Star Wars Rebels Coming to Celebration Orlando and the Best Star Wars Video Games with Xavier Woods

There’s a big surprise coming to Celebration! Plus! We find out what’s inside of a droid! Ew. It’s jello. Its a jello mold. This week on The Star Wars Show! Anthony sits down with WWE’s Xavier Woods! We check out the droids of Rogue One! And much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters it’s
The Star Wars Show! Hello I’m Andi Gutierrez
And I’m Anthony Carboni and and today’s episode is an INCREDIBLE SPECIAL EFFECTS EXTRAVAGANZA! Do I have lasers coming out of my hands? Who knows!! Huh thats fun. Probably should’ve had ILM do this instead
of Frank. No shame to Frank. Anyway, lets go to the news. Starting things off with a little Star Wars
Celebration news, Star Wars Rebels is once again going to be appearing at the event with
a cannot miss panel. The fun begins when Dave Feloni and his mysterious
panel of special guests will take the stage to preview the epic fourth season of
Star Wars Rebels. And if past Rebels panels are any indication
you will not want to miss this one, they are always a blast. For more information check out Star Wars Also announced this week Kotobukiya will be
bringing the very first triple zero and BT-1 figures from the Marvel Darth Vader comic
book series, as Star Wars Celebration exclusives. The figures come with a illustration card
with art by Adi Granov, as well as a collectible coin. These join the R4-M9, R2-X2, and r5-d4 Celebration
exclusives figures also available this year at their booth. For more information check out
Star Wars Galactic Nights will be taking place during the same weekend as Star Wars Celebration
in Orlando, and wouldn’t you know it, Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando has a lot in
store for fans. The Event features live performances, photo
ops, interactive Star Wars projections and the a “Seize the Saga Scavenger Hunt.”
and a behind the scenes look at Rogue One hosted by Vanessa Marshall, the voice of Hera
from Star Wars Rebels. Plus, and this is really exciting for me,
BB-8 will be making his Disney Parks character greeting debut during the event. Are you going to keep it cool? I’m going to keep it so cool. I’m going to be totally fine. Actually sweating a little bit right now just
talking about it. For more details and tickets check out this
link. Finally, this week, we’ve had a lot of fun
watching Pablo the set of Rogue One for the past couple of weeks, but like all good things,
his segment must come to an end. This week we bid a fond farewell to the Rogue
Reports with a look at the most important characters in any Star Wars films, the Droids. Enjoy! Well we’re back here between takes and I
figured we’d take a closer look at something cool we found over here. 21-B They machined him from scratch and you
can really see they got the details very exact and right. One thing that I want to point out which is
pretty exciting for all old school Star Wars Fans is that 21-B back in the original trilogy
never had any feet. He was never meant to be seen from the waist
down. What they’ve done here is that they’ve
recreated from the Kenner design of 21-B’s feet. Finally after all this time 21-B is whole. Just like with The Force Awakens, the production
crew enlisted the help and support of local R2 Builders to fill out the ranks of the astromech
droids. You get the most versatility out of these
droids swapping parts, mixing and matching, creating new droids. Today I am joined with Brad Oakley, an R2
builder and his special guest is with us here. Brad tell me, who are we looking at here? What are we looking at? This is currently R3-VHD. Normally he’d ne R2-VHD with a silver dome
but today we sorted out for the clear dome. And today seems to be a very busy day on the
Yavin set, how do you control this guy and make sure he doesn’t go anywhere he’s
not supposed to? What we’ve done so far is they’ve done
a drive over and picked a route that’s not going to get in many people’s ways. So whats it like now being here? Surreal I think, is the right word for it. To recreate a prop that becomes a prop is
better than any dream I could have hoped for, really. So we’re talking today with Kiran Shah and
Arti Shah. We’ve seen Kiran’s face a number of times
in a number of movies. Were you in Return of the Jedi? Yes I did stunts for most of the Ewoks. So you were a stunt Ewok? Yes. And then now, both of you are playing power
droids. How does that compare to some of the other
roles you’ve played? So the power droid is quite heavy so when
you’re working in the droid, you’re actually moving it so slowly .
Even though we walk quite fast, and they’re like “Cmon hurry up!” We’re trying! The roles you often play, you completely disappear
and bring another fantastic character to life. So I’m glad are able to show you on camera
for everyone to see who you guys are. The captain says you are a friend, I will
not kill you. I’ve got Austin Creed here with me from
Up Up Down Down AKA Xavier Woods. You know one of the things I love about you
and what I love about the New Day, is you guys just celebrate your fandom and wear your
fandom on your sleeve, so much. As much as humanely possible. Like, why was that such a huge decision for
you guys? There are kids who are into that, that don’t
necessarily have the role models in that position on television and in movies that tell them
its okay to like this stuff. You will be just fine growing up as an adult,
you know because when we were kids it wasn’t cool. So essentially Up Up Down Down I kind of want
to use that as a platform to show this generation n of adults who are now having kids who might
not have been into video games and think that video games are going to melt your brain,
they’re going to fry, they’re no good for you. They’re a very good social conduit. It’s a viable source for fun, entertainment
and for jobs too so that’s kind of the grand scale of what I’m trying to do with Up Up
Down Down. To kind of push that message in certain different
ways of who we all are. Kids are growing up and they’re learning
its great to have these fandoms and to be involved in them. Obviously a new generation is getting introduced
to Star Wars and Star Wars video games so I wanted to ask you what some of your favorite
Star Wars games were? So I have to go back to the old school arcade
Star Wars, moving left and right, hitting the pillar. Yes! It’s a super basic old school game but for
me it’s the most Star Wars game. There was also nothing else like it just like
the vector graphics and the feeling of 3D. This is just like the two oldest dudes in
the world, this is like two grandpas walking uphill both ways to the factory. But you can’t understand what it was like
to see simulated 3D in a game for the first time. Even with the Vive and all that stuff, being
able to go back and play this game and still feel immersed in 3D, like so ahead of it’s
time. Yeah, its absolutely unreal. There’s something about the vector graphics
that fit with the overall art direction of the Star Wars universe anyway. It felt just like looking at a targeting computer
like you were sitting in a pod. I’m really a pilot, I know what I’m doing. So that was your favorite one as a kid, lets
talk about right now. If you were gong to sit down and play a Star
Wars game, what are you playing? I’d do Battlefront. Yeah. It feels good especially since you can be
in these maps and there’s these specific things happening. Again you feel immersed. So like the AT-ATs walking around. Ah! Its all these things that I wanted and now
I can play them online with people and trash talk while I do it! It just warms my heart. Austin, if people want to watch you and your
friends playing these games where are they going? They go to Up Up Down Down on YouTube or they
can check us out on Twitter. My twitter: Or general twitter:
Well Austin, thank you so much for coming by man
Thanks for having me I appreciate it! (Music) You know, I couldn’t have predicted it but
Star Wars fans really like Star Wars special effects. Shocking right?! Cobalt CR3A agreed with Diego Luna and said
the Jabba puppet was the best, Bill Murdon went with this iconic shot from Jedi, Smee
Dangler on Twitter said, “as a compositing grad student, the cameos of gold and red leader
in Rogue One was epic!” and our own cheeky Justin Bolger said, Ian McDiramond’s smile. This week we want to know who your favorite
Rebels character of all time is and why. Gooti. Mine is Gooti. For obvious reasons. Huh, I thought you would’ve gone with Hera,
or Chopper. NOPE. GOOTI. Mine is probably Hondo I like a smooth talking
Con man. You kind of look like him! How dare you madam! Let us know your favorites and why using the
hashtag #RadRebels and we’ll feature our favorites here next week. I thought we were friends! Thanks for watching and may the force be with
you. You betrayed me! I’m sorry
You set it up so perfectly. He has goggles, you have glasses. It’s a thing. You did fine, Frank. Gold star.

