Story Idea Writing Tag and Balto’s Birthday! [CC]

Hey guys, how’s it going? Today’s video is going to be the Story Idea Writing Tag. This was originally created by Brooke
Passmore and Bethany Atazadeh. I’m gonna be linking them both and the original
video down below. The reason why I’m doing this tag and sitting on the floor
is because it is this little guy’s birthday! It’s actually his birthday on
Saturday, so by the time you see this, it’ll be yesterday. But on Saturday, Balto
is turning six years old. And we’re just having a fun play day. And I’m also
gonna be linking of the video that T.B. Caine did the other day, because that’s
what gave me this idea. Story ideas, plot bunnies, a bunny rabbit. So yeah. [laughs]
I’m mostly filming on the floor so you can see him running around behind me. Usually he’s in
his cage while I’m filming, but I figured this – this would be a special exception.
Right, Mr Balto? So without further ado, let’s just get into the questions. So right now I am working on my third draft
of Monsters and Imaginary Friends. It is the story of a young boy who gets
attacked by a monster in the middle of the night, and now his imaginary friend
and the monster under his bed have to team up, figure out who did it, and get
justice and/or revenge. This is one of my favourite story ideas because it came to me, like… there’s just so many elements that all came to me at once that I got
really really excited about it. But yes, that is my current a story idea. Honestly, for the most part, my
story ideas start with a plot twist. Not necessarily a wild plot twist every
time, but I really like, just, the scene where everything just flips on its
head. I love plot twists and even when they’re
minor ones I just – being surprised and [sigh] I dunno, I just I love them. So a lot of times I’ll
think of a really pivotal scene and then kinda build everything around that. Usually the plot kinda comes along with that
because… you have to have a plot to have a plot twist, for the most part. But to
answer the question, my story ideas usually start with a plot twist, followed
very shortly after with the plot. So since my ideas usually
start with the plot twist, I usually start somewhere in the middle and work
outwards. Now, sometimes my “plot twist” is very close to the end, because… that’s
just a logical place for a big plot twist to be, like once you have the
established story it’s easier to completely flip it. But sometimes I like
having a really big plot twist near the beginning of – you set up the story, you
think that you know where the story’s going, and then all of a sudden it’s a
completely different story. And then that’s the story you follow. So it really
depends on where my plot twist is, but for the most part, I start from there and
work outwards. But when it comes to writing I always start at the beginning and work forward, because I have to write in
chronological order. It’s the only way that I can get through the story and get
it to make sense in my brain. Sometimes I’ll jot down a couple quick
drafts of a couple really key scenes, like the plot twists, or other scenes
that need to happen. I’ll do a more detailed outline really of those parts.
Idea-wise, usually plot twist, work my way out. Writing-wise beginning to end. This one, I have trouble with. Because
I always want to keep my story ideas [laughs] I get very attached to my stories, and I
just… [sigh] I dunno, I don’t – I don’t believe that anything in writing should be
permanently deleted. That’s just that’s just what I think. Because I think that
everything has something salvageable in it. So I’ve had a couple ideas that
were just way too… flimsy, I’ll say. Or just couldn’t possibly work. But I’m
still gonna keep those and brainstorm them a little bit, so that I can kinda
know what to pull. Because something brought the idea into my head, there was
something that I initially liked. And I want to keep that idea so I can
isolate it, pull it out, and put in a project that either suits it better or just
a better project. So as far as keeping or tossing, always keep. Now, as far as
“keeping” in the sense of I’m going to actually work on it… it really is just
what I’m really passionate about at that time. So sometimes that’s something
that’s different than what I’m currently writing, sometimes it’s something that is
newer or fresher, because the shiny new ideas I’m always better [laughs] But yeah, for the
most part whatever I’m really excited about in that moment. But nothing is
ever “tossed”. Usually quite a lot of it. Because I find that by starting with the plot twist, so many
elements are included it. And because so many things kind of have to line up to keep
that, a lot of things tend to stay the same. Obviously scenes change,
and characters get tweaked, and world changes, some of the premise gets
switched around. But for the most part, the initial idea stays very similar
because the scene comes together usually very fleshed out in my head. It comes and I
can see it, and I can see that scene and it’ll tweak a little bit depending on
obviously what happens, but that specific flash of scene, usually stays relatively the same. So as far as on AuthorTube,
I usually kinda give a vague synopsis of what I’m writing. I try not
to go into too many details until I get far enough in the story that I’m
confident in it. But when I’m first writing out the story, I kinda keep it
pretty vague. I do share almost all of my writing ideas, though, with my real-life
writing friend, Tony. We are always doing all the Nanowrimos and almost all the Camp Naniwrimos together. And we’ll hang out and write together and he’s just might
go-to writing buddy. So when I have an idea that I’m excited about… I like talking about it, because it just – it’s thinking out loud,
and it’s also just sharing, and it’s also just getting me hyped and stuff. And he
is the perfect for that, he is such a good hype man. He is just really great
at being supportive and getting excited with me and he’s… [sigh] He’s a really good
