Storm Reid Celebrated Her Birthday by Dining in Complete Darkness

-How are you?
-I’m great! How are you? -I’m so happy you’re here.
-Thank you. -You are, I believe,
the youngest guest we’ve ever had on the show.
Congratulations. -Yes! Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you, thank you.
I’m honored to be here. And this is actually my first
late-night appearance, so… -Oh, well, now I’m honored.
-Celebration. [ Cheers and applause ] -You have to be 16
to be in our audience, and you just turned 16 in July.
-I just turned 16. So, I just made it.
-You just made it. -I just made it. -Because security would have
stopped you at that door. -“No, no, no, no, no.
We don’t care who you are. You’re not enough —
You’re not old enough.” -What’d you do to celebrate? -I went to a restaurant
called Opaque. It was like
a family and friends dinner. And I had no idea
what was going on. I just told my mom and my sister that I wanted, like,
a dinner experience. -Oh, wow. -So it was actually
eating dinner in the dark. -Oh, I heard about this.
Yeah. -Yes.
So I was terrified, and I actually shed a few tears before I went
into the restaurant. But actually, the servers
and the waiters were blind. So I actually had
to step outside of myself and not be so selfish,
because why wouldn’t I be able to spend an hour
in a dark room when these people have to spend
their entire lives like this? So it was actually
an amazing experience. -And I hear that one of
the parts of that experience is, you just have a better sense of,
like, how the food tastes and everything, all your
other senses are heightened. -Right. Yes.
You have to rely on your senses. And you have to, like,
find your food and be able to really listen
to conversation, ’cause that’s all
you can really rely on. -Yeah.
-So it was trippy. -That’s cool.
-Yes. -Now, the clip from that film,
you were very confused. -Yes.
-And I am, too. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] That’s fair.
That’s fair. -Tell us a little bit about
what’s going on in this movie. -Yes.
So the movie consists of Ashley, who I play, and Jack Radcliff,
who David Oyelowo plays. And, basically, he’s a cop,
and he gets a call that his family has died, but then he gets a phone call
from his deceased niece, and she’s two weeks in the past. So then they try to figure out
how they can change the chain of events
that happened. -Oh, fantastic.
-Yeah. -This is not your first
time-themed film. -You were in
“A Wrinkle in Time.” -Yes, I was. -You’re one of our great
time-genre actors. -Mm-hmm. [ Laughs ]
Thank you. -What was that like, to be able
to work with Ava Duvernay? -She’s so incredible.
-Yeah, she’s amazing. -She is so hands-on
and so sweet. And she really cares about the
people that she’s working with. And no matter who you are,
where you come from, what your gender is,
as long as you can do the job, she wants you, so I’m glad
to have had that experience. -And, of course, that experience
also included Reese and Mindy and Oprah.
-Yes. -I mean, that — I can’t imagine what that
was like as a young actor. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes. So incredible. To have all of those ladies
in my corner to pour into me and to, like, have a group chat
with them is pretty cool. So, I’m pretty official.
-Yeah, you’re pretty — [ Laughter ] And that was a great, great
family film, obviously. You’re also in “Euphoria,” which
is not for the whole family. -Right.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yes.
-That is the opposite. Congratulations. You’re gonna have
another season, yes? -Yes, I’m very excited. -Is it a show
that is enjoyable to make? I find it —
It’s a wonderful show. I find it very hard to watch.
-Yes. -I’m worried about youth.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, it is —
it is hard to watch, but I feel like
we are having conversations about the things that teenagers
are going through, and we’re trying
to bridge the disconnect between older people
and younger people. So, hopefully,
we are impacting lives, and I’m excited
to be a part of it. -And it’s just so —
I will say, as an older person, it’s nice to have a bridge
reached out. [ Laughter ] -Well, you’re not, like —
I wasn’t trying to call you old. -Uh-huh.
-But, like, just, wiser. Is wiser better?
-No. [ Laughter ] -Okay. Okay.
[ Both laugh ] -Refined or maybe, like,
recently 20. -Okay. Recently 20.
-Yeah. -Let’s do that.
-Yeah, newly 20. -Newly 20.
-Yeah. -Maybe 21.
-Yeah. Maybe. And then, Zendaya,
you work with her. Have you been a fan of hers
for a long time? -I have!
I’ve admired her my entire life, basically since “Shake It Up,”
and I actually had the chance to meet her at a Ben & Jerry’s
when I was about 9. -How do you have a chance to
meet Zendaya at a Ben & Jerry’s? -So, there’s a Burbank
Town Center in California, and I was going to the movies, and I walk into
the Ben & Jerry’s, going to get ice cream,
mommy and daughter date. And I get my ice cream,
and I see someone that I recognize
in my peripheral vision. So I turn around, and it’s her. And I stand there
for about three minutes straight just not saying anything. And my mom got fed up
at some point and was like, “We have to go
or we’re gonna miss the movie.” So I got the courage
to go say hello, got a picture, and it was
the best day of my life. -That’s fantastic.
And I’m sure she was happy when that moment happened,
’cause until then, you were a weirdo
who was just standing… -Right!
[ Laughter ] Exactly.
I’m pretty sure she was like, “This little girl
needs to come on and say hello or just get out of here.” -And you work with your mother,
yeah? -Yes, I do. We have a production
company together, called A Seed and Wings. It’s me, my sister,
and my mother. And we are producing right now,
and hopefully, we’ll go out to town with
our first project very soon. So we’re excited to be just
giving people opportunities and also making a seat
at the table for ourselves and just creating narratives
that reflect the real world. -Well, thank you so much
for being here. It’s been such a delight
to get to talk to you. -Thank you.
-Storm Reid, everybody.

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  1. Good to see she's following Zendaya as a role model and not some hoe like Kylie Jenner that half our generation seems to be doing

  2. Oh my gawd. I was about to write a joke about how 'Darkness Dining' sounds like a hip new trend… But it's friggin' real.

  3. Grandpa Simpson was right, Seth!
    "I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!"

  4. I wonder how Seth picked between saying, "You're one of the great genre actors of our time." And/or, "You're one of our great time-genre actors." I like how he went with the latter because it implies that Storm Reid movies are a "great time."

  5. I love Storm!!! She’s so amazing and so talented and I cannot wait to see her in everything and conquer the world.

  6. What a delighful and wonderfully talented young woman she seems to be! And, judging from interviews, she seems to be very conscious of the world and people around her! 🌈⭐👍

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