Star Wars Video Games Coming to Celebration and Rebuilding the Rebel Base for Rogue One

We rode Hyperspace Mountain 7 times and lived
to tell about it! You good, Andi? Yeah just give me a second… She’s good This week, on The Star Wars Show! Andi sits down with special effects legend
Phil Tippet Anthony and Andi takes a trip to Hyperspace
Mountain And much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters, it’s
the Star Wars Show! Hey I’m Anthony Carboni
And I’m Andi Gutierrez, and this is the Star Wars Show, the only show that manufactures
its own whimsy. Weee! It’s a wittle Empire
Pew pew pew pew! I’m gonna kill your family with adorableness! That’s terrible! Now the news. Say, Andi, do you like Video Games? Yes, yes I do. Do you also like Star Wars Celebration? Very much so, yes. Well then you’re going to love the video
games coming to Star Wars Celebration this year! Oh? Indeed! EA, the creators of Star Wars Battlefront,
Star Wars The Old Republic, and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes will be there to showcase
their latest games. Plus, Star Wars mobile games like, Star Wars:
Force Collection, Star Wars: Pinball, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will all be playable
on the show floor. But what if I’m not inside the convention
center? Ahahaha! Don’t worry Andi! The developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic
are throwing an off-site cantina event, where you can meet the designers and enjoy talks
with the developers. For more information check out Star
The New York Times bestselling series, Jedi Academy just revealed the cover for the fifth
entry in the series, “The Force Oversleeps.” which I do pretty much everyday. The book is written and illustrated by Jarrett J. Krosoczka, and in a beautiful bit of synergy, you can read a Q&A with Jarret (after the
episode is over) on Star Anthony Carboni. You just finished doing the news this week,
what are we going to do next? I’m going to Disneyland! With you as well! In this pre recorded segment We’re at Disneyland in Anaheim, California! It is Season of the Force, ooh can you feel
it all around, Andi? It feels so good! We’re about to ride Hyperspace Mountain,
take a regular Space Mountain and Star Wars it. We got Brent here, he is the creative director
for Season of the Force. What a great thing to be. It’s a lot of fun
Tell us a little bit about how Hyperspace Mountain differs from the traditional Space Mountain experience.
Hyperspace Mountain is everything you love about the classic Space Mountain
But with Hyperspace Mountain it’s also a Star Wars adventure so we have that great
John Williams music Ba bade bum bad a bum
You’re hearing the other pilots, you’re seeing Star Destroyers and X-Wings and TIE
Fighters. It really puts you in the middle of the action. What kind of technical things did you have
to do to kind of put everything into this ride that’s already been there for 40 years? So as you were going through there, we put
projection effects so that we could actually bring the visuals to life and we added some
brand new special effects you might have noticed. There are lasers actually whizzing by you
to bring you right into the middle of the action. Those were intense. I actually did not expect those. Tell us a little bit about the soundtrack
because you recorded an all new soundtrack of classic Star Wars music. We actually recorded with the London Symphony
Orchestra in Abbey Road just like the original soundtracks. That’s amazing. And we actually re-recorded so that it matches
every turn, dip and drop inside the mountain. Yeah the synchronization is really spot on. That comes from riding it hundreds of times
to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Tough life. I know its really rough. It goes through entire story beats of this
battle. Can you talk about how it ties into Blue Squadron
and this whole battle that is going on? We actually worked with Pablo Hidalgo who
I’ve seen on the Star Wars Show a couple times. Never heard of him. You really are in the Battle of Jakku. You’re a part of Blue Squadron and what
starts off as a little reconnaissance mission, turns into a big Imperial trap and you find
yourself in the middle of this battle. So Star Wars Land is obviously in development
but its still a ways off. What can fans expect in Disneyland right now? Well we are always celebrating the latest
and greatest in the Star Wars galaxy here at Disneyland. In fact, we recently announced that with Star
Wars The Last Jedi, we’re going to be having a new adventure coming to Star Tours. So yeah, you’ll be able to visit planets
from that film as well. That’s awesome, well Brent thank you so
much. If you guys have not made it to Season of
the Force yet, you have got to get here. It’s amazing. If you give Brent’s name at the gate and
tell them you saw it on The Star Wars Show you get to ride Hyperspace Mountain 7 times
in a row like we did. You’re here most days’ right? I’ll try. Just give his name at the gate. The captain says you are a friend. I will not kill you. Hey guys, I just want to let you know that
