STORYTIME: My Teacher Made Fun Of Me In Class

First of all you may or may not notice something very different about me. So people have repeatedly asked me in YouTube comments and on other social media if I would ever talk about how I was as a student in public, mainstream school, as someone who was deaf for a portion of it. That is a video that I will make a much longer version of later on down the road, but I did want to make a quick video, one, because of time, two, this is, uh, something that was very important to me, I guess, for lack of a better word. I will say that there were times that, uh, people would kinda crack jokes about the fact that I was deaf. Like if they came up behind me and then said “Gosh what are you deaf or something?!”… When you know, I couldn’t hear them – obviously. But this moment was something that was much more than that. And something that I really would not have expected to happen from this particular person. So this is going to be a story time sort of video. So this happened when I was in 11th grade. I think in a video that I made about this story I might have accidentally said 8th grade. Hopefully, I did not. So, it was in 11th grade, I was in high school, I was 16 years old, and in US History Class, my teacher made fun of me in front of the entire class for something that was out of my control. And yes, it has to do with my hearing loss So I know that in schools, and in the United States and in Canada, I don’t know about any other countries… Occasionally, we would have to watch films, which can always be fine, and great, whatever. But, sometimes, usually half of the time, we had to write facts about whatever we were watching. So we would watch the film, listen to the film, and copy what we heard on a piece of paper, whether it be 15 facts, 30 facts, whatever. The number always varied. Now, I was a deaf student – I would still be a deaf student – and this was hard. Why? Because there were no captions! At all. None of these videos, not even the films that we watched for fun, had captions on them. And my teacher was aware of the fact that I was hard of hearing at that time. My hearing was better back them but I was still deaf enough that I couldn’t understand A lot of what was going on. I went to my teacher and I said “Hey, you know, I need closed captions on videos This doesn’t have closed captions. What am I supposed to do because I can’t understand the film?” The solution was to sit in front of the computer. And I just agreed, I was 16 years old, this was a time that I was not very comfortable with who I was. Deafness and all. So I just kind of pushed things aside and said “Fine, okay.” So I did that and all it did was make the sound a lot louder, which made it a lot more muffled. I read stories all the time from other deaf people who’s parents or friends or whoever always said “Why don’t we just turn it up? You don’t need captions. I don’t like captions.” All it does is make the sound louder and it doesn’t really make it more comprehensible. Usually. I sat in front of the computer speaker, I tried my best to get facts and I’m pretty sure I had less than half of the sentences we needed to write But not only that, a lot of them were very incomplete. It would be half of a sentence, or each sentence would have every few words That I could make out and it was horrible, I didn’t like it, I was very embarrassed about it And maybe I could have copied off of somebody else’s paper but we weren’t allowed to do that so… So we had to turn our papers in, and as we are waiting in line to get out because we had about 3 minutes left So we were just waiting for the bell, my teacher was looking through the papers and reading the papers to himself, and he saw my paper. He saw how incomplete it was and then he decided to pick on me out loud in front of the entire class. He didn’t pull me aside and you know talk about it, which I would have still said the same thing ” You know I can’t understand these movies without captions…So…” But he saw the paper, he laughed out loud, he chuckled out loud, and then he read the sentences out loud and laughed to the entire class about it. And then of course they joined in. It’s a true story, I’m not making it up. And I didn’t say anything about it, I just kinda went along with it. That was something that happened a lot when I was younger. I wasn’t very comfortable about myself with who I was. I couldn’t really accept the fact that I was hard of hearing or that I was deaf, whatever. It was a mess, honestly, it was a mess. If I could have gone back, if it was me now and I had a time machine Or something I would go back and I would be calling the guy out for that because that wasn’t very nice, it’s just not nice to pick on somebody, especially as a teacher! Like it’s not nice when a student does it, but it’s even worse when a teacher does that, like, really? I really wish I would have said something but like I said, I wasn’t comfortabe with myself enough and I couldn’t stand up for myself at that time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only time something similar has occurred, not really making fun of me but just you know treating the fact that I was some sort of deaf like it was nothing. But that will be covered in another video that talks more about being in a mainstream school. Just to throw it out there for any future teachers out there that may have a deaf or hard of hearing student because occasionally that happens in public schools. 1: Try to find captions on the film, I mean it’s 2016 now, like, come on. or, I don’t know, maybe try to find a similar assignment that they can do because it’s difficult! And I feel like it’s just not fair that if we want to try to do some work but it’s something that we physically can’t do then we get penalized for it. And last but not least, don’t make fun of the kid. Like it’s just not nice! At all! Why would you do that? There’s my first little story time video, feel free to check me out on all my social media, that’s down below. Check me out on patreon if you want to support content, link also down below. I make videos every Monday and Thursday unless otherwise stated because of some sort of emergency and I will see you later, bye! Subtitles by the community

