Strange Facts About Erin Andrews And Jarret Stoll’s Marriage

Sportscaster and TV personality Erin Andrews
and former NHL star Jarret Stoll have settled into married life. But the road to the altar featured enough
drama for a Netflix series. Here’s what almost put this sports couple’s
relationship in the penalty box for good. Three years after his cancelled 2009 wedding
to model Rachel Hunter, Jarret Stoll was single and very ready to mingle. With his sights set on Fox Sports reporter
Andrews, he did the only thing he knew to do: As Harper’s Bazaar told it, “At the 2012 World Series, two-time Stanley
Cup winner Jarret Stoll sent a text to his friend […] Michael Strahan. It read: ‘Can you set me up with Erin Andrews?’ One text lead to another. Strahan texted Erin, ‘My friend Jarret Stoll
wants to take you to dinner.'” But Andrews shut it down, not wanting to be
bothered at work. So Stoll took matters into his own hands. The outlet reported, “Jarret figured he’d try to make a move in
person, walking past two security guards and bending over a railing to get to the dugout
that Erin was reporting from. […] After the World Series, the two went
to dinner in Hollywood.” And the duo has been together ever since. Oh, and wingman Michael Strahan was still
invited to the wedding despite being of no help whatsoever. It turns out Stoll has a few bumps on his
track record. “Jarret Stoll has been charged with possession
of a controlled substance.” According to TMZ Sports, in 2015, the former
NHL star attempted to quote, “smuggle an 8-ball of cocaine and 8 grams of Molly into a Vegas
pool party … by hiding them in his board shorts.” Stoll was busted around 4:30 p.m. at MGM Grand
security. Admitting the drugs were his, Stoll was arrested
and released on $5,000 bond. Although, this didn’t cause Stoll and Andrews
to break up, she did make her thoughts known the very next night during Dancing with the
Stars. Per TMZ Sports, while interviewing contestant
Willow Shields, Andrews asked if Willow ever danced like that on Spring Break. Shields said no, to which Andrews took a shot
at Stoll, adding, “There’s nothing wrong with that. I feel like some other people should learn
from you.” Stoll was ordered to complete 32 hours of
community service. During a 2016 Christmas visit to Disneyland
with Andrews, Stoll decided the park’s Club 33 restaurant would be the perfect place to
put a ring on it — a ring he had carefully hidden in his jacket. But he didn’t count on his girlfriend wanting
to enjoy some rides before the meal. Harper’s Bazaar reported, “He hid the ring in his jacket pocket, and
didn’t realize that certain rides would result in a few close calls of Erin just missing
the ring box as she grabbed for his jacket during some of the rides’ twists and turns.” Eventually, despite a few close calls, the
question was popped as planned and Andrews was actually surprised. She told the mag, “We drank champagne, took pictures […] and
cried.” In 2008, insurance exec, Michael David Barrett,
reportedly stalked Andrews at multiple hotels and recorded videos of her in various stages
of undress through hotel room peepholes. “I feel so ashamed.” According to ESPN, Barrett was sentenced to
27 months in prison and quote, “ordered to pay $5,000 in fines and $7,366 in restitution”
in 2010. Later, in 2016, Variety reported Andrews was
awarded $55 million in a civil suit against Barrett and one of the hotels where Barrett
shot the footage. “Everybody put up that I was doing it for
publicity and attention and that ripped me apart.” During the second day of her testimony in
her civil trial, Andrews cried while explaining how the violation she suffered almost destroyed
her relationship with Stoll. She said on the stand, “I feel sad because I think he would have
loved the girl more that was there before this happened. And I feel very guilty about that.” Less than a year after the trial, Andrews
and Stoll were faced with a life-changing obstacle when she was diagnosed with cervical
cancer in 2016. “Go get checked. I mean, that’s what women need to do.” Andrews made the choice to keep her condition
a secret, telling Health magazine, “Working with a bunch of men, I didn’t wanna
be like, ‘Sooo, they think I have cervical cancer,” and they’d be like, ‘Where’s your
cervix?’ […] I also think that I didn’t want to believe
it was that big a deal, so we kept it quiet.” “To be honest with you, it could have been
a lot worse. And I could have been in, it could have gone
in a different way.” If there was a silver lining, it came in the
form of Andrew and Stoll’s relationship, which grew stronger because of her battle. She told the outlet, “‘It really puts things on the fast track
for you — because you have an oncologist saying to you, ‘We highly recommend that you
guys do your embryos right now, freeze them.’ I’m like, ‘Hi, hon. I love you. I hope we’re spending our lives together.’ And he was amazing.” “I remember my husband being like, it’s ok
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  1. Once a driggy, always a druggy unless they have gone through rehab. My daughter has refused to date guys who admit they do drugsveven if it is just occasional.

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