Stupid Robot Fighting League – 50 Subscribers Celebration Robot Build!

Hello YouTube’s John here from Stupid Robot Fighting League. I know it’s a little but I want to celebrate it anyway we’ve got over 50 subscribers so I just want to say thank you very much to everyone who is decided to subscribe to Stupid Robot Fighting League’s channel. Down here I have a little action camera that is not sitting particularly straight. Anyway what I’ll be doing is I’m going to celebrate 50 subscribers by building a new robot and we’ll get some other people from the Kickstarter or maybe one person from the kickstarter campaign to give it a name. But anyway I’m going to video this from start to finish and I’ll put in some comments from on my phone just to what we’re doing and why were doing it. So we’ll go from there so I’ll start my other camera now so we’ll go to that. So we have as usual our two wires for the shoulder to keep it from flopping down that way. To keep the arm away from the body so it doesn’t hook up so much. And we’ve got our joints and we see our first there so the pole will go on top here somewhere. We’ll see how well that holds up and so the only thing now to do is the legs and feet. So this is a pretty quick build but you know Stupid Robot Fighting League is not supposed to be precision engineering it’s just slap something together looks ridiculous decorate it you know pretty up and then a smash it up. Sweet. So thank you so much to our 50 in a bit subscribers and this robot was built in honor of you and we’ll go over to the yeah the Kickstarter campaign and we will try to find a name for him. So I think it’s a beautiful work of art cool. Okay. Cheers thanks. What we’re going to do next is decorate him. So after my daughter has attacked it with stickers I’ve attacked it with a hot glue gun and additional rubbish and so I’d like to go over some of the some of the what-do-you-call-it some of the special features of this particular robot. Obviously I’m a big fan of the angry eyebrows I don’t know if you have you seen if you’ve ever seen Angry Bert whatever it is or Evil Bert. He’s just Bert with big eyebrows So I yeah that’s off the vacuum cleaner I think. But anyway so he’s got the the nice big eyebrows for extra intimidation like Suckalucka has and this time we have ears. We’ve installed ears and so this is for extra special awareness and you know just to organize tactics and stuff like that. We also have a this arm here because of this special power module here is actually more powerful then say this arm here. And going down the robot looking at this little twangy thing here is it’s just a little twangy thing I just them glued a a bit of plastic to a spring. It’s just a twangy thing. This thing here is probably his most offensive weapon it’s the Mystery Machine gauntlet so he could actually fire the the gauntlet if you wanted to end the opposition will be full of mystery and he would say but the opposition would say you snooping kids and stuff like that. And this here and this one here is actually slicing and yes slicing the opposition as well as well as impacting. So I as far as that goes it the finish of the build and I must say I’m fairly happy with the how it’s turned out. So again thank you so much for celebrating 50 subscribers with me. It’s a small amount of subscribers but it’s better than no subscribers and I’m quite excited so thanks for watching the video hopefully I haven’t edited it to be too long. So thanks very much remember to like and subscribe and we’ll see you in the Octagon

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