Step by Step Baby Shower Design & Set-Up | DIY Baby Shower Balloon Garland & Decorations

hey guys welcome to my channel today’s
video is about event design and set up and my event designed and set of
services which is pretty much the only service I offer right now until I open
my venue some of you guys have been asking me why I only call myself an
event designer and not a planner and that’s basically why because I drop the
entire planning process from events and only concentrate on decorating on the
day off so basically my event design and set of services is for the client who
has already planned their entire event and only need help on the day of their
event a one-hour design consultation is included in the fee and 98% of the time
I meet with my clients at the venue where they can tell me what their vision
is for this space and I can start envisioning things and then I can
suggest what things they need to provide for me so I can make it happen for them
I also suggest inventory I have that they could rent from me and I also
offering my balloon services the baby shower is going to take place at a club
house which I love the very second I saw it is a great space but it does have its
challenges because it has multiple rooms that I have to filled out and make it
flow with the rest of the other rooms within the budget they gave me in this
video you are going to see Dixie’s baby shower it is a lavender panda baby
themed she loves purple and decided to do lavender for her baby
girl and Dixie is a repeat offender she was actually one of my very first
clients here in Georgia and I have done multiple multiple events for her and her
family and I adore her we are not friends therefore I was able to take her
entire her entire baby shower and she let me put it you know out there and
she’s the best so here it is enjoy and yes guys I am doing all of this by
myself goodness unfortunately my husband had to
work he wasn’t able to take off he’s the one that usually helps me out he’s my
muscle and well he did help me unload you know everything there but he had to
go right back to work and my sister is not in town but fortunately at the same
time I was able to get into the clubhouse the day before the event so I
was able to spend the entire day to set up all by myself
oh and by the way if you live in Georgia or in North Georgia I’m going to start
hiring in June July so if you are into event planning and you’re very crafty
and very responsible and have attention to detail send me your info at the Taira
Perez project at alright guys this is a I hope you
enjoyed this video please make sure to LIKE comment subscribe and hit that a
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video for you guys on Thursday so please make sure to tune in then alright guys
until next time

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  1. Definitely another successful shower -👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👸🏽🌸Beautiful decor 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💙

  2. You amaze me and I am so happy to see you expanding and growing!!!! I’ve been such a huge fan for years and you have inspired me countless times!

  3. Do you provide the white tables and do you blow the balloons at the venue or you do all that at the house before you leave? I am so inspired by your work, I am lowkey starting my own planning and project. Thank you

  4. Great job! I’m a planner and designer here in Georgia. If I get any clients who we aren’t able to take I’ll definitely refer you. Love your work (my ig is crystal_niqwilliamsevents)

  5. Hello,

    My name is Tina. I wouldn’t mind working under you as your assistant. I have been helping with events and putting together events since I was 17 years old. This has
    been my passion for a very long time and I would love to take my talents and continue to put them to use and also learn from you!! I am located in Georgia.. 30 mins from Atlanta. Hopefully we can work together. I will send you an email and show you some of my work. Thank you in advance. Have a blessed day!!

  6. i watch all your videos and i eally love them but let me tell u today i love u even mre cz u r sharing ur work and think alot about ur followers and can do anythng to help us..
    can u make a vvid on customised decals and backdrop prints
    really love u for ur effort and work xoxo

  7. That really was so pretty i love the colors you are so awesome at what you do girl 🙌 God Bless You 🙏🏾

  8. You are do awesome and talented wish i had half your talent i truly want to do what you are doing but not as talented as you
    Wish i lived in Georgia i would love to work with you and i wish you the best with your business and life
    Stay blessed

  9. Beautiful…Im doing a baby shower soon..Thanks for the ideas gonna use ur bany block ideas!! Shine on Queen!!

  10. This is so awesome! Love the theme and colors! Love the way you arranged the tables in the X. You are the master at creativity!

