[SUB] 끼리끼리 결혼을 하게 된다 Like Attracts Like and Marriage l 고담명철학

Marriage in different environments. grown men and women united It means we’re living together Men and women both have one of the most important things in their lives. It’s a wedding. These days, men and women, they’re all good. I want to meet a good spouse. We see a lot on TV. A man from a conglomerate family is a man from a poor family. wedded to a woman That kind of drama is very popular. Especially, women get immersed in such tragic heroine. You dream of a rise in status. And then there’s this guy in the drama who’s rich. There are women who want to get married. But this kind of woman doesn’t connect with a rich man. Because we want to marry a rich man like this, Marriage doesn’t always happen. These days, men and women meet each other. We have a lot on stock and a lot on the terms. Why? Because I met a good spouse. I’m looking for a profit. That’s what’s going on inside you. But I’ve been thinking that way before I got married. The idea of trying to argue is wrong. A woman especially dreams of Cinderella. Then what can I do for the other person?to Have you ever thought about it? People meet one another. I’ll take the other person’s. If you try to profit from the other party, the other party will measure me. I’m trying to profit from it. You end up with someone who thinks the same thing. If I’m a high-class master, And the other person I’m going to meet. He’s more likely to be a high-class master. On the other hand, if I were a low-grade sewage, I would have met him. He’s like me. It’s more likely to be lower-level sewage. If they meet and marry, They argue a lot about the slightest thing. If you argue, you blame the other person. “So you ruined my life.” “You’re the reason why things get messed up.” “If I hadn’t met you, my life would have bloomed…” He’s just spilling out these words. When I resent my opponent like this, You blame me for it. You resent me. They fight because they think the same thing. On the other hand, masters do it for their partners. I focus on what I can do for you. So I always say, “Thanks to you, I’m doing great.” “I’m happy to meet you.”I’m so happy to marry you. Thank you.” You say these things. a high-class master of low rank Would you choose to marry him? A woman who has a pretty face is a master. You can marry a man? You’re welcome! For example, if a lower-class sewage marries a higher-class coriander, You know, you want a luxury brand. Or go to a good restaurant and eat very expensive food. You spend a lot of time doing this. Who cares more about time than money? Shall we allow that? A master doesn’t have to spend that kind of money. because the master is of a high standard A master is as good as himself. He wants a wise, wise man like that to be his spouse. Give and take in our relationships. I use that word a lot. Couples are part of the human relationship. no matter how married a couple may be Even if you’re a family, you don’t have to do anything for me. as long as one wishes Can I continue to be considerate and sacrifice myself? So we’re going to yield to each other. I’ll sacrifice myself a little bit more. You have to live with consideration. If you want to meet a very nice man of my own class, I don’t want that kind of person. First of all, I’ll see if you’re ready. You have to turn around first. If I’m in a low class, I’ll be in a higher class. I have to be a good girl myself. You can meet such a nice guy. It’s to create conditions. So before you weigh your opponent, I’m willing to do that myself. For the sake of the other person, About what you can do Please think about it first. Especially for women. What can you do for me? “I’m a good cook. He’s good at washing dishes and cleaning and laundry.” In fact, it’s a basic thing. Anyone can do it. other than that What can I really do for the other person? I hope you’ll think about it seriously. Thank you very much.

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