Strange Things About Robert Herjavec And Kym Johnson’s Marriage

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson met on Dancing
With the Stars, and the two quickly hit it off before eventually marrying in 2016. But as madly in love as they are with each
other, we can’t ignore the unorthodox elements of their union. Here are all of the strange things about their
relationship. Herjavec and his ex-wife, Diane Plese, had
been married for 24 years when they decided to legally separate. With divorce looming on the horizon, Herjavec
fell into a dark period of his life, telling People magazine that he had contemplated taking
his own life. On March 3rd, 2015, Herjavec announced that
he and Plese were officially moving forward with the divorce in a statement to TMZ, saying, “Human Relationships are so difficult… I wish nothing but love and peace for our
family as we move forward from this.” Just a few days after his divorce announcement,
he was spotted out on the town with Johnson. They were all smiles as they drove around
in his fancy car, and it was pretty clear that his wounds from his previous marriage
had healed, thanks, in part, to Johnson. The timing of the end of his marriage and
the start of his relationship with Johnson is pretty suspicious, but Johnson insisted
to People magazine that they were strictly platonic when they first met. Not only was he still legally married when
he fell head over heels in love with Johnson, he also reportedly had a mistress, an actress
by the name of Danielle Vasinova. Vasinova told Woman’s Day in August 2015 that
she and Herjavec went through a bitter breakup, and the millionaire businessman cut off all
communication with her after Johnson fox-trotted her way into his life. After claiming he had forced her to move out
of an apartment he had been renting, she added, “I don’t think any person should be treated
the way I have been, it’s mean and cruel.” In November 2017, People magazine reported
that Herjavec had filed a lawsuit against Vasinova, who he had dated on and off from
January 2014 through February 2015, for attempting to extort him for $20 million. Vasinova fought back with a countersuit, claiming
Herjavec had repeatedly assaulted her during their relationship, TMZ reported. We’re not sure how she did it, but Johnson
managed to stand by her man’s side during the whole ordeal. Less than a year after his divorce was finalized,
the Croatian-Canadian businessman got down on one knee to propose to the love of his
life. “It took me a long time. I didn’t let anybody know until a week before
’cause I’m really bad at surprises, and I was afraid I’d mess it up.” He recalled the magical event on Good Morning
America, noting a somewhat embarrassing moment. At first, Kym wouldn’t respond to his proposal…
so he kept asking. “And I asked a third time, and she didn’t
say anything, and I’m saying, ‘This is getting a little awkward.’ But she said ‘yes’ finally.” Thankfully, this wasn’t a case of three strikes,
you’re out! Their relationship moved at lightning speed
after the couple met in February 2015. Partnering up on Dancing With The Stars, they
reportedly fell in love during the show’s rehearsals, started dating, and were spotted
jet-setting all over the world soon thereafter. Before we knew it, they were engaged in February
2016. They got married in the summer of that same
year and announced they were expecting twins via IVF in December 2017. While discussing the smitten pair going from
0 to 100 in less than three years, a source told People magazine, “This has been a roller coaster for them the
last few years: meeting, falling in love, getting married and now starting a family… Kym has wanted to be a mom for a long time. They’re both so happy.” Here’s to a lifetime of happiness for the
enamored couple, but their speedy relationship is really giving us a bout of motion sickness. Herjavec’s ex-wife reportedly received half
of his $263 million fortune in their divorce settlement. The financial hit made the entrepreneur more
cautious with his next marriage. So, according to Woman’s Day, he sought out
a prenuptial agreement prior to his wedding to Johnson. A source told the website that Johnson agreed
to sign a prenup that gives her, quote, “next to nothing” in the event that her marriage
to the Shark Tank star hit the skids. The source continued, “It’s a case of once bitten twice shy for
Robert. But Kym loves him with all her heart and she
couldn’t imagine life without him.” It’s pretty sucky that Johnson had to prove
she was in it for all the right reasons by signing an agreement that might leave her
with zilch, but we can also understand why Herjavec felt the need to protect his dough. Luckily, the dance maven rakes in her own
money as a judge of the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars and as a dancer
on the American program.

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  1. Robert is lying. he just got smitten by Kym. but Kym will get old and lose her beauty one day. this is bulshit about he contemplated suicide. Its doubtful this is true by his action. He just wanted to misdirect us from his multiple adulteres affairs by gaining some sympathy.

