STUDY HABITS – Good Kid vs Bad Kid | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #MoralValues #MyMissAnand

too short Paper!! I’ll solve it fast.. how was your paper? its too tough how was your exam today?? you finished it so fast good and it was so easy & why you took this much of time but that C section was so tough. how did you finished it so fast?? where’s the C section?? Thats the C Section have this ever happened with you too?? We all students have some good or some bad study habits and today’s video is all about it also watch this video till the end as if you follow all these good habits that will take a step forward to be a Good Student all Mom says like this get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES do SUBSCRIBE to my channel also press that notification bell to know whenever I am online can’t wait anymore .. lets start the video now now no disturbance at all do you prepared for your exams? yes Mumma I am preparing for exams If you’ve any doubt ask it to me or your Papa?? I have no doubt Mom i always remain alert in class and all of my doubts got cleared by my Mam which chapter is this ?? oho its that chapter in which I slept I’ve to study as tomorrow is my exam Hindi Exam gone so good today now what’s the next exam? so next is English Exam lets revise it again how is your exam preparation? I am so nervous why you’ve got nervous?? I’ve learnt so well all these Ramayana or Mahabharata and just need to pass in hindi but today is our Maths Exam have you gone mad?? which exam is today? maths yeah Maths now need to get sleep so as to get up early in the morning she has come prepared for exam!! me too… need to draw a circle…lets ask for compass from her plz give me your compass why don’t you bring your own stuff?? plz give me your compass don’t disturb me what should I do? they didn’t gave me compass that day still I’ll get full marks your answer sheet why you’ve given me 00 If you draw 0 instead of that circle then you’ll get only zero if I’ll not get good marks then it’ll effect my overall percentage your handwriting is so good you’ve got full marks how bad handwriting is this, can’t be able to read anything whose answer sheet is this what is this?? this is this.. what??? this is answer sheet from where you’ve learnt to write like this i’ve learnt it from my neighbour and they made you learn like this!!! yes mam as he is a doctor what!!! Anantya, Your friend’s call its maths Exam & still my concept doesn’t got clear i think to learn so I’ll get at least boundary marks don’t learn it you need to understand the concepts well what you do if any other question will come I’ll text you all that formulas or notes learn them by heart ok played a lot today & maths paper too is tomorrow lets learn these concepts are too hard & tough lets learn all these I learnt this sum yesterday I’ll do it within two minutes what you’ve done?? Value given in question is different from that of your answer your concept wasn’t clear so you’ve learned this ask me if your concepts are not clear. I will help you never learn it.. you need to have your concepts clear got my date sheets and syllabus and I have exactly one month lets make schedule to all these subjects only 15 days are left for your exams how is preparations going on?? Mumma I am preparing so well done with notes now lets do a last revision they’ve given exam date sheets six months earlier again given this date date sheet how many exam needs to be given? one month left lets play time.. i’ll study later only 15 days are left for your exams you need to study now Papa 15 days more than enough you if I’ll give 2 days for a subject still I’ve five more days so I’ll start studying after five days so many books and only two days are left for exams now what I’ll do?? now there’s only a way left Mummy I’ve headache stomach pain too If you’ve enjoyed this video tell me in the comments below what good habits do you have? tell me in the comments & what bad habits you have which you want to rectify ? hit LIKE to this video and get this video to 2,00,000 LIKES

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