Stifler invites himself to the Party (American Wedding)

Fuckers! Well, polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake. What’s up ? That’s right. Cake? Hope it’s good. Gee. Thanks for inviting me to the
graduation party, fucker. Fucking right, doggy.
That’s good cake! Holy shit! Hi. How are you?
Congratulations. Hey… “Congratulation, Jism!” Excuse me. Stifler? Hey, Jim! Stifler,
what are you doing here? Happy fuckday, assmouth! Put the cake down. Check it out.
I made it all by myself. Cute. What happened to my invite?
Got lost in the mail, fuckface? Quiet! Bite yourself.
That’s what I thought. I think I can
spell “Cajun Rectum.” Seriously, man. Jesus. Damn it, Stifler. Jim, look what you did! Look what I did? Look at this shit! What am I supposed to do now? Are you happy now, man?
Why are you here? My dick looks like a corn dog. I got cake all over my balls. Jim, honey? Shit. The Flahertys are waiting. Do you think
he’s upstairs, honey? You’re fucked now, Jim. Stifler, get up. This dog’s great! Is it weird that it feels good? All right… What about the dining room? I know you’ll just love him. Jesus, Stifler. Stop enjoying it so much. Lick it up! Jim? No, it’s not
what it looks like. What are you doing, Son? My dogs!
Don’t go in there, darling! Lord knows what
they’ll do to you! I love this dog! I was trying to
get him off, Dad. Back away from the animal. Mr. And Mrs. Flaherty,
I presume. Well, lunch is served.

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  1. I love how Jim's dad says "Back away from the animal" 2nd funniest character in the series behind Stifler

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