Star Wars Battlefront 2: Sith Trooper, Ajan Kloss, BB-8, and More – Community Update

Hello there, I’m Dennis Brännvall
from the Star Wars Battlefront II team. Starting in December, we’re bringing thrilling Star Wars:
The Rise of Skywalker content to our game. Fight through lush vegetation
and close-quarters caves in an exotic new location
called Ajan Kloss. On this tropical planet, the First Order
has scorched a chunk of the forest to land their relentless troops
and attack the Resistance. Play as two new Reinforcements
on the dark side. Protected by a striking red armor,
the Infiltrator class Sith Trooper brings a powerful new blaster to battle, Seeker Tactics to reveal
and hunt down enemies, a disruptive explosive, and the Combat Rush Ability
to increase agility Follow me! and regenerate health
when an enemy is eliminated. An extremely nimble Aerial Reinforcement, the new and overhauled
First Order Jet Trooper can fly, dodge, hover, and even tackle opponents
with their powerful jets. Use it to your advantage
to crush the Resistance from the skies. Countering that on the light side,
the Enforcer class Ovissian Gunner is a new heavy support character,
wielding a modified rotary cannon effective against both infantry
and armored vehicles. Bracing to deal out suppressive fire,
she heals herself and surrounding allies. In a pinch, the Ovissian Gunner utilizes
her large frame to knock down enemies. Get out of the line of fire! The Caphex Spy
is also joining the Resistance, using an altered Glie-44 Blaster Pistol that can be overcharged
into a fast-firing mode. His Scanner Beacon
relays enemy positions and – if used outdoors –
calls down a ravaging bombardment! The Caphex Spy always
keeps his truncheon close at hand to deliver a heavy blow
if a foe dares come too close. In December, players will set foot
on Ajan Kloss in Co-Op and Heroes vs. Villains. Furthermore,
three other sequel era locations are added to the Co-Op rotation, You believe you can win? and Finn, Rey,
and Kylo Ren get new appearances inspired by The Rise of Skywalker. Look, keep this area secured! In January, we’re excited to bring
Capital Supremacy to the sequel era, defend or bring down
the MC85 of the Resistance or the Resurgent-class
Star Destroyer of the First Order. These massive vessels
will station themselves above the high-agency ground battles
taking place on Ajan Kloss and Jakku. The same two locations are also brought
to offline Instant Action. Also coming in January,
the brave droid BB-8 joins the Resistance as a new hero character, bringing a fast-paced playstyle
to the roster. His equivalent on the dark side, BB-9E, joins the First Order
to play a support role. That’s all for this update. Thank you for watching,
and May the Force be With You!

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  1. Thanks for the 2 years of support – I love this game so much. I really want to see original trilogy come to capital supremacy as I feel it had the best of everything star wars has to offer.

  2. I just want the BF1 customization back and private matches it’s not far that some races are class and gender locked

  3. *community – we want Ashoka, Mace Windu, Ventress and company!

    *DICE- allow us to introduce BB-8 to HvV cause he definitely can square up with these guys in the movies

    Also I guess we are just going to pretend Galactic Assault doesn’t exist anymore right?

  4. I just realised that the sith trooper helmet with the visor and stripe on the nose kinda resembles a Phase II clone trooper helmet

  5. Why would you add two droids when there are so many other options for heroes. I understand that The Rise of Skywalker just came out and you are promoting it with this update but you could add like maybe Poe and Hux. I’m not complaining, at least I’m not trying to, but there are so many more great options for heroes that I hope you guys will add. Like I said before, I’m not being a jerk about this, at least I’m not trying to be.

  6. Everyone asking for more characters and skins, I'm just sitting here playing modded Battlefront 2 classic with almost every character that was ever in the series.

  7. I feel like a lot of stuff from the sequel films have a lot of potential, it just needs things like this game to bring it out. I'm really happy with what they brought to the game from the clone wars, so I'm really excited for this rise of Skywalker content

  8. Why don’t they add mace windu?! Grievous got 10 mins of screen time and they added him like wtf

  9. Funny how they put content from a shitty movie into a game that was once also a shitty product but Is superior to the actual movie.

  10. Sure the sith trooper is cool but his armor stands out so much he’s literally just asking to be the first person to die

  11. You guys are adding so much to the game, it’s so heartwarming. Ever consider adding Mandolorian characters? Gina Carina could be badass, and Bill Burr’s shoulder gun could be tactically interesting.

  12. Me: Oh man, I hope they add some new heroes!
    EA: we have added BB-8 as a hero character.
    Me: …I can work with this.

  13. ShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopersShadowtroopers as OT infiltrator PLEASE

  14. Add the knights of ren as 1 hero and have other knights as edit Styles for 20,000 credits
    And for the light side add zori bliss

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