writer, I really like his writing. He just has such an amazing brain for stories.
So I just love sharing my ideas with him. He’s so great for that. And yeah, we talk
about my ideas. Sometimes I’ll go into spoilery details with him, but yeah.
He’s – I share almost all of them, and I share almost all of them with him. Definitely! So, I dream a lot and I almost
always remember my dreams. I can remember three or four dreams every night. I also
have mostly nightmares, it’s always been that way. I just – I would say about 80% of my dreams tend to be nightmares. But that
makes a really good writing material. So sometimes I’ll have a dream and it’ll be
really vivid, and it’ll either be a story idea or I’ll be able to take certain
things from them and make a story. Or I’ll be able to – it’ll inspire something. I’m gonna say kind of. So, I’ve never had an idea and then found that full idea in
something else. But where my ideas start with small premises, I’ve seen bits a
pieces of them throughout other media. My current work in progress includes my
favourite trope, and I’ve read that trope a handful of other times because I
specifically search out that trope because it’s my favourite. So things like
that I do, but I’ve never read this full idea all together as a TV show, movie, book, etc. As far as other ideas go, I’ve written – some
my older stuff was very cliche fantasy, so obviously I’ve seen very very
similar premise. Like, one of my other stories that I finished, Amphire’s Heir,
it’s a very… I’m gonna say stereotypical, typical fantasy story about a orphan who becomes
the heir to a throne because circumstances, and they [stutters]
And then gets kicked out of the kingdom, and now has to make her way back to the kingdom to
reclaim her throne. So that idea has been done a million times. And some of my
other stories are very basical premises, but I haven’t seen them done
exactly in that way. And I think that – side note here – every idea has been done.
Maybe not exactly that same way but everything has been done at some point.
But every time someone does it, it’s going to be different. Like, you can give 50
people the exact same writing prompt, tell them to write a story, and you’re
gonna have 50 completely different books. So I think that this is something people stress
about a lot. But yeah. Overall I have seen elements of things I was working on in
other forms of media, but definitely never similar enough to be discouraging. I wanna say a little bit with my
current work in progress, because it was the trope itself
that inspired the plot twist that inspired the rest of the premise But it
wasn’t really like I was watching something and then the idea came from
there. Now, to be fair, I don’t really watch a lot of TV or movies. I actually
almost don’t watch any TV, I’m just not a TV person. That’s just – that’s a lot of
commitment for me. I mean, I think that the more media we consume, whether it’s
books, TV shows, movies, the more ideas are floating around in our head.
Like, the more things we’re exposed to, the more we have to pull upon. So even though
nothing has directly inspired me, obviously everything that I have seen
and read and experienced has affected me in some ways. So I’m gonna go with kinda but barely. So, for me, the very first
story I ever wrote was a… very weak Lord of the Rings retelling with my dad
as the main character. [laughs] I can’t remember even how it started. I think he was just
walking down the street one day and then fell into a hole and then ended up in
The Lord of the Rings world. And then got to experience the story. Because Lord of
the Rings was always my dad’s favourite book and we read it – like, I read
Lord of the Rings for the first time when I was four years old, it was always always
around when we were growing up. And I thought it’d be cool if my dad could be in the
story, so I decided to write it. And I obviously never finished it because… I
don’t know if you know this, but Lord of the Rings is a big story. And a retelling
of that written by a five-year-old… [laughs] Is not gonna get finished [laughs] But yeah, that
was the first story idea that I remember writing. And that is it the final question.
So thank you guys so so much for watching and for celebrating
Balto’s birthday with me. He appreciates it [laughs] If you guys enjoyed this video, please
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and until then: Have a great day, bye!

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  1. Happy birthday, sweet bun! 💖💖 it is so sweet to see all your pets playing together.

    Hearing about your writing always has me super excited for your projects…they always sound so interesting.

    Lovely tag!

  2. Happy birthday Balto! I love plot twists and trying to construct them to be the best they can be! Thank you for doing this tag, sweetie! Also, Balto in the background was the cutest <3

  3. My bunbun is sending birthday wishes to Balto! I love the little binkies he's doing in the background. 😀
    Monsters and Imaginary Friends sounds so intriguing! Also having a writing buddy like that must be awesome. Being able to talk about the ideas you have can make such a difference. I've noticed at least that when I try to explain my story or the characters to someone else, I always find so many new ideas… and plot holes… 😀

  4. Happy Birthday, Balto!
    I think you're the first person I've heard say that their story ideas start with the twist, and I freaking love that. What a cool way to approach a story. It's interesting then how you have to build out from the middle, both backward to the beginning and forward to the end. So awesome! 😀

  5. Happy Birthday, Balto!! I loved getting to watch him play with the cats (is that Comet?) in the background. His little jump-kicks make me so happy 😆

    It says a lot about you that the first thing you wrote was to fulfill a dream of your dad’s. It’s so sweet ❤️

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