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  1. I feel as a S1 community your chat room is going to have to have some latitude in the conversation. Do we need rules on the blackboard now? I'm not sure what you were upset with, what topic that you don't wish on your channel – it was erased before I could read it. As Sheila was glad to see "my return", I reminded all that not everyone listening is commenting. I suspect it was medical discussion which upset you Johnny – and that leaves me kinda dead. You obviously become largely dysfunctional over Skip's passing, but we are supposed to ask only S1 questions? I've asked you twice if you are also a cancer survivor, mentioned that I too had my vocal cords destroyed by an over zealous surgeon, etc … and you seem to avoid the topic. Yet you bring it up yourself. Confusing, I do feel. Is it DRUGS? Considering the wholescale mass medical malpractice over the ongoing ignorance of Cannabis – which I AND my doctors agree did what no amount of Cut, Poison, and Burn that they offer as services could ever do … a LEGAL alternative to something one half of each of us will face this lifetime is NOT something I want banned in MY community. If it was something else that you referred to, my apologies. If you want to restrict all conversation to S1 … well, there are some pretty professional vlogs well established for that kind of an experience. One's that know the software, and the operating system they are demonstrating it on.

    We are born alone – we die alone. Celebrate life in all it's forms, be happy for those going to a better place! Go easy on yourself, and if you can't do a show – we understand – GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. I wish you and our community well.

    Peace, Eric

  2. Aww damn, I always get here too late! I do like the immediacy of the posts and the LIVE component of the show. I like watching the occasion mis fires, the occasional off topic and the fact that indeed you do put together a real community. But even though it's all over I always get something out of the content. Thanks!!!!

  3. What's wrong with keeping the Chat limited to "Music-related" subjects? There are numerous websites that encourage the discussion of politics, religion, canabis…you name it.

  4. OMG! I guess it's back to the VST candy store for me. LOL! Great preview of the Korg Legacy Wavestation J.G. The demonstration of the double guitar plug-in as well. I really enjoyed the sound.
    I actually own a Korg Trinity keyboard that I acquired from a pawn shop years ago so I am all too familiar with the brilliant sounds that Korg incorporates in their gear. 😉 I am definitely gonna check out the website and see what else they have available though. 24.00 is not bad for a vintage sounding CPU light VST. I was so fortunate to be off work and catch your show last night. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you during your time of grieving and I do hope you feel better in the coming days.
    I missed the show earlier tonight but that's okay. Luckily, I can always catch the re-broadcast if need be.
    I know I tell you this all the time, but once more thanks for all that you do Sir. You're the best!

  5. Well…They raised the price (doubled) most likely because you demoed it! I was going to buy it at 25 bucks but I will pass unless I can get it for that price.

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