Stonewall | 25th anniversary

You may not read a play by Oscar Wilde you may not listen to the music of Tchaikovsky in case its gay quality corrupts you of I had a few friends which were lesbians but no-one quite like me, I felt like I was the only feminine lesbian [Whitney] Same I did find a very difficult but there
was no one for me to identify with it was a case of I said it, my mum said it, everyone said it, if my family if my grandparents found out it would kill them my Dad, bless him, said to me one day “we don’t have a lot of money but we’ve got enough to pay for you to go for anti-therapy to have you cured” and I said, I’m not ill it’s not a disease I’ve always had a really good group of friends and I
think their first reaction was “Oh, why didn’t you tell us earlier” All our friends knew, all my employers, my
employees and yet there was something missing in that I hadn’t told every member of my family and that I hadn’t been prepared to talk as I am now, to the media about being gay My mum was okay for about five seconds and then the worry set in and I happen to be gay as well which means she’s accepted but it’s just like only child you know so it was pretty
difficult we love each other to bits, he calls my partner his favourite son in law so we go through the rocky road and are
you going to be honest throughout your life or you’re going to tell
a lie there’s no choice really, honesty is always the best policy in the end it’s like, all my
family’s okay with it even my grandparents have met my ex she got down on one knee and when she did that, my heart like… [Megan] it was so cute she cried it was surreal, I had overwhelming feeling of like tears that came out, like I’ve never had that feeling since It will be really nice when I don’t have to
say oh actually I don’t have a husband we’re all actually moving in the right direction, I think
we’ve got lots to be cheerful about Stonewall stands to me as a
symbol of where my life went right all of a sudden it’s also been done for me so I’ve not had to
fight for it like all the other generations and stuff have I wouldn’t for Stonewall, I mean I wouldn’t be allowed to live here and it gives everyone a voice, I think thats most important things action to change the laws in the country him going to change the lives people we at CUNA closely faster than you will but we gave back in to get on is you yes the stone all
phrases like some a gay guy over the work now to
become as the other side of the agenda Marie identified 25 years ago but grew
concerned for legally caught in the middle sure Google
search called Leslie greiz really does mean to
me it means that we just who sees the same as anybody else than
it should be treated the same a quite like to meet him people to with
us somehow we’ve called to wear with and how then need to carry told so this more work to be done and it
will continue it will have to be done but it does get

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  1. Will the 25th anniversary of Stonewall finally mean the inclusion of trans* people in the organisation? After all it was trans women of colour who began the riots for which Stonewall is named. Considering that, it's a bit cheeky to exclude the trans* community for all that time. But I am grateful for Stonewall and all the good work they've done over the years, keep fighting the good fight!

  2. This is amazing. Well done to Stonewall and everyone in this video on all your important work, it means so much to me and ultimately to every person on this planet. Congratulations!

  3. So pleased to be involved in this video!  Thanks so much to Ian McKellen & Stonewall for all you have done for LGB equality! 


  5. Stonewall arent what they should be…there is LOADS of work to be done in places like Uganda/Russia……. do you really trust it to be done done by charities that are owned by corporations like Barclays and not REAL GAY PEOPLE on the streets?….reclaim your sexuality from opportunistic charities, demand charities who DEMAND gay prides that promote charity and activism, a charity which YOU can be actively involved with other than sending MONEY!

    PM me for details.

  6. Stonewall achieved much more than is in this video, I lived it, I know, people were even denied work, housing and lots lots more, 

  7. And denied knowledge. If you dont know that gay people exist how do you even know what it means? I started secondary school in 1988 so I got called ' gay' from pretty much day one but didn't know what it meant. My mother was a teacher and supported not telling us anything even after she had had to go to my school to complain that I was being called a lesbian. We need education, we really really need it. I was experiencing extreme sexual abuse by age 11 but not being told about consent about rights about what I might like. "Gay" was and is the favourite slur of the two boys, who used to threaten to rape us if we didn't kiss them. The teachers were afraid to tackle sexual bullying because it would have meant acknowledging that. I was put off seeking relationships and thought my lack of attraction was trauma related.

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