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  1. People wonder about all the bullying in school, but no one realizes or wants to accept that the bullying most often begins with the faculty and staff, not with other students. My family was very different from those around us and 95% of the time, the bullying problems that my siblings and I experienced began with teachers. This is no exaggeration. They seem to assert their authority by demeaning and intimidating – bullying.
    Certainly there were "good" teachers (as in, not mean-spirited), but none of them (as I can recall) stood up against their fellow faculty in defense of the children. This was a problem from primary to secondary school, from the time of my elder siblings to my youngest ones. No one cared. And even now, there is a lot of loud outrage, but no one will take responsibility because the system is still run by adult bullies.

  2. Obviously someone who did something like that doesn't feel very good about themself to make fun of someone else

  3. This isn't nearly as bad, but I've also had a few experiences like this. When I started my first day in an American school, I was proficient enough in English to the point where most people didn't realize I had never gone to an all-English speaking school. For my elective, I chose the "technology" class and was so excited to sign up for photography as my first project…. Well, I knew what the word meant, but wasn't sure how to pronounce it… so I said "photograph-ie." The teacher made me say it several times in front of the class and never corrected me- I only realized much later why he was making fun of me. 🙁

  4. I am not a person with any form of hearing impairment, but I actually do understand what you're talking about. Louder doesn't equal clearer. I wish more people understood this.

  5. Can someone tell me what the Canadian equivalent of the ADA is? This irks me that these things still happen at all. I have both Cerebral Palsy and High Functioning Autism, I have ALOT of similar stories. Thank you for sharing your stories. Experiences like this that we've been through are the reasons I'm a Deaf Studies major now, with designs on a Master's in Disability Studies. YOU RULE the interwebs!

  6. My mother is a teacher and she has three deaf girls in her class and one blind girl. Then the rest of the class have learning or mental disabilities.

  7. I hated movies in school. I always watch everything with CC at home and ask my friends to turn it on when i’m visiting (they hate it). I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, but the best way for me to explain my hearing is like hearing dyslexia. When an environment is too loud, if i’m tired, if someone’s speaking too fast, the words get jumbled in my head. Red wagon sounds like wed ragon to me. Ps turn into Ts. Fs into Vs. I’ll look at someone and I KNOW they’re saying something, I know it should make sense, everyone else is talking along and conversing, but it sounds like a foreign language to me. Sometimes I’ll have to have someone repeat something three times before I can make out what they’re saying. In my house, cc is always on. My friends have adapted to that, but I still get the odd look when I go to the bar and ask if it’s possible to turn them on.

