Star Wars: Episode IX Heads to Celebration Chicago

This week we have new details about Episode
IX coming to Celebration. Plus I sit down with Scott Lawrence to talk
about Star Wars Resistance. Roll that hyperlapse footage, Frank! This is The Star Wars Show. From the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco,
here’s your hosts, Andi and Anthony! Hello and welcome to The Star Wars Show, the
only Star Wars Show on the internet that much like The Phantom Menace, feels like it was
produced in the late ‘90s. It’s also why all of our references are
firmly planted in 1999. We’re the Josta of short form variety shows
on the internet. You know, I always thought of us more as an
S Club 7. Yeah, no, you’re no Bradley McIntosh. Wow. Sorry, just had to be real there for a second. Let’s go to the news. How many people do you think just Googled
everything we were talking about? What do you mean? People didn’t understand all those references? I would be shocked if they did as I only understood
75% of them. [Laughing] Episode IX is coming out at the end of the
year. And wouldn’t you know it, Star Wars Episode
IX is getting it’s very own panel during Star Wars Celebration 2019. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and Episode
IX director JJ Abrams will take the celebration stage to present a panel full of surprises
and special guests that will be sure to keep your imagination buzzing for the rest of the
event. The panel will be hosted on the Celebration
Stage on Friday April 12th, and will be streamed to overflow crowds on the Galaxy, and Twin
Sun stages at the event. But it’s not just Episode IX with a panel
to announce, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will also be hosting a panel on the Celebration
Stage on Saturday April 11th, where fans can join members of Walt Disney Imagineering and
Lucasfilm to listen to them share stories about what it took to bring Star Wars to life. I think they will also be answering questions
on how you transfer citizenship to Batuu. Cause I’m gonna need to do that. I hope so for your sake. And speaking of Galaxy’s Edge, we finally
have opening date information! Galaxy’s Edge, as well as the Millennium
Falcon: Smugglers Run ride will open to the public in Disneyland in California on May
31st, with Disney’s Hollywood Studios opening on August 29th in Florida. For more on the Episode IX panel, as well
as a ton of information about Galaxy’s Edge check out Finally this week, it wouldn’t be an episode
of The Star Wars Show without another block of recently announced guests coming to Star
Wars Celebration, and this week is no different! That’s right, soon you can be joining such
Star Wars luminaries as Forest Whitaker from Rogue One. Erin Kellyman from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Katee Sackhoff from The Clone Wars. Droid builders Matt Denton, Lee Towersey,
and Josh Lee. Hugh Quarshie from The Phantom Menace. And Ahmed Best also from The Phantom Menace! And my dreams. I’m so excited that he’s coming. I am so, so happy. And for more breaking news from around the
galaxy, check out I can’t believe I’m going to meet the
only government representative I’ve ever trusted in my life. I love it, I’m so excited. As we know, every episode of The Clone Wars
begins with a proverb, a quote. A fortune cookie. A little fortune cookie. As we call it, that’s what we call them. Yeah, there are only two places in my life
that give proverbs: the first is from Clone Wars and the second is from images my mother
shares on Facebook. Oh, great, okay. [Laughing] She shares a lot of them. This is one that my mom shared. It’s lovely, right? It’s very good. What I want you to do… Yes. Is to tell me whether the following quotes
are Clone Wars proverbs or images my mother shared on Facebook. Oh no! Is your mom a writer for The Clone Wars or
anything? You might want to have her on the research
team going forward cause she finds some good st uff. She gets some nuggets? I learned a lot. I’m nervous. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous. You got this. I’m gonna say that’s Clone Wars. I would love to think it’s your mom but
I think it’s The Clone Wars. That would be Clone Wars. That is Clone Wars. That is from the first episode of Clone Wars. Hmm, um. Yeah, I’m gonna guess that’s from your
mom. Ha, I actually feel like that could be Clone
Wars but I think it’s your mom. Your mother’s Facebook. That is actually Clone Wars. No! What?! That is from season 3 when Zero the Hutt is
on the run with Sny Snootles. I never met your mom but it feels like your mom. I think she would be happy to hear that. Yeah, it’s very positive. Uhhh. Hmm. Hmm. I mean I would guess that would be a Clone one. That’s your mom. That’s Facebook. It is Facebook. From Real Family Truths. See. A lovely group. That reeks of Clones. Okay, that’s Clone Wars. That is Clone Wars. Clone Wars. Clone Wars for sure. I’m gonna say that’s Clone Wars. That is Clone Wars. Yes! I’m gonna say that’s not Clone Wars. That’s your mom. Clone Wars! Ha! Clone Wars! Drats! I am blowing it big time. If it makes you feel any better, I did specifically
choose episodes for the most part that are not Anakin and Obi-Wan heavy because I knew… I don’t watch those. [Laughing} Okay, final one, are you ready? Yeah, yeah. Dave would say that so often that has to be
a Clone Wars one, right? That’s so Clone Wars. That’s so Clone Wars, it’s Clone Wars. [Laughing] That’s your first Clone Wars spoiler right there. No, this is from a group called Best Friendship Quotes. Oh, yeah, yeah. Can I ask you, can Obi-Wan read this? Friendship is like wetting your pants, everyone
can see it but only you can feel the true warmth. That’s never going to make it into anything
