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  1. We have to consider maybe this was all Just a publicity stunt. If it was, then it was one of The Best ones ever.

  2. The guy screaming the marriage proposal out to steffi was probably the nut that was infatuated with her and stabbed Monica Seles.

  3. Steffi was very graceful on the court. I loved watching her play just as I do watching Maria Sharapova. Most women tennis players now are too masculine for my liking.

  4. Steffi Graf, most legendary tennis player, after Martina Navratilova. And she have million love from around the world.

  5. I can feel a f**g great composer in this video

  6. Gold digger things.Especially In India,if gender were reversed,& boy had replied how much fair/beautiful with dusky complexion,it wud hv been a World War

  7. Steffi ha un umorismo incredibile.. Non da tedesca… Forse pochi sanno che lei per colpa del padre perse molti soldi quasi fino alla bancarotta. E i giornali e i gossip non parlavano d'altro facendola vivere senza pace schiava di quella situazione. La risposta allo spettatore è qualcosa che fa parte di un umorismo che ho visto solo a Napoli

  8. Me from India , unable to play my favorite game tennis. Today all youngsters are playing on mobile. What should I do?

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