  2. Yeah, I feel reeeeeally bad about this Vossanova chic, who's saying how horrible he treated her, considering their entire relationship played out from 2014-2015 and his divorce from his wife of 20+ years wasn't announced until 2015…. since she showed such little consideration for his wife, I think she doesn't deserve much either. I mean he's obviously more at fault, but how sorry for her does she expect ppl to be??? And Kym Johnston, PFFFT. He had probably been cheating for a very long time, but had never found anyone he was willing to leave his family for, then he met the lovely and famous Ms. Johnston, and that as we say is that. Doesn't make her special to him though, he'd just as soon do it to her if he got his hooks into someone more famous, or someone as he sees better than Kym. Smh, won't last

  3. Anyone else notice that he always mimics the other sharks on the show?… It’s like he can’t come up with his own reasons to invest or go out……. Also I’ve always thought he was a closet homosexual..!

  4. I would get a prenup too…. why judge him? she agreed to it and that means she at least cares a bit about him. Its none of my buisness what two people do. I hope they last for a long time and stay in love.

  5. I did the same thing with my boyfriend and we never married as we both didn't believe in it. He also was once bitten twice shy and I never cared to marry. He subsequently passed away accidently and I'm glad I signed the agreement because no one in his family could question my intentions. I look good in everyone's books with no ulterior motives. I'm truly the victor and we had no children together although he had two from his marriage. I wish them all the best.

  6. Everybody deserves Happiness. Despite the Prenup who cares they have 2 babies together she's in, Set, and if their living in California. It's half. I hope it doesn't take that turn they look really happy and in love.

  7. That's ok that he got a prenup. As for the actress why would she think he should take care for rest of her life. She on a very popular show and I am sure she makes pretty good money.❤ and I don't believe the actress when she says he is abusive.

  8. I just wish the couple I'll happiness in the world and good luck with their beautiful twin babies I like him a lot he's the nicest guy on Shark Tank he doesn't seem like anyone who would mistreat anyone or are strike a lady so God bless you guys good luck with your new family just be happy

  9. Ewww… MID LIFE CRISIS .. What, did you wife start having menopause??? Oh… sorry.. LOLOL… uggh. PS. She deserves half of your $263milion.. what the hell.

  10. Ya'll get a life and leave them alone.they r happy with their family and happiness is Healthy May God continue to keep him and his family. P.s. Robert you seen to be genuinely concerned about people who come to the Shark Tank🌷

  11. Strange that Vasinova thought that he should treat her with respect, when neither of them treated his wife with any respect

  12. What a bunch of nasty people. You don’t know them or about their life. Leave them alone and let them enjoy their babies. Don’t believe everything you read on yourube🙊🙉🙈

  13. He's 53, she's 42, he doesn't need Viagra, she doesn't have plastic surgery or him. They are happy I wish them the best, imiss her on dwts she was awesome, what a shape ,she should go back on dwts to keep her great shape she did have help getting pregnant

  14. Because the fact that they’re married isn’t enough? Robert cheated on his wife for her, and she’s young enough to be his daughter

  15. Kim seems like a genuinely sweet person! She is always so upbeat. It was cute seeing their undeniable chemistry on DWTS.
    And now twins! So happy for them.

  16. I'm shocked he wants to leave her with nothing!!!! A pre nup should be FAIR!!! It's not about her proving she doesn't want his money. She should name HER price!!! He's got to leave her with something. Did she actually give birth or did they use a surrogate? The pre nup should increase the amount of money she gets the longer she stays with him. I'd be pissed as hell that I still had to make my own money being married to a multi millionaire!! Even saying this, they do seem to be very much in love.

  17. He wasn't suicidal because of the breakup with his wife, it was breaking up with half of his 263 millions of dollars…

  18. the mistress sounded a bit jealous that she didn't get her face plastered everywhere like Kim…hes handsome

  19. No fool like an old fool. She is a slightly younger version of the ex wife. This Kim always holding her stomach in she looks like she would explode. I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger……

  20. You could see the "sparks" when they were close to each other. They are a beautiful couple & now a beautiful family! Good job, Robert & Kym.

  21. Her face and bad nose are sooo unattractive. A man with his money can have almost any woman he wants. He's not pretentious that's for sure. God bless them both.

  22. Robert is an arrogant jerk. He dominates many episodes of Shark Tank with his need for attention.
    Kim seems like a sweet person but I don't doubt that he had to ask 3 times before she agreed to marry him. Gut instincts trying to tell ya something, Kim.

  23. Wow, haven’t seen him in years…he’s colored his hair and let it grow a little longer! He’s gotta keep up with (his 14 years younger than) wife 🥰🥰 I want little Hunter! 💙

  24. His eyes look so sad in the photo with his ex-wife. Relationships can fail terribly. We, as people, are quite flawed. I am happy that Robert Herjavec did not take his own life and instead went forward. Hope the best for all concerned, especially those two new little babies.

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