  11. Work it Tayra! The Queen of Magic Transformations! You are amazing and everyone better be glad I don't stay in Atlanta… they would have a fight on their hands because I'd be your assistant for sure LOL

  12. The paw prints were the perfect added details!

    All that crawling around on the floor ..I’d have to wash my hands a million times!!
    I know..germaphobe! lol

  13. I wish you lived in the Boston area because I would have definitely signed up to work with you 🙌🏼👌🏼💕 you’re amazing

  14. Great set up! I am in love with the colors. Ms Tayra what was the sizes of the tablecloth please? If not too much asking, where would you suggest me to buy them for better quality and price please? Thank you for sharing/helping!😍😍

  15. Wow!!! Amazing. Would you consider teaching your skills to others? I would be your student😀. That was excellent. Thank you for sharing👍🏼🙏🏽

  16. Hello Tayra, I was diagnosed with breast Cancer Oct. 2018. I will be continuously hoping and praying , to continue to win this battle against Cancer. I am turning 55 in August and would love to do some type of centerpieces representing breast cancer. I am thinking Black and pink, but I am open to other colors combinations. I would love a centerpiece and any form of decor. I love all your work so very much. Tonnie

  17. Girl, you did an amazing job by yourself. I wish I lived in Georgia so I could work with you. You always inspire me to never give up and keep on trying. 😘

  18. I love the title. Think I will use that because right now I am not actually into planning but more into the design and set up.

  19. This is beautiful! I just subscribed okey on this video. Looking forward to see what else you have in store. Great job!

  20. Would love, love, love to see you put a sunflower theme birthday together. You are so talented and creativity is amazing! I love watching your tutorials.

  21. I would have loved to work alongside you. This is my calling for sure. Too bad I’m up North. TFS please do more set up videos.

  22. This is amazing you did this yourself. Very beautiful and creative. Lucky you for having the whole day to decorate out here in NYC some venues give u 2- 3 hours.

  23. Omg I’ve never been so happy to live in north Georgia! 😭 I’ve always been obsessed with party/event planning and everyone in my life has always said I have a true talent for it! Are you still looking for an assistant?

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed that and marvel at your energy!! Go Tayra..go Tayra…You go girl with ur bad self!!!!

  25. I just wanted to say I have never seen anyone as talented and creative as you. You're awesome at what you do. Thanks for sharing your videos with us. 💜💜Muchas gracias…

  26. Great job! Tried to go to your amazon storefront but got an error message. Interested in purchases those 3-legged "stools"

  27. quedo bellísimo puede haser en su otro próximo video una decoración de temática de Paris para 18 años de mujer💋❤😙

  28. You are so creative, I just love this setup, it has inspired me a great deal. Keep shining Queen!!!

  29. So cuuuuute! Love the colors.
    This is an amazing shower video.
    You make everything look easy.
    If only I lived in ATL…you would already have your newest employee! MEEEEEE 😊

  30. What were you using to press the tablecloths? It was really bothering me when I saw all those wrinkles in the tablecloths lol. I have brought an ironing board and iron to an event

  31. 💕💕💕💕💕 Beautiful job! Your vids are so relaxing to watch. When I need a break at work from numbers I watch your vids. May God continue to bless you. 💕

  32. LOVE the title "Event Designer" because people often expect the decorator to also PLAN the event! I don't plan… I just design and set up! 😁😁😁

  33. Man I wish I lived in Georga! I would LOVE to work with you. 😔 But I'll continue to watch from afar….

  34. What do you use to make sure all balloons are the same size. I have seen a board of some sort but I am not sure what company is using them

  35. I love ur work! Thank you for being so detailed in explaining how to do everything! 💞💞💞

  36. Just came across this video today, and you did a great job.. I do a little decorating myself.. I'm not sure if it's to late to email you or not but I'm going to give a try..

  37. Amazing…phenomenal…exquisite work! and ALL BY YOURSELF. I loved how you set-up the tables. Is it L shaped? It takes a special and dedicated person to create this magic….and that's YOU! Get it girl:) I have done work by myself….and it's a lot of work. Tayra, hats off to you! Why are there some dislikes??? Thanks for inspiring me more and more. BTW: Nice venue!!! !Dios te bendiga.

  38. Hi Tayra, I enjoy your tutorials immensely! I am currently in the process of planning a baby shower for my second grandchild. I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to share the decal information and the materials list to for the balloon Panda decal backdrop look in your video? Was the Panda decal a custom designed logo that you uploaded to a website offering decal services? Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  39. Beautiful!!! When setting up a space like this, will it be okay to use different centerpieces throughout instead of the same one? Thanks

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