but I’m glad we got it. [Laughing] [Porg sounds] Sitting down now with Scott Lawrence, who
is Jerek Yeager in Star Wars Resistance. I have been loving Resistance, man. I’ve been loving it myself. I’ve got to say. Such a wonderfully fun show and your character
is particularly wonderful to me. And I also love that, you know usually in
Star Wars we get these characters who are, I’m joining the Resistance, I’m joining
the Rebellion, and I’m off to find adventure. Jerek’s like I’m out of here. He’s like no, I did that. Yeah. Maybe you don’t want that. Yup, yup, yup. [Laughing] I want a hammock on the beach right now. Yeah. I keep getting pulled back in. You can’t help but get pulled into the family
of it and to support what’s going on. And I really like that they could have hired
a guy with a voice who was really military. If you look at how it’s written a lot of
this stuff is harsh and stuff but I’m a bit of a softer touch. I’m warmer than what they could have cast
and I always thought that was a good credit to how they’ve created relationships on
the show. What is the experience of recording and just
being in production on the show been like? It’s such a joy to go to a place and a job
where they’re really focused on making art. There’s a story here to be told. I remember I was kind of wondering what the
through line of the whole thing was when I first started and, you know, you kind of see
the stories kind of unfolding and then I watch the show and I become a fan of the show and
I said it’s about hope. You know, it really holds the show together
and I think that’s really what Star Wars had become such an icon in our culture and
we have a good embodiment of that so I love our show. So a lot of people may not know this but you’ve
been apart of the Star Wars family for quite a while. I have, I have, I have. You have been the voice of Vader in quite
a lot of things. Uhh, Burger King commercial. That’s the one! That’s the one. [Laughing] I get mad that people don’t call back on
that as much. Weren’t you the Darth Vader in the Burger
King commercial? The Burger King commercial. Yeah. I think about TIE Fighter, which for me was
my first game where video and voice came at me. You’re making me feel old. And it was… [Laughing] I don’t mean to, I just, I… I’m honored. I remember putting TIE Fighter into my CD-rom
drive and Vader talking to me. Yeah, that’s cool. And yelling at me as I was piloting my TIE
Fighter poorly. You’re welcome. As a child. You’re welcome. What was that like kind of being called into
be Vader? Cause you did it multiple titles. Well, first of all it’s an honor to be part
of such an icon character. It took a while to kind of get comfortable
a little bit. You know, realize that I really couldn’t be
James Earl Jones but I could be Darth Vader. So I concentrated on bringing the spirit of
Darth Vader because there’s only one James Earl. You concentrated on bringing the spirit of
Darth Vader to the Burger King menu. Exactly! Exactly! [Laughing] Or the young people like you who were enjoying
the TIE Fighter experience. Yeah, TIE Fighter, Rebel Assault, all of those
games. And my kids to this day could care less. Really? I hear that from a lot of actors kids and
they just don’t care about watching stuff I’m in. You’re Darth Vader? Cool, great. But they do go tell their friends. Their friends go your dad’s Darth Vader? That’s so cool! They don’t want to give you too much ground
at home. No, no, no. Never, never, never. And your gonna be at Celebration this year. I’m going to Celebration, yeah. This is amazing, this is your first Celebration? My first Celebration, yeah, yeah. Are you excited? I am, I am. I have been watching videos of previous years
and going like that looks like a party, I wanna be apart of. It’s a good year to be going to Celebration. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t know if you’ve heard, there’s
a lot of Star Wars going on this year. A lot of Star Wars. Star Wars everywhere. Yeah, including Resistance. We wanna make our appearance. That’s great. Very excited to see you and the rest of the
Resistance crew there. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming by. So good, so good. Wonderful, thanks a lot man. Right on, woohoo. You’re watching The Star Wars Show. With The Phantom Menace celebrating it’s
20th anniversary at Celebration we here at the show wanted to know what some of your
favorite Phantom Menace memories were. Ah, I went to the midnight show, obviously. But then the next morning I brought my little
sister to the first show and it was her first Star Wars movie. See, that’s very nice that you brought your
little sister. My dad brought my older sister and me but
my little sister was an infant so we left her at home with mom and it was a great day. Nice. We want to know what your favorite Episode
I memories are, send them to us using the hashtag #JarJar20 and we’ll feature our
favorites here next week. And as always remember to like the video,
subscribe to the channel, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Thanks for watching and May the Force be with you. A heartbreaking thing was after I took her
to the movie she came out and I was like great now you have to watch the other ones. She was like no I’m going to watch them
in order as they come out. And I was like it’s gonna take you six years
to watch Star Wars. Did she get it done though? She did get it done. That’s good, I’m proud of her. [Music] Blah, beep, beep, beep, bop. Ah! Ahmed Best from The Phantom Menace! Have you met him before? No! Oh! I know! I’m so excited. Me neither. [Music] [Laughing] [Laughing]

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