#stamfordbff 34th birthday trip!

you got bring your powerbank? good morning! oh storey 8 shit you…
(have to off the videoing) Good morning!
Can you please tell me how you’re feeling now? no feeling… i feel lost Why because lost.. because i dunno where to go… OKAY so we will start your journey today! lets go… so where do you think we are going? dunno. guess. like early in the morning, where can we go? ..at 9.19am. macdonald. erm okay…like any other things? i dunno! at this time should be sleeping! K… because he’s so sleepy. We are going to get him a teh peng so that he will become awake So, how do you like your teh peng, do you feel more awake? you bo liao ah… everything also want to video! so how? is tehpeng good?
is your brain awake now? nope! sleepwalking… dunno. for a 50min journey. i dunno… are we going to trick eye musuem? chip and dale? TRICK EYE MUSUEM. HEY HEY HEY.. we will see! i’m not so stupid! Okey, you can turn… you can turn… Okay, show me the answer… byee… Okay, we have reached but there is no like… breakfast around… he’s very rude. I’m gonna show him at Starbucks now, you are getting on my nerves! so, What movie are we going to watch? He still cannot guess No, good, okay now we got our breakfast and There’s this condiments here He’s going to do something Because Because I need to go to the So to the duck of Fela So you So how’s the show And then and then where are we going now? And then go home and sleep Let’s go hurry asleep Patel this guy Adam after other I planned the whole fucking day for Hema He just where and grief wanna only know how to keep looking at the phone and message the stupid group chat Oh Huh Oh see I didn’t remember that, huh? But in the morning at 3:00 Let’s go that’s cool You Are you hungry? Yes rubbish muffin cake, can you why are you creating for now? Beeping right what Didn’t ya is it dentally profitably We had our reservation, I guess look around we are just ugly Look at that Oh Yeah open Gonna play it’s that mu Sorry, I’d like that yes turn right So either you set this morning hello I think I think ready If you don’t know I think it’s going to be very bought but whatever I think money so Stop cross the road Whoo, you guys supposed to go like So you never expect lucky hey Listen I come in no Shall I With this Emptied This roses don’t know I don’t know going I Can’t So essentially late though Okay, now you’re right, okay, you’re right, let’s go are you still you have to write My end of the video papa

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