  8. I’m visually impaired. Idk if any of y’all had to suffer through this. Anyone remember those stupid overheads? OH MY GOD… Pain in the butt for a visually impaired student. So I was in history class in 8th grade. I was at a private school and I received some accommodations but not all. Okay, so one day in class we had to look at the overhead and write stuff down on paper or in my case my laptop. But those stupid things don’t blow up the letters pretty big and so I kept on mixing up letters like c and o and stuff like that. So I asked my teacher if I could have a paper copy because I was having a hard time reading the overhead and I was told no… Teachers NEED to be accommodating to all students regardless of their disability…

  9. I relate to this so badly.

    My eyesight has always been horrible. One teacher just played movies constantly. Most of them in a foreign language. I wasn't able to read the captions, the tv was blurry, and didn't know the language. sigh low point of my entire school career, I cheated to pass the final because I had no idea what was going on the whole year.

  10. I’ve had teachers make fun of my ADHD and learning disability, but this one teacher really ticked me off, especially since afterwards she started crying and said that I was being a bully.

    Long story short, a friend and I got “detention” for interrupting a “class” to get a paper cos the teacher was shit and didn’t actually teach like she was supposed to and had been failing me for not understanding what was supposed to be taught. After school, we went to the teacher with my mom on the phone and one of the smartest kids in our class was failing the class, which shows you how amazing the teacher was. We ended up talking in circles about our problems with her class for about two hours and at the end she made fun of me for being ADHD, having a learning disability that affects how my brain interprets information regarding math (mostly it’s math, sometimes it’s more than just math), having a friend that was willing to stand up for me and herself, and then had the nerve to call ME the bully for calling her out on her shit.

  11. What a horrible teacher and person overall… But it's great that you've come so far, now being comfortable with who you are. Just found out your channel and I am just blown away. Keep it up! Love what you do!

  12. I have been thinking this for years, but it's ridiculous how much authority teachers have over us. They seem to think they always can belittle us in front of the class, not taking anything into consideration (be it anxiety, or a disability). For example: I don't have a disability, but my teacher didn't believe that people that are left-hand dominant writers had difficulty writing, which is a common thing for us, so she called me out in front of the class and shouted at me for how terrible my handwriting was. Safe to say I was terrified and fixed my handwriting but ofc people with disabilities can't change the way they are. Teachers should be well-trained and monitored if they have people with disabilities in their class, to make sure they are being inclusive.
    It's horrible you had to go through this, and I'm glad you're very accepting of how you are now. 🙂

  13. This makes me so happy that my writing teacher this year is being so accommodating! My school's disability office is refusing to help me because I'm not "deaf enough" so I have to make informal arrangements with my teachers. We have film assignments in my writing class so I asked him about captions and he has no problem with putting them on! Makes me grateful for teachers like that in the world.

  14. At a young age, I couldn’t speak, so I had to learn sign language until I could finally start speaking because I guess I was so behind. When I was able to start talking, it was clear that I needed speech therapy, so for many long years, everyday during class I would be taken out to see the speech therapist, it was embarrassing and frustrating because I would get picked on when I couldn’t pronounce even the simplest of words and it was terrible when I tried to talk to someone and they could barely understand me. Around the age of 13 I was finally graduating from speech therapy and I was so relieved about it, sadly though I had forgotten sign language over the years because all my focus was on learning how to speak properly. Around the time I was finishing though I was in history class, and I had to present a project in front of the class, I incorrectly pronounced a word and the whole class laughed including the teacher, I just laughed it off, but in my mind I was freaking out and I was trying to keep it together. Although it may not sound like it’s a big deal, it traumatized me and it also didn’t help that I was always made fun of for my speech in the past. It was probably couple days or weeks after the presentation, my history teacher started putting the class into groups and we would do jeopardy based on history. The winning team would get a handful of lollipops. My team won, and I won’t forget it, when I had the lollipop in my mouth I was talking to my history teacher while we were all in class, I don’t remember what I was saying, but I remember clear as day what he said, which was “get that lollipop out of your mouth, no wonder you have a speech impediment”…. I never thought my own teacher would insult me… sadly though… I never did or said anything to anyone about it, but even if I did I highly doubt he would get in trouble because every time I would get picked on in the past and I told a teacher or it went to the principle, they never did anything about it. Just like you though, looking back at it now, if I could change what happened, I would’ve called him out on insulting a kid who has these issues that make me insecure and miserable.

