under the garb of "ATHEISM" (read anti-Hinduism) in Tamil Nadu. These cunning paid conspirators of "enslave India through conversion" gang of Vatican and Arab agents are becoming more and more violent, intrusive, and vitriolic to execute their cultural and human GENOCIDE agenda. They have their agents planted in political parties like DMK, Congress etc., Tollywood / Bollywood (like Kamal Hasan, Joseph Vijay etc.) , #Presstitutes (Like N. Ram), Church Activists (Like Seeman), Media (Like Sun TV)… They are SICK protagonists of anti-Life and anti-Hindu (false) "Aryan-Dravidian" theory planted by invading Britishers as part of their DIVIDE-AND-RULE strategy to subjugate Bharat. They viciously attack Brahmins to create a FALSE and CUNNING FACADE of being "social activists" but in reality they are PAID EVANGELISTIC genocidal conspirators working for TUKDE forces ! #WakeUpHindus #MakeIndiaHinduCompliant Hindus understand, live, and enrich others with gems of enlightening Veda-Agamic culture of Bharat. Do NOT send your kids to missionary / church schools… This cultural and human genocide conspiracy of Abrahamic religions mostly starts working from there !

  24. I don’t think Stalin will ever understand whatever you speak in English.If you are not Tamil speaking,please release the video in Tamil.Even for English audience your language is a bit affected,pedantic and tough to follow.A little more slower and well enunciated English can reach a larger audience like me.Thanks however for replying Stalin ,though however I had answered him in my own chaste way.

  25. He knows everything mam g he is afraid of Modi's SAB g and government's he is crying for saving his looted and kept money wealths of his family members completely

  26. Did aryan invaders who founded Vedic religion brought any of their woman to Hindustan?…or simply raped Dravidian woman folks to infest India?

  27. I believe the feeling of inferiority complex among dmk n being less intelligent makes them feel compelled to criticise Hindus. Hindus don’t you have any shame in supporting this small brain parties. These parties are nowhere compared to bjp who have despite the challenges have moved india forward.

  28. Hare Krsna. This is not rationalism but rascaldom. They are DMK are chanting their hatred mantra again and again. We must put a stop to them altogether. They cheat and mislead the public's.

  29. Do these leaders(!) who used to comment on Hindu rituals and traditions have the gut to comment on the traditions and rituals followed by people of other religion?
    If they are commenting on that also means then we can accept them as the real hereos.

  30. Why this Idiot Stalin worries about Hindu's Marriage belief? and hurt Hindus. All Hindus in Tamilnadu, please show this in your upcoming election. Think if Stalin got the power, for sure he will BAN Hindu’s Marriage formal ritual customs. The reason he might say it is not good for people's health and will affect the environment. I don’t care if Stalin or any other parties comes to the power but Stalin should realize what he is doing/saying wrong against Hindu.

  31. Stalin is a big fraud and shame for TN. These parties want to damage Hindu culture and religion. These people wanted to satisfy minority’s by abusing Vedic culture. These parties have no vision for our state and great pain for us. Useless idiots and selfish fellows. It’s a curse for TN.

  32. The presentation is fantastic. Would appreciate if a translation of the entire hymn is clearly given to counter such accusations. For once I see accusations are countered academically like this rather than making personal remarks. Hope you would come up with such convincing videos in future.

  33. You bloody stupid lady, the Dravida party including Sudalai don't listen to your stupid logic.
    The Dravida group's way of earning their pittance from missionary groups.
    Last five years a great changes taking place.
    Now most of them are fighting for Survival including the Media

  34. This is what DMK known for i.e. DIRTY MUTTAL KAZAGHAM. They don't know the meaning of mantras and uttering a kind of nonsense.

  35. On one side this guy denigrates Hinduism and on the other side his wife is a big believer and is visiting all the temples!!! Hypocrisy at its finest. They urge others to stop believing in Vedic Dharma yet couldn't stop their own family from doing so. One can only wonder if he is a closet thiest and he is just masquerading as an atheist for political motives.

  36. It all happens because Hindus accepted other religions innocently as their brothers but their invasions are now a threat to Hinduism itself.

  37. "Brahminical preast craft" Viveganandha also used this terminology long before Stalin in his letters to Alasinga perumal.

  38. இந்தியா கிருத்துவ நாடு .திமுக ஆதரவு கிருத்துவ பாதிரி எஸ்.சற்குணம் சன் டிவியில் வெளிப்படையயான கருத்து..

