Stunning Home in Celebration

Welcome to your YouTube Channel Investing in Orlando and Miami with me, Renata Lazo. Today we are here in Celebration, this amazing city, to show you a differentiated house in Mediterranean style. Follow me!!! Folks, I am going to start showing you the kitchen. Look what a spacious kitchen, with lots of marble everywhere, and an island that there is a dream come true to everyone that loves cooking. In order to make the kitchen even more attractive, the refrigeration is super discreet. You look at it and thinks that it is the cabinets continuation. Following the same line, the pantry is also very discreet, following the same concept. It looks the cabinets continuation. It is a walk in pantry, very spacious. Take a look. There is space for vegetables, drawers… This pantry is very practical. And the highlight of this property is this space right here. A 2 bedrooms condo, complete kitchen, and a private access. The master bedroom is very spacious, elegant, and it has two accesses to the pool area. But the best part is yet to come. As it couldn’t be the other way around, the master bathroom is also very spacious, there are several countertops in marble. Look at this beautiful color. A beautiful shower, and something very interesting and rare to find here is US: “Bidet”. Besides that there are two closets, one for him, and one for her, providing lots of comfort and practicality. What a spectacular home, right? Did you like it? Please like, share and subscribe! I will see you again in the next episode.

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