  15. That makes me angry, I hate the current state of the school system, thay don't evan Care about bullying😤

  16. it's not right i am in school and my music teacher told me as a music director i have the right to tell you what to do i fi i tell you to jump off a cliff you going to do it. i told the princable and i sad she premoted suicide she got a 3 week suspetion from her job

  17. You should watch the movie hush. I saw it on Netflix and I don’t know if it’s on anything else but it’s a really good movie.

  18. If a teacher can’t figure out how to accommodate a student by turning on the captions for an assigned video, then s/he should buckle down and transcribe the video first. No excuses. And no excuse for the way that teacher mocked your assignment. Shame on him.

  19. I had a teacher in middle school that shamed and mocked me for being poor in front of the other kids. She thought I was lying about being poor as an excuse not to buy some special notebook she required for her history class (she said "$5 isn't a huge sum of money. ANYONE can afford that"). My family was homeless at that time. So $5 really was a lot of money for me at that point. The teacher was so mean on a daily basis that a boy who had previously bullied me for being a weird tomboy felt bad for me and bought me the notebook so she would leave me alone and stop lowering my grades because I didn't organize the assignments the way she wanted.

    That teacher's behavior messed me up academically for a while because it took YEARS for me to trust teachers after that.

  20. The. Teacher. Who. Poked. Fun. At that. Deaf girl should be. Kicked. Senseless with a pair a steel. Toe. Caps

  21. i am half deaf, which means i can hear, but not as well as anybody else. i had this one inccodent where my friend was talking to me and, it was a huge crowd of people anyway so even if my hearing was perfect, i still would not hear her very well. so she said something about a dog, jumping out of a wndow or something and like, there was a plant involved or something, again i could not make out anything she was saying so i tryed to fill in the missing peices and what i came up with seemed funny, like a joke in my head but when i giggled, she looked at me in that “what the hell is wrong with you” kind of look and i herd her say something like “my dog is dead!” and i herd that clearer than the story and i thaught “oh shit!”. so then she just walked away from me and i felt like shit. thats my story.

  22. I watch almost everything with captions. It makes it so much easier to understand (and I'm hearing). I get frustrated with youtube because not everything has CC. Netflix is great. My parents don't have netflix, but when I visit them, I sign in on their tv so they can watch and won't let them take the captions off. I think they've gotten used to that by now though 😀

  23. If I was in your class I would've been like "hey, you shouldn't read that out loud to the entire class" and if it was me I would be like "hey, would you mind not making fun of me to the class? It's not my fault for being deaf" or something, I would never stand aside and let someone get hurt no matter how embarrassing it may be for me (trust me, I've done these things before, I'm not that person who brags about confidence and doesnt actually do it, I willingly ignore a group of people to help someone) so girl your class mates were trash, I'm so sorry you had to deal with that

  24. This happened to me A LOT when I was in school and I went to school in the 90's. There was NO anti bully back then so I got teased EVERYDAY all day. In class was the worst and teachers never would say or do anything about it.

  25. I have Ullcerative collitis, which isnt anything as struggling as a loss of hearing or sight, but causes me to have to run to the bathroom, have blood in my stool, makes my thoughts hazey, and sometimes I even mess myself. Usually those horrible things happen in a flare, so thank goodness Im good now. But once, I went to a school to shadow the other students and see if I liked it (I had been homeschooled and still am). Not only did they give me work that was two grades above my level that I couldnt even think to try and work out, but I had to rush out to the restroom, and whem I got back the teacher shamed me for it. And she KNEW I had UC. She told me I was disrupting the class. But boi if I had stayed in class I would havr shit myself how distracting do you think that would be?