  39. Vedic morons use cow urine and cow dung…None of these morons really read and understood Barbaric vedas and a version of Iranian (Aryan) vendida. IT HAS BECOME FASHION FOR ALL TOM DICK AND HARRY TO PRETEND AS BARBARIC VEDIC SCHOLAR. IF ANY OF THESE MORONS REALLY UNDERSTOOD VEDAS THEY WILL REJECT THEM AS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT . PLEASE read atleast once the four vedas..rig veda is cruel fight with native brown skinned Indians (Dravidian) by invader Aryan, sama veda the same in musical version , yajur the same theme with rituals and atharva full of vengeance..

    NONE OF THESE VEDAS TALK ABOUT PANTHEON OF HINDU GODS BUT TALK ABOUT IRANAIAN GODS INDRA, SURYA, RUDRA, MITHRA AND SO ON… the Afghan TERRORIST and ISIS are the vedic soldier following the violence perpetuated in vedas…

    Then read Thirukural the real tamil texts of Indian divinity and nobility and morality..

  40. First all these educated idiots must read all erotic puranas and vedas ( including Nachiyar Thirumozhi and Brahma Puranam) most of those barbaric texts contain a lot of pornographic description. Either destroy all puranas and vedas or accept the criticisms that are true!

    When Brahma was the Purohit for the Siva-Parvathi marriage…Brahma saw the thighs of Parvathi and got errection and ejaculation. That semen was poured into kumbha kalasam or pot  and Agathiyan was born. So  Agathiyar was known as Kumbha Yoni ( female organ) Rishi! What a stupid and erotic nonsense in Brahma purana? 

    None of these morons really read and understood Barbaric vedas and a version of Iranian (Aryan) vendida. IT HAS BECOME FASHION FOR ALL TOM DICK AND HARRY TO PRETEND AS BARBARIC VEDIC SCHOLAR. IF ANY OF THESE MORONS REALLY UNDERSTOOD VEDAS or PURANAS THEY WILL REJECT THEM AS A LOAD OF BULLSHIT . PLEASE read atleast once the four vedas..rig veda is cruel fight with native brown skinned Indians (Dravidian) by invader Aryan, sama veda the same in musical version , yajur the same theme with rituals and atharva full of vengeance..

    NONE OF THESE VEDAS TALK ABOUT PANTHEON OF HINDU GODS BUT TALK ABOUT IRANAIAN GODS INDRA, SURYA, RUDRA, MITHRA AND SO ON… the Afghan TERRORIST and ISIS are the vedic soldier following the violence perpetuated in vedas…

  41. Stalin of USSR… never believed anyone closer to him… Result.. Cut them all down from existence..

    This headless stalin in TN is afraid of minorities so.. He will lick whatever they offer..with his mouth shut..

    … Latest trend…of brahmins and hindus.. coming forward in protecting our traditional interests in TN is.. an unexpected welcome step from tamil hindus!

  42. If stalin critisized the Muslims… He will have complete "sunnath" from them.. So he won't wag his tail with the others….

  43. Excellent. Firstly DK was a social movement Its founder never wanted a political party. The marriage of its founder I with a 18 year girl at the age of 80 was made a ruse to form a political party DMK. Now DK itself was due to influence of British religious sentiment if anti Hinduism. Stalin wants votes of Hindu votes and he makes fun of Hindu way of life. High time he is taught a lesson by people of Tamilnadu. One question to Stalin. System of marriage itself may be considered as irrational Man and woman can live together and if one of them feels not OK or bored or incompatible etc they can part company and start living with others. This animalistic way of life is natural Homo sapien is also an animal. Which animals marry and why should humans marry?? Is n't it, Mr Stalin?? By the way does Mr Stalin understand English; I wonder.

  44. i dont think most Tamil people support the Dravidian moment although they find it interesting while hasn't this worked in other Dravidian states

  45. He doesn't know anything about rituals, he married only by this way, to get votes Stalin doing this cheap entertainment, DMK trying to renovate all Tamilnadu Brahmins like Kashmir pandits,

  46. Excellent video! evangelical christian-backed dravidian politics & outright hatred is very well explained. I just wonder what they are going to call themselves, when the aryan-dravidian fake theory crumbles sooner or later?

  47. Knowing Stalin and DMK, DK are idiots and goondas, people still prefer DMK in Tamil Nadu. It is a shame of the foolishness of the people of Tamil Nadu.

  48. Nonsense who the hell he is talking about hindu. Useless stalin. For who he born.? Stalin stop such bleady speech against hindu. We warn u.

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