Stampin’Up! Birthday Card Ideas

hi this is karen titus from stepping on
the back porch dot com to make a fun birthday card that has little different opening i would say
this is the perfect kind of card when you don’t have a lot to say she just came right on the mittalpower
right here some scientists have a little twist your regular kirk so we’re gonna start with the oval
accents biggs cleared i you can see iran my which rack probably related to happen and i have
this and then i’m going to take this and put it in the field c fam folder and run back through the big shopping
and up with his life really um… pretty dicey concede this is where it’s
going to go one right there then taking the simply scored it was laid the soft and only you’re
going to score in at one and three quarters so uninformed over it’s going to give me
flak so to build a car to help make peace and you can see i couldn’t attach that
right under the u snaps attached right there and then i’m
gonna take a little step of paper this is from the floral district designer
series paper capital flowers and which go well it’s a little flowers candy stepped agreeing to be using so that’s
how archives bells semester decided that we have left to do views stamp itself this is from embellished elements in
mind taken p the cake current and so this we’re just
going to color directly under the stadium since he had run the colors out of the
floral district paper so we’re working with daffodil delight which russell beary baja breeze england changing maintain go and we’ll see how quickly they can
actually uphold this off and because obviously doing several
britta color so i mean sleazy domestic producers one man color match embodying their and we will see attached group and think for and you have all the elements of your phone cards
glad it didn’t take long at all some enjoyed this idea and from ideas visit my blog stamping on the back porch thank you for watching

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  1. Love this card but I don't have this die can you suggest another one? Also what are the sizes of the peoples of card stack that you put the cake on?

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