  26. I was in this very small private school with only two teachers and one day I was eating my lunch and my teacher and others were lets say 8 foot away at a table which is close and I heard a student mention about me saying to my teacher that I'm not weird only shy and the teacher told him no that I am weird being shy makes me weird and all sorts of stuff and i mean she says all this stuff while I'm really close by and can hear everything it made me feel horrible even my friend sorta put her head down like not knowing what to say after hearing bad things being said about me I mean… what kind of teacher does that?? 😕

  27. Although i know my experience pales in comparison to all you've gone through 😅 your video reminded me of it. I've had a lot of trouble these past couple years in school with accommodations for disability regarding dyslexia and something else I'd rather not discuss. In class i was having trouble with a reading assignment and my teacher was trying to find the assignment online so i could listen to it. I had finally begun to get help after a long list of loopholes and was doing better in school. Later that day a couple classmates came and yelled at me during lunch for being self centered and distracting them from their assignments. It was mortifying. I ended calling my parents and going home. I typically avoid going to that said class at all costs now … 😅

  28. teachers, and just adults in general, who have to put their students or students in general down to feel better about themselves are some of the most pathetic people to roam this Earth. I really hope the teachers who do that have to live with such a heavy heart full of guilt. I am so sorry you had to go through this, so so so sorry beyond words. I cannot tell you enough how much you deserve the world.

  29. One substitute teacher at my school beat a student with a ruler for talking in 4th grade. Yeah… she got fired.

  30. Wow thats such bullshit you deserve so much better than that, I'm sorry your school and parents didn't do more to help you. I hope its a little better in schools now. Ik where I live (near toronto in canada) its better than this but idk how it is in the states

  31. I had a mean, bully of a teacher as well. When I was in 4th grade, the teacher that I had did NOT like my mom who was also a teacher at the same school, but different grade. She would pick on me constantly. During recess, she would make me stay inside in a dark class room and I wasn't allowed to leave for any reason. Just because she didn't like my mom. I remember having panic attacks as a little girl being left alone in a dark room for an hour. Then I'd get in trouble because I had a panic attack and was inconsolable. To make matters worse, she never openly threatened me, but she had ways of letting me know that if I told anyone what she did, my life would be hell on Earth. So I never told anyone. I hated going to school. I was terrified every single day. Not only was she cruel, but the kids picked up rather quickly and I was targeted by the class. She would let them make fun of me and of course she didn't do a thing about it. She was the worst! Im 42 years old now, and I can still remember all of those horrible feelings that I had. No young child should ever be made to feel like that because some teacher has a power Trip. It angers me so much!

  32. I really don't understand why people are so against captions. I intentionally put them on so I can catch lines that were otherwise unintelligible.

  33. I would have shouted at that teacher if I was in that situation or a bystander I would have cussed out that teacher because he had no right

  34. I’m hearing, but I am Autistic, and I have been bullied by several teachers in the past. It saddens me that there’s so many PSAs and stuff encouraging us to worship our teachers. There’s this plumbing business in my area which runs (or at least used to run) PSAs that tell kids to “listen to [their] teachers”. 🤬 Yes, even if your teacher calls you “selfish” for NOT WANTING TO KEEP WATCHING A DANCE PERFORMANCE ASSEMBLY. Even if your teacher forces you to reveal secrets you don’t want revealed. Even if your teacher says “Get the saying right if you want to quote the forefathers! PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN!” – because all you wanted to do was to get out of the quiet desk, and you didn’t even MEAN to quote any forefathers. THOSE THINGS ALL REALLY HAPPENED TO ME. I can’t wait to homeschool my future kids. (I’m Christian, if anyone is wondering.)

  35. I'm hard of hearing and went to a mainstream public school and i feel really fortunate that my teachers were really understanding and did not make fun of me. They were very considerate and gave the necessary accomodations. And if a student was caught making fun of my hearing loss they were scolded by the teacher and made to apologize

  36. I bet you could find this teacher. That would be a great video. If not a video it would just be such a great feeling for you to tell him how what he did was so wrong. Love your channel! Thank you for sharing your story!