I’m geeking out a little right now. We have an absolute legend joining us this
week, VFX pioneer and ,multiple Oscar winner, ILM Creature Shop veteran, founder of Tippet
Studios, Phil Tippet. Thank you so much for joining us, it is an
honor. So I want to start off talking about your
influences a little bit. I heard you saw Harryhausen’s the 7 Voyages
of Sinbad when you were 7 and you kind of had it already made up in your mind what you
wanted to do with your life. Yeah I had no idea what I was looking at at
the time. Then, there were no trade journals or anything
like that so it was very difficult to get information about what that was. It was a friend of Ray Harryhausen’s, Forest
J Ackerman and his magazine called “Famous Monsters of Film Land” published enough
to go, they didn’t use a movie camera. Did you start tinkering around with stop motion
when you fairly young? Yeah I saved up enough money to buy an 8mm
single frame camera and just started experimenting when I was like 12, 14 something like that. So your specialty is really creature design
and animation. What you’ve done with Star Wars was…I
mean stuff of legend. Like the Rancor. What was it like developing that character
and model? George kind of cast a wide net and needed
a monster for Jabba’s Palace. I came up with this maquette of this thing
and George said, I found him. Simple as that. That was amazingly simple. All the decisions were really simple and you
puppeteered him as well? Initially George wanted the Rancor to be a
man in a suit but it just didn’t look any good and we were running out of time. Dennis came up with this idea of making a
hand puppet out of it and shooting it high speed so towards the end of production we
shot all of that stuff. Now, you worked on the Dejarik table in the
original Star Wars but you came back to animate it again for the Force Awakens, correct? Sort of, they wanted the chess set but the
puppets had disintegrated by that time. They’re made out of material that just turns
into like graham crackers. So we went to the archive and used this process
called Photogrammetry where you shoot the objects with a camera high medium and low
and in the computer do the reconstruction work and printed out the objects at the proper
scale and the molds were made and stop motion armatures were made but the process to reconstruct
it took months. What sort of new developments in the effects
field are exciting to you? Virtual reality kind of the flavor of the
day and there’s a lot of really interesting things but for me the significance of it is
nobody knows nothing. So that’s really great territory to play
in. Do you kind of find yourself looking for the
Wild West in what you do? No, the Wild West finds you. I’m here with Gary Tomkins, senior art director. We’re about to step into the main Masasi
base on Yavin IV, the Rebel hangar set. Probably have been working on this for 15
weeks on and off and I’ve been here virtually every day. We started with plywood and then began textures
on the wall and the painters came along, the greens department, the props, the set decorating,
We’ve got the X-Wings in and it just gets more and more exciting. I know because I looked, there’s no blueprints
for this. So how did you go about creating this? We lovingly and methodically went through
the entire Lucasfilm archives and pulled out every single image we could. Even down to working out the amount of bands
and I can’t help but notice these status boards from the original. Yeah we wanted to be as faithful as we possibly
could. Its important for the tradition and the history. Its been a long process but when the doors
open and the extras came in dressed as rebel troops, suddenly you feel wow, this is Star
Wars. This is something special. It became real. Last week we wanted to know what the best
Star Wars Toy was and more than a few of you could not decide. Charlie Hicks couldn’t pick his favorite
Boba, while Clone Wars got some love from Lobo Nox 1313
Paul showed off his original AT-AT, and Glenn showed off the lone survivor of his mothers
infamous 1985 toy purge, Jedi Luke. He really was the last Jedi. This week, in honor of our guest Phil Tippet,
we want to know what your favorite special effect from Star Wars is and that should be
very easy because there are so few to choose from. Send it to us using the hashtag Star Wars
FX and we’ll feature our favorites next week. Which one are you thinking? Stop motion tauntauns or the rancor puppet. Its all so good. Lightsabers are the effect that changed my
life though. But they’re real. In my heart. And also in this office. We have real lightsabers in this office
Thanks for watching and may the force be with you. We have no further information about the real
lightsabers that exist. Nope, I don’t. I said I had it and that’s how I know. LIAR
LIES. DECEPTION. Are we no longer friends?

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