Strange Things Everyone Ignores About Catelynn Lowell’s Marriage

Out of all the Teen Mom OG stars, Tyler Baltierra
and Catelynn Lowell are the only couple who are still together, legally, as of December
2018. But that doesn’t mean their relationship has
been drama-free. With a baby on the way, and a separation in
the works according to Us Weekly, here are all the strange things we know about Catelynn
Lowell’s marriage. A body-shaming husband If you’ve followed Lowell’s story over the
years, you probably already know that she’s struggled with her self-esteem, especially
after her daughter Nova was born. Lowell found it difficult to lose the baby
weight, and knew dropping the pounds would take some time. But Tyler Baltierra wasn’t making it any easier. “I think I’m gonna join Weight Watchers again.” “Alright.” “I really like Weight Watchers.” “It worked for you last time.” “Uh-huh. I just do it, you know, makes myself feel
good.” Baltierra then felt he had to comment on the
size of his wife’s meal. “So, what is this, what would it be considered?” “I already looked it up.” “You already looked it up?” “Chicken and cheese quesadilla is 7 points.” Baltierra then responded, from behind his
plate of fried food: “Obviously, I don’t want no heifer for a wife.” He even got into it with producers, who called
him out. “I’m being honest.” “I know.” “Would you wanna be married to some big heifer?” “You come off, like, so harsh sometimes.” Unsurprisingly, Baltierra received a lot of
flak for his remarks. He eventually apologized, tweeting: “Currently in therapy to work on my delivery
of messages & opinions. Yes I know I’m a p—– but I admit it instead
of defend it.” Fighting about adoption rights When Lowell and Baltierra placed their birth
daughter Carly up for adoption in 2009, they were happy with the open adoption agreement. “It’s one of the hardest things that I’ve
ever done in my life, but I have way more happy days than I do sad days.” But the good vibes came to a screeching halt
in 2015 when an episode of Teen Mom OG showcased an intense moment between Lowell and Baltierra,
and Carly’s adoptive parents. “We don’t really want anyone else posting
pictures of our children.” Despite Brandon and Theresa Davis’s desires,
Baltierra has reportedly continued to share photos of Carly. He told the couple via Cafe Mom, “It just pisses me off… Did you want to raise her with cameras or
not? And if you didn’t, you should never have picked
us!” “It just doesn’t make any sense to me. To be told what to say and what not to say. It’s like, I don’t wanna live my life like
that.” But Lowell doesn’t agree with Baltierra’s
position. She said on the show, “As long as I have a relationship with her,
I don’t give a s— about anything else.” “This may sound mean, but I don’t really care…” “Yeah?” “… about the relationship with Brandon and
Theresa. It’s just not on my, like, priority list.” Awkward family ties One of the oddest things about Lowell’s relationship
is that her mom, April Brockmiller, was once married to Baltierra’s dad, Butch. But it’s important to note, Tyler and Catelynn
got together before April and Butch traded vows, so it’s not like the two were step-siblings
who fell in love. Instead, April and Butch were introduced through
their kids and tied the knot in 2009. Unfortunately, the odd parent matchup was
doomed from the start. Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that in
2013, April filed for divorce while Butch was in prison. Both parents continue to make appearances
on the show. “Hello world!” “Hello world.” “I’m free and single.” Stirring up social media Although Lowell has been known to lash out
at fans for creating so-called rumors about her life, she plays a key role in the drama. Want proof? Look no further than her odd antics on social
media. In May 2018, the reality star must have known
she’d cause a stir when she temporarily changed her Instagram name from “Catelynn Baltierra”
back to “Catelynn Lowell.” Reality Blurb reported the move sparked a
frenzy among fans who theorized that Catelynn and Tyler were through. “Do you wholeheartedly, like in your soul,
believe that I’m not going to leave you, like…?” Then a few weeks later, Lowell posted a sarcastic
message to fans, writing: “But we are getting a divorce.” Clearly, Lowell finds the rumors about her
marriage irritating, but does she know that her antics fuel the gossip? Joking about cheating Cheating allegations are no laughing matter. But Tyler seems to have no problem downplaying
rumors with jokes. When a fan on Twitter wondered how many times
Baltierra cheated on Lowell, he responded: “More times than I could count.” So… was that supposed to be funny? If you ask viewers, the answer is no. To be fair, Lowell has also cracked jokes
about the allegations, posting on Instagram: “Whelp since he’s out cheating.” “Life isn’t peaches and cream, that’s for
sure.” Here’s hoping this OG couple can keep it together
for the long haul.