  37. Lost my hearing over the years (thanks to my time in the Army) and got to the point where I have only 20% left. Most of the loss is in the voice frequencies. Went to a coffee house one morning because I couldn't deal with brewing. Full disclosure: I'm not the best person first thing in the morning. The barista was all chipper and chirpy and trying to upsell me on things but I couldn't understand him. Repeated my order for a medium coffee and told him I was deaf. He kept on chirping and chippering so I placed my order in ASL. He looked confused so I repeated myself in ASL. He looked confused and said "I don't understand." Told him "I'm deaf and I can't understand you running your mouth, so make it easy on both of us and just give me my fucking coffee."

    He was actually offended. And moreso when I didn't tip his millennial ass.

  38. I'm not deaf, but my hearing varies in certain situations (but I would say I'm HoH yet) but my history teacher used closed captioning and thank goodness. And then my English teacher doesn't and she played a video and I couldn't make out a word. So yup……

  39. I remember english class required us to sit and watch the movie and write a book report at the end of the week. My one teacher. I remember her reaction. Saying out loud that i'm just doing this to get out of having to do the report. So I had a week to read Great Expectation. Another at different time wasn't so bad but they gave me the movie to watch at home. It didn't help much as I was constantly rewinding it so much that mom sat down and told me what was going on with the movie. Only once .. I had a teacher who u nderstood and said said he would be right back. Returning with a movie based on the original movie Les misrables I think and it was actually in french. So instead of bringing attention to me. He made it to where everyone in class were basically at my level . Its really hard when back in the 90's and 80's teachers were mocking and harsh. They're better now. Thankfully.

  40. I want to thank you for making videos, and teaching me more about what its like for you and others being deaf/ hard of hearing. I have learned a lot from you, and I will be taking strides from now on, in my future videos to add CC to anything that I am speaking in. Im sorry you had to go though this from a teacher, thats inexcusable. that teach ( if it already hasn't happened ) will get theirs in the end one way or anther. I look forward to your next video.

  41. My teacher yelled at me in front of the class… I have a bit of social anxiety and when I got home I cried for hours. I'm crying right now…

  42. My teacher made fun of me for my period… This was two hours ago and I'm still shaking now that I'm home. I should've let this pregnant ass bitch send me to the office because then SHE would have to face consequences. NOPE. In my state of shock I just stood there trembling with tears on the edge of my face. I was supposed to trust this woman, nope, laughs at me in front of the whole class. Only one student stood by her everyone was just silent.

  43. You should make a video where there's no sound just close captioning. Like you talking normally but don't have the sound on the video and just make people read the captions lol

  44. Shit im sorry im late but i wouldve walked out of the room to the principal abd said my teacher is laughing at me. I will like to be removed from his class if not im not coming to school

  45. Hi. I don't like to turn up volume on videos loud because I have tinnitus. Do you think you could put subtitles on your videos?

  46. Oh my god, I relate so hard to you. This makes me so sad. I grew up in a hearing family and school and this is exactly what I had to deal with. I always felt that it was fine, till recent activities and I never realized how hard I had it back then.

  47. Who is the nuts with me because I have hearing loss and I had to watch a show and I couldn't say what do you thing and I know my mom and I both had going on can you close caption and they didn't give it to me and they just left I would've went right straight to the office and said I don't know talk to you but this is what is going onI wish you were yourself something and they won't go in trouble that's not OK

  48. One time my teacher called me ugly. (I'm not lying I'm telling this seriously) and this not only happened to me. It happened to the other boys in my class. TEACHERS ARE TOO MUCH. SOMETIMES I WISH I COULD THROW A FLIPFLOP IN HIS FACE FOR THIS

  49. I’m so sorry you went through that! That is terrible! How awful! Disrespectful and a teacher is supposed to facilitate learning and inclusion!