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  1. #RadRebels My favorite Rebel would have to be Ahsoka. From her time imparting Jedi/Republic philosophy to Mandalorian youth, uncovering dissension among Duchess Satines administration to inspiring the will to survive and stand against villiany in the oppressed and down trodden. Ahsoka is a true Jedi and one with the Force. I mean literally now as she carries the remaining essence of "The Sister". Who is living embodiment of the Force. Most importantly she knows what is at stake and the importance of the Rebellion. This makes her The Raddest Rebel. #AhsokaLives #RadRebels

  2. Alright now I want to get this clear I DON'T Mean to be rude or anything, but for all you Anthony haters out there, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but could yall please back off of him! He is new and I'm sure that he is trying to be himself and still trying to be liked by everyone else that watches the show . I mean picture yourself as him in this position, and I bet you would be trying to do the same thing. All I'm saying is just give him a chance.

  3. Sabine Wren because I love Mandalorians. I consider myself to be a Mandalorian and she is a great warrior and awesome character

  4. I wrote a poem for Andi… My dearest

    Andi your smile is dandy
    You bring joy to those moods of which are sandy
    That always comes in handy
    If you don't mind me asking, What's your favorite candy?
    If we sailed out to sea, what would be your favorite shanty?
    I love your style and grace but can't get passed your beautiful face
    If this was a race, I'd let you win first place
    Andi my dearest it is I who holds your heart nearest that's my genuine sincerest
    You are beautiful inside and out
    With no ounce of doubt
    Without you in my my life it'd be a terrible drought
    Okay Andi I'm leaving now sorry this poem went sideways
    But may the force be with you


  5. Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy still is the best for me… Especially with g_saberrealisticcombat (g_dismemberment for 1.01).

  6. I LOVED the Rebels version of Maul. So many great lines, "Formerly Darth, now just Maul". "What fun" has become a part of my day to day language. Not to mention him casually slipping the Sith Code into his conversations with Ezra. SO GOOD.

  7. Hondo is slick, and fashionable. You'll never see a more plausible deception of character, if he comes out being a skilled lightsaber wielder. #RadRebels

  8. #RadRebels after Trials of the Darksaber, Sabine became my favorite character. Because my other favorite character pulled a disappearing act during the Season 2 finale!!! 😭

  9. #RadRebels Ok so I'm torn between Ahsoka and Sabine. Ahsoka is probably my favorite SW overall character but if we're just talking like the main Rebels crew then I'm going with Sabine.

  10. ah the weathering/damage on the original 2-1-B is so much more realistic. looks like the new one is just plastic with the same dents put in it over and over

  11. Sorry but Andi's got a point there, Anthony you do look kinda like Hondo. lol. My personal fav' has to be Sabine something about been Mandalorian.

  12. You guys should bring back the After Show! I really enjoyed hearing the different opinions of people who work so closely to the source. I miss Peter too…

  13. oh my god! I cant believe this! I didnt know that kiran from lotr is also part of the star wars franchise. I love it!

  14. Of course they wouldn't talk about the un-cannon star Wars games… Is it forbidden to pronounce "Old Republic" or "Jedi Academy" at Lucasfilm?

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