Strange Details About Mark Zuckerberg’s Marriage

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife,
Priscilla Chan, have been a pair since long before friend requests were even a thing. But theirs is no ordinary relationship. From their awkward meet-cute to their business
meeting birth plan, these are the strange things about Mark Zuckerberg’s marriage. Love at first full bladder
The couple – who met while students at Harvard University – first bumped into each other
at a house party while waiting to use the bathroom. Priscilla Chan told The New Yorker,
“He was this nerdy guy who was just a little bit out there.” And things didn’t improve on their first date
because Zuckerberg didn’t seem to share Chan’s studious values. “On our first date, he told me that he’d rather
go on a date with me than finish his take home midterm. The type-A first child in me was appalled.” Please sign here
It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have prenups, especially when a lot of money is
involved. Interestingly enough, the couple didn’t opt
for a traditional prenup. Instead, prior to the couple moving in together,
they reportedly signed an informal relationship contract. It outlined that the couple enjoy “one date
per week” and “a minimum of a hundred minutes of alone time.” Additionally, the outings couldn’t take
place at Zuckerberg’s apartment or at the workplace. Chan and Zuckerberg have never denied or confirmed
the claims, which is very interesting. A casual wedding
Considering Mark Zuckerberg has a boatload of money, one would think he’d go all out
for his wedding, but he barely spent any cash on his May 2012 nuptials. An expert told the Daily Mail that Chan’s
simple ruby ring “is likely worth $25,000 – a drop in the bucket of Zuckerberg’s vast
fortune. Then, she chose a $4,700 lace gown for her
special day, and the nuptials took place in the bride and groom’s backyard. As for the menu? Guests feasted on Mexican food and sushi from
local restaurants in their resident city of Palo Alto, California. And Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong
performed for free at the reception. Wedding day drama
The special event supposedly hit a bunch of unnecessary snags due to Mark Zuckerberg’s
poor planning. The surprise nuptials took place during Facebook’s
Initial Public Offering, which is when a company sells its stocks to the public for the first
time. In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg revealed his
chief financial officer in charge of the IPO had no clue about the wedding, and when it
just so happened that the pivotal move had to occur one day before the wedding, Zuckerberg
freaked out and asked him to reschedule. Zuckerberg wrote,
“He told me that May 18 was the day it would be ready so it needed to be that day.” Understandably, the predicament put a lot
of stress on Zuckerberg and Chan’s big moment. Business in the delivery room
The last thing a person wants to do when they’re giving birth is talk business, but Priscilla
Chan reportedly faced this predicament during the delivery of their first daughter, Max,
in December 2015. While in labor, Mark Zuckerberg asked for
her opinion about a letter they had written in anticipation of the launch of the Chan
Zuckerberg Initiative. “I was in the hospital, in active labor and
Mark had this copy of the letter he wanted me to look at. ‘Does this make sense? Should I move this paragraph up?’” Although Zuckerberg probably shouldn’t have
prodded Chan during this special moment in her life, at least the delivery went smoothly. And one can only hope Zuckerberg learned his
lesson by the time Chan gave birth to their second daughter in August 2017. Where was Priscilla? In April 2018, Mark Zuckerberg testified before
Congress after news broke that the private info of about 87 million users was shared
with political data firm Cambridge Analytica, which was a violation of Facebook’s policies. “Was your data included in the data sold
to the malicious third parties?” “Yes.” She Loves The Hoodie
Considering what was at stake for Zuckerberg, one would probably assume that Chan was by
his side during the two-day hearings. But, nope, Chan was MIA throughout the entire
ordeal. You don’t have to be a fan of Mark Zuckerberg’s
to know that he loves his hoodies. In fact, the most famous photo of Zuckerberg
shows him sporting a Harvard University hoodie, a look that hasn’t evolved much throughout
the years, but Priscilla Chan seems fine with his odd clothing choices. “It’s okay, I’m pro-hoodie. He wears a fresh hoodie every day as long
as it’s appropriate for where we’re going.” Hey, at least Chan loves Zuckerberg for who
he is.

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  1. what if mark zuckerburg doesnt actually have that much money in his bank account and he's just a simple living upper middle class man with a high net worth

  2. There's a lot of things Suck-a-Bird appears to be unable to comprehend, for instance people's privacy, the lack of which got him in trouble already in college. I personally perceive him as being high on the Autism spectrum; he shows autistic features which makes him appear 'odd'. He sees himself resembling Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus whose hairdo he imitates and whose hard life he compares to his own.

  3. Facebook and all "social" networks are destroying the minds in all the world. Video games, many movies, hip hop culture, electrical/digital gadgets (cell phones, tablets, iwatches, etc) are also doing the same thing. You will see when it all comes to end.

  4. How much money you put in your wedding doesn't mean anything. The most expensive wedding in the world didn't even make it to the first anniversary.

  5. It’s a shame that you don’t mention that Priscilla is a doctor. She doesn’t need him anymore than he needs her.

  6. Zuckerberg is an insufferable, dangerously naive, sociopathic, toxically out-of-touch, cretin who needs to be watched carefully. Delete your Facebook account. He stole the programming for it from two "friends" at Harvard after he finished the coding. Chen needs to cash out and move far away with their child.

  7. Suckerberg met his future wife at Bohemian Grove at their annual Satanic Mass. At the wedding (presided over by Satan himself) instead of toasting with wine, they drank each others blood until they passed out. On their honeymoon, they spent a week giving each other enemas but I wont say what they did when the enemas took effect. Use your imagination like they did. At the birth of their first child, they ate the placenta, then the baby too. Other than that, nothing really strange happened.

  8. How does an America hating alien robot have a successful relationship with an actual human being? 🤔👽🤖😈🇷🇺

  9. Zuckerberg is one of the few people on the planet who literally terrify me. He has too much power and doesn't apparently have to answer to anyone. There is something so deeply unsettling about him, and Facebook as a concept.

  10. He actually married her so he could study a human in person (rather than online) & send the research back to his home planet.

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