  50. What a fucking dick. Like even if a fellow student did that, it'd be horrible, but for a teacher? An adult person who's supposed to be responsible? What the absolute fuck? That's so horrible, and I'm so sorry you dealt with that. Wow. That's appalling.

  51. Tbh I'll never understand why people are annoyed by captions. My main language is spanish, and I grew up with captions since like 95% of the media is in english (most popular artists, movies, shows, etc) and since translations are not always available I would watch things with captions. It made it so much easier to understand and because of it I really got better with english. Yeah somestimes captions are off and it's a tiny bit annoying, but like if a classmate needs it why would you have a problem with that? It's so selfish

  52. Last year, a student at my table was calling my name and I didn’t hear. Then she slammed on the table repeatedly like I was a dog until I heard her. Then her and the other kids at the table laughed at me. I saw her forever rude. I felt so humiliated and stupid and it increased my anxiety. I have always worried about interacting with other people because of them talking, y’know. We were 8th graders at the time.

  53. Captians are a necessity for me, turning volume up does nothing, my hearing problem is from brain damage not ear damage! If the volume is loud I just get a headache and still dont know what was said

  54. My teacher always has to let me know when I don’t qualify for golf tournaments. Like the people with the top 5 scores get to get out of school and go to tournaments. My teacher always says , “So you didn’t make the top 5”? With a look of satisfaction on his face. Like this 😏😼. Then he also told the whole class that I was playing with “my legos” in class and everyone laughed at me while I WAS PUTTING FUCKING GRAPHITE IN MY MECHANICAL PENCIL. Then today my friend moved out of their assigned seat to sit by me. The teacher says it’s my fault and that “I like talking to them but they don’t like talking to me.” Like why tf would they move by me and start talking to me if they don’t like talking to me. Keep in mind I’m in high school and I’m a guy. This teacher is pervy as hell to all the high school girls. He always tells them that they are smart, funny, and nice and that their clothes are cute and that they look cute. He has a wife and a two year old daughter also. He has told a girl her dress was nice when it was an actually slutty dress that wouldn’t look out of place on a street corner or a strip club. He has told a girl that she looks cute In front of the whole class. But he only makes fun of male students. I made a joke and he laughed and a girl tried to explain the joke to another girl and he said, “stop deconstructing the joke just let him be funny for once in his life.” Straight up I fuckin hate mr rouintree

  55. Good morning my dear dear friend I am so sorry 😐 that you were treated like that it’s awful I was picked on at school to in a deferent way but I understand what you mean smile 😊 I’m your friend and wish you well today and every day

  56. You may not have known how to handle that situation then but karma knows the people to target at the end of the day. Keep on being the best you ever.
    I dont have a disability but I have been very tall, a head above my classmates atleast, since I was in 2cd grade. But 5 grade I was pretty the height I am as an adult today. I remember going to a friends birthday party at like 9 years old at a McDonald's playland only to be told by the play land attendant I was too tall to play. I had to sit and watch all my friends play and that attendant made sure I didnt sneak in the whole time. For being a tall 9 year old.

  57. Oh my god, I totally relate. I have even had this happen to me… they turned the volume up and out of embarrassment I just said it was fine because EVERYONE in class was staring

  58. Even my son's Audiologist and speech path, school psychologist special education teacher didn't understand how hearing works. I had to do extensive research to find out how hearing loss effects my son. Turns out the brain doesn't process sound the same as a mic or a computer. But this teacher should have been trained on this. People who have HL are effected in different ways. For my son, he can't hear high pitches, which means he can't hear his own voice. Which means he developed a speech delay… You know what the school diagnosed him with? An intellectual disability…

  59. You're so much kinder than I am, Rikki. I would have demanded the teacher's job for discriminatory behavior like that.

  60. i’m so thankful that i found your channel, there’s so many things i can relate to and so many things the deaf community can come together and talk about it, just letting out our traumatic or horrible experiences. thank you.

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