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  1. Everyone trying to judge in the comments. You dont know THEM! You have never met them! They are still in love and fighting for each other. They have both been abused and traumatized. I am glad they are still together and trying to work things out. Shes bigger cause of antidepressants. Why does everyone have to be so hateful? It's a scripted TV show not real life.

  2. I feel sorry for Caitlin.
    The poor girl is suffering with mental health.
    I know she went away and left Nova to get treatment,but maybe people should cut her a bit of slack.

  3. That’s something my mom teaches me, just because you have a significant other, does not mean you let yourself go.

  4. Can I just say that Tyler's very good looking and an amazing father. I know we don't 100% know their life but what we do see makes me think Cate is a very lucky woman.

  5. Lol what a joke she struggles with everything because MTV has babied her for too long. She needs to stop seeing therapists because it has made her selfish and blind to what Tyler is going through. This cow never asks him how he is doing, how he feels, if he is sad or depressed. She only cares about Carly because she doesn't have to take care of her. Tyler needs to leave her and take Nova so she has time to miss and eventually care about her own kid. I cant stand her any more. get off your fat ass and FUCKING DO SOMETHING. get out of bed and ride the horse you forgot you had neglected. Stop bitching about your life. You dont have to work, you get to spend every day with your kid but still she cries and wonders why nobody cares about how sad she is all the time. BECAUSE ITS ALL YOU DO! stop babying these bitches and drop the show. Force them to grow up and get real jobs. Every one of them has mental issues from being on this show. Gee….I WONDER WHY!

  6. She's a fat pig and she has money to get a trainer and someone to cook for her! He's hot she is not! She will never meet another guy like Tyler!

  7. That half a bag isnt into women it's obvious. And the fact that he thinks he can tell the adoptive parents what to do with the kid they gave up for adoption

  8. Don’t do Tyler. He has been nothing but patient with his wife.he is a good man overall. Lol but I also might be bias I’ve had a crush on him since the showed aired lol

  9. Tyler is definitely a DILF..but I do believe he is loyal AF!! (After all, we all know if he smashed some chic, the chic would run her mouth..or try n extort 💵💵💵

  10. Why can't they just get there daughter back so much money they have they can get a good family attorney

  11. She wanted him to judge Butch on everything he did. So why can't he say something to her? I mean he worried about her health. That was his soul mate he wanted her healthy.

  12. I don't blame adoptive parents for not wanting pics posted because of Tabloids. The camera ppl were harassing them. Constantly trying get pics of Carly. It's annoying n dangerous!

  13. Tyler has a short temper, but living with Cait has got to be exhausting. She seems to have no motivation whatsoever and uses her depression as a shield against any & all criticism. She has so many mental health resources available to her, yet doesn't put in real effort to get herself together.
    It would be nice if Cait gave Nova as much love & attention as she does with Carly. Carly has parents, Poor Nova is going to grow up thinking she was never as loved as Carly.

  14. also why would you get pregnant and abort the first baby, imagine that kid growing up and feeling like it was not wanted. if u get pregnant you have to take care of it!

  15. After three pregnancies I'm not surprised she's not taking off the pounds so easy Tyler could easily be a model

  16. He’s rude. No wonder she has self esteem issues. With her life partner putting her down. I use to like him.

  17. Caitlyn is a typical American women. Trap a guy into marriage then pork up to over 100 pounds over weight.

  18. That’s the way it is,once u give up your child 4 adoption,that means you give up all rights.The new parents don’t of the adopted child don’t like how she wants to pop in n out of the child’s life they gave up.Get a life & get off the couch & quit having kids!!

  19. yeah i think the new parents were so rude and mean and unappreciative id forever be in debt to Ty and Cay i love them they are the stongest lil teen parents i knw and those people should have been more empathetic for shame for

    that baby grl will resent them thats always the cae in some cases no pun intended once she is 18 she can see them and her sissies whn ever she want to seems like they got what they wanted played along and kicked those kids to the baby produceing mtv curb shame on yall and the adopt counselor had no back bone against those mean adopting parents and were never on Ty and Kay’s side well it seemed that way to me if i was that unselfish and i am for my kid to have a better life and its an open adoption open means open id go stir crazy and try to get my kid back and just work really hard ask for help and we raise our own kid i just feel they got a raw deal as far as seeing their kid i see y butch and her mom was soo pissed i love me some butch they all love tht baby girl sorry for the major venting guys but ive always wanted to get this off my chest thnx for letting us have an opinion luv u Ty and
    Cay hang in there

  20. After watching last weeks episode I can totally see her getting into a deep state of depression again and the sad part she now wants to get a damn pony!!! They only know how to live in chaos. Stop adding shit to your plate. You can’t handle what you have now.

  21. I always wondered how she had braces on her teeth for years when it looked like she was dirt poor. Kailyn Lowery did as well. Where did they get the money and who arranged for them as they were minors when the show started.

  22. I’m guaranteed that Tyler has cheated. I’m not gay. But catelynn ugly asf and Tyler could pull bitches if he wanted to

  23. I never liked skinny guys big deal why is that ok to say but it’s not ok to say I’m not attracted to someone overweight 🙄 people are sooooo sensitive these days yeesh half the teens in this generation wouldn’t of made it to 20 in my days

  24. I think cate has a lot of resentment towards Tyler for the adoption, it felt like it was his idea for adopting carly I think she changed her mind about it but he insisted it was 2 late, tough 1

  25. I have seen woman that are over the age of 40 and look a lot way better then Catelyn . Millennial adults are stupid this video proves it all .

  26. Taylor is very rude to her…but she deserves it sometimes.
    These producers call out Tyler over a comment but let amber get away with abuse and all these other crazy things going on they just ignore it…

  27. I just don't see how someone can give up a child…but yet keep the 2 they have. Just wondering how Carlie feels about them not keeping her but kept her siblings. I understand being young I was 17 when I had my 1st child, But I did it and proud to be his mom.

  28. They shouldn't have picked you if they didn't want cameras around? It isn't like they knew "16 and Pregnant" would turn into an ongoing series with you. And if you're so against following the rules set by Carly's legal parents, you never should have given her up. That's the deal you signed when you chose adoption.

  29. So much pressure on Tyler to continue being a perfect loyal husband and continues to do so and Catelynn has gotten so used to it she just won’t take that extra step for him.

  30. I don't know why they still come out on mom because they let the daughter for adoption they should have just got cancelled

  31. They love each other.. Because they know no difference. Totally code pendent.
    Tye is so good looking
    Kate needs to get her chip off her shoulder

  32. I laughed at this whole thing and I am completely right with Tyler first off that’s their child your just adoptive parents. You signed up for a open adoption stfu complaint that’s still their child

  33. Well of course they don't want pictures of her out there. That is the point of adoption and it may be open but not to the world

  34. Gossip, rumours and hatefull remarks. If you haven't got anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. In this case, post no crap.

  35. Omg REALLY TYLER I NEVER would’ve thought. You were always the best of the guys and u say that lol I’m just shocked

  36. She eats her scabs and has actually picked dead skin off of her foot and eaten it before. Both were shown on episodes of Teen Mom. If she does something that horrendously disgusting when she knows she is beimg filmed, just imagine how gross she is in private. NASTY. 😷 😷 😷

  37. Catelyn is just plain lazy and unmotivated…Tyler does EVERYTHING,,and sorry but she really uses her mental illness as an excuse… I truly believe Cate became pregnant on purpose because she knew Tyler was done! Then she decides that she doesn't want to breast feed anymore using sore nipples as an excuse…Nope,,then she's drinking in a bar and y'all know she wanted her weed! Tyler's a good man,,sorry but he deserves better…Cate just isn't on the same level!

  38. When you give up you’re child you don’t have rights to them any longer if the adoptive parents don’t want publicity they don’t have to be apart of teen mom if you wanted to be apart of the child’s life shouldn’t have given child up period. If i was adoptive parent i would not want birth parents around period

  39. Only in America and only a certain race can get a show and become famous and Wealthy off of making a mistake and having children early in life. You have to have two things in order for this to be successful. Can you tell me what 2? Sure you can sure you can and you tell me this country isn't bias

  40. I don't think they realize how fortunate they are for their blessings. They would have been poor like the rest of their family if it hadn't been for mtv

  41. I realize they went through adoption at 16 together but sometimes….. it just doesn’t work after so many years ppl change

  42. Hahaha the comments about Tyler being gay are hilarious. Honestly, I never thought he was gay